Bulk cooking recipes and tips

Bulk cooking saves you time and money, which makes having a healthy home cooked meal every night easier than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages!

Bulk Cooking Recipes and Tips
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  • You save cooking time because you’re cooking several meals at once.
  • You save cleanup time, because you have fewer cooking sessions to clean up after.
  • You save money because bulk cooking makes it easy to shop better. You can wait for good sales, take advantage of bulk buys (even if you live and eat alone!), and with a little planning, you can make sure everything you buy gets used in a recipe.
  • No wasted leftovers, because these recipes are designed for freezing and serving again later.
  • You know exactly what’s in every meal, which gives you lots of control over the nutrition.

Bulk Cooking Recipes

  1. Chicken Noodle Soup – our own recipe is delicious and easy to fix
  2. Southwestern Casserole – chicken casserole Tex-Mex style
  3. Jambalaya – the classic spicy stew. Same page also has a wonderful recipe for Tomato Basil Tarts.
  4. Chicken Noodle Soup with Dill – an easy, tasty recipe that feeds 9
  5. Breaded Beef – turn a less expensive cut of meat into a real treat
  6. Ham and Lentil soup – delicious, cheap and healthy
  7. French Toast Sticks – kids can heat and serve these themselves.
  8. Pancakes – make your own microwavable pancakes
  9. Six-bean casserole – with spicy barbecue sauce and pepperoni
  10. Bacon-Wrapped Chicken – freeze them uncooked, and cook as you need them
  11. Lasagna Rolls – another one kids can heat and serve
  12. Tomato Ground Beef Mix – a handy starter
  13. Chicken, Quinoa and Corn stew – full of savory flavors
  14. Sausage Breakfast Muffins – who has time for a hot breakfast these days? If you’ve got 90 seconds to microwave, you do.

Bulk Cooking Tips

Cooking in bulk does take a little bit of planning in advance. Less than regular cooking, I think, but you will have to make a few adjustments. Here are some links to give you ideas:

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