How eggshells help your flowers

If you’ve got eggshells and you’ve got a garden, you’ve got a brilliant recycling program waiting to happen. It turns out egg shells impart vital nutrients to soil, particularly calcium and potassium. Fast-growing plants deplete the soil of calcium very quickly, so giving them a source of new calcium helps. Egg shells make a fantastic fertilizer for outdoor flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. All you need to know is the best way to use eggshells in your garden – and that’s simple.

Use eggshells to fertilize flowers
Photo by PointClickandShoot

Crush ’em

  • Boil the eggshells to get rid of any raw egg residue. It can cause harmful bacteria to grow in the soil that wouldn’t be good for your plants.
  • Crush the dried egg shells into a fine powder.
  • Work the powder from about five eggs down into the soil around each plant.

You can use powdered eggshells alongside other popular organic fertilizer solutions like used coffee grinds, old banana peels, etc.


  1. Tom Novak says

    You can just dry the egg shells, then grind them in a food processor. They reduce to almost nothing. I wouldn’t worry about any egg bacteria infecting the soil. Soil is full of bacteria, fungi and enzymes, the more the better.
    After making around 250 crepes I had a lot of eggshells. I heard they would make a barrier to slugs and snails protecting plants. Having been invaded with striped snails no doubt hitch hikers on purchased plants, I surrounded a few with the ground egg shells, they didn’t like it but they moved right thru the stuff.
    Egg shells are calcium carbonate and it takes a lot of ground shells to fill a quart jar. You could help your garden a lot quicker by just buying a bag of bone meal and spreading it around.

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