Make your own caramel sauce

Every now and then, I get a tremendous craving for caramel. It’s so rare that I never have any around when I want it, so when it happened a few days ago, I decided to look up some recipes online – surely it couldn’t be that hard to make.

Make your own caramel sauce

Sure enough, one recipe says you just boil condensed milk in its tin until it turns to caramel. This might be less sweet than some people would like, but condensed milk does have sugar and cream components built in.

Another recipe calls for sugar, butter and heavy whipping cream – this will make for a stronger caramel flavor. Yet another uses rum and sour cream along with sugar and butter. You can also make a variation called Black Cow Caramel Sauce, which calls for rootbeer. As usual, the Food Network’s recipe is the most complicated one I found, involving ingredients I’m not even familiar with.

No matter which recipe you use, the trick is to keep adding water now and again to keep the sauce from getting too thick. And you can add flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, or various berries to liven it up.

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