Printable to do list collection

Lately, I’ve been feeling an urge to hand-write on paper instead of doing everything digitally. I also have a lot of standard letter paper that’s been used on one side but not the other, and I hate to recycle it without using both sides first. I decided to combine these two issues and create my own notebook paper.

Printable to do list collection

Printable notebook paper

It was very simple to create what I wanted, which was just lines with numbers on the left side. It’s an Excel file, but I also saved it as PDF for those of you who can’t use Excel files. Notebook paper Excel and notebook paper PDF.

That was all I wanted, but then it occurred to me my readers might like some fancier stuff. I started trying to make my own, then realized there are people who’ve already done it better than I can. Here are some links:

  1. To do list with check boxes and alternately shaded lines for easy reading. This one prints out either landscape or portrait, and works with letter size, A4 or Classic (5.5 by 8.5 inches) paper.
  2. MintPrintables decorative printable to do lists are just so pretty. They’re not anymore functional than other to do lists, but they have a surprising variety of designs that range from fun to sophisticated. These print out 4 lists to an 8.5×11 sheet.
  3. AllFreePrintableshas lots of different kinds of lists: shopping, to do, spelling and math lists. The designs are also very nice, with several available in the shopping and to do lists.
  4. To do lists with Matrioshka dolls. Like the Mint Printables, these don’t do anything special, but they’re gorgeous and oh-so-cute. You can also get Matrioshka printable labels from the same page, which are great for labeling things around the house.
  5. The “Eat Bacon” decorative to do list cracks me up. It’s just so apropos of nothing, unless you’re as big a bacon fan as I am, in which case it feels like yes, this really should be the first item on any to do list! Prints 4 to do lists on a sheet of letter or A4 paper.
  6. Three-column to do list with columns for task, due date and status. Now, here’s a printable to do list that’s actually got some interesting functions for you. If you need a little more detail in your to do lists, this would be a great choice.
  7. Decorative to do lists from PaperPrintout are yet another decorative type – this time, only the borders are decorative. If pretty designs get in the way for you, but you still want something that’s a little nicer-looking than just lines and boxes, these are nice! Print 2 to a sheet.
  8. Plug “printable to do lists” into the search engine of your choice, and it’ll come up with a collection of images matching that search. Most of those images will be set up so you can print them as to do lists of your own.

Please note that on all of these printable to do lists, there may be some terms of use attached. Please read them and follow their instructions. They’re all fine for personal use.


  1. Michael says

    Why print them out? It seems easier to me to just write them out by hand. You only need to number them when you’re writing the list, and what if some entries take more than one line. With a pencil you can adjust that on the fly.

    I have a really bad hang up about wasting paper. I use the back of an used envelope for most to do lists.

    Full sheets of paper that are blank on the other side I use for my printer, unless it’s for more than just my own use. Paper that’s too damaged for a printer, I use to take notes when I’m in a coffee shop instead of using a (highly stealable) laptop.

  2. SnappyLiving says

    Full sheets of paper that are blank on the other side I use for my printer, unless it’s for more than just my own use.

    But that’s the whole idea here, Michael. Not everyone has something they need to print on the backside of undamaged paper that’s suitable for running through a printer. If not, this is a way to get some use out of it. Certainly, they could use a pencil instead. Both options re-use the paper, so it’s a matter of personal preference.

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