SCAM ALERT: Account services wants to lower your interest rate?

Please spread the word about this. Feel free to repost this anywhere you can with a link back to me.  I eventually stopped getting spam phone calls from “Heather” at “Account Services” who wants to lower my credit card interest rates, but I know from commenters that this scam continues. It’s an automated message. If you want to speak to someone you press 1, at which point a man answers. The clues that this is not legitimate:

Account Services Scam: protect yourself!

  • They don’t say what credit card they’re with. A legitimate business would. You just know they’re going to ask for your account number, and suddenly you’re going to be overdrawn.
  • It comes up “unknown caller” on CallerID with no phone number. Legitimate businesses don’t block their name and number. Individuals may, but not businesses.
  • When you tell them you know they’re a scam and to stop calling or you’ll call the authorities, they say they’ll “talk to you tomorrow”. More on my call to the authorities in a moment. A real business would be concerned if you mistakenly thought they were a scam, and would say something like, “I assure you we’re not, but I’ll be happy to take you off our list.”
  • My number is unpublished and I’m on the Do Not Call list. I don’t get telemarketing calls, so it’s a safe bet unsolicited calls that come through to me are on auto-dialers. Real businesses who have business relationships with you already have your contact info, so they don’t need to auto dial you.
  • My creditors don’t have my landline, where these calls are coming in. I use my cell phone for all my business accounts. A lot of commenters have also gotten calls on phone lines they never use for business.

The problem is: not everyone will have all these clues. Some people may be so desperate to lower their interest rates in this challenging economy that they won’t be as careful as they should be.

When this first started happening, I called the police and spoke to a detective. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much they could do because the caller had masked his identity. They couldn’t trace the call because a crime needs to have been committed before they can get a warrant and all that.

I also called my phone company (Verizon). They couldn’t do anything to stop him either, but they do offer a service that blocks calls from unidentified callers. This does not block callers whose numbers come up without a name. If it does block a legitimate caller, it plays a message that tells him to hang up and dial a combination of numbers, then redial you so his number will show on Caller ID. Legitimate callers should have no problem with this. It’s an option, but I feel like one shouldn’t have to pay extra for a service to block people who are breaking laws just calling you.

Again, spread the word. If you get one of these calls, please comment here. It’s a nationwide racket, and we need to document enough complaints for police to be able to match up the cases of identity theft that will happen when someone falls for this scam.

UPDATE: on July 13, 2011, Orlando, Florida, police raided a business they believed was responsible for these calls. No doubt they did good work, but the calls still continue more than a year later. It looks like there’s more than one cell for this scam and they’re still in operation.


  1. Ben says

    Unfortunately this has been going on for quite awhile (I’ve been getting calls for about two years once or twice a month. Here are a few more sites about the same people, or possibly copycats. Either way, happy reading, there’s various contact information and other assorted things (including an mp3 of one person’s call)

    • says

      File a COMPLAINT at the above listed web site, OR if applicable, click here:

      Since this involves “Out of State” Fraud complaints, it falls in the Feds Jurisdiction.

      I also read on one post, whereas this might also fall under Internal Revenue Jurisdiction, being that a past employee did NOT receive a W-2 from this particular employer. Tax Fraud committed?

      This company is up the creek when the owners are caught!

    • Jen says

      I just got this call and asked which card company they were working for. All they would say was “member account services”. I aksed several times for the name of the company with no valid results. When he tried to ask me my address and my name as it appears on the card, I said “Which card? Aren’t you covering all my cards. Do you intend to ask me for all credit card information over the phone? i don’t know who you are or who you work for…etc. He hung up on me after several persistent lines of questioning. I only answered because my caller ID wa out. I thought I was on a Do Not Call List but it might be time to renew.

      • Nemo from Erehwon says

        Ha, crooks who are trying to scam your credit card numbers are not going to be worried about breaking the don not call rules. Heck the DNC list would provide them an easy list to start calling.

      • Jess says

        Numbers originating from 503 and 360 (Oregon and Washington State) belong to PacificTel. Not the phone company but the telemarketing scam company. The owner of the company is Mr. Stephen Hamilton the following is Mr. Hamilton’s contact information. I suggest calling Mr. Hamilton on HIS # and see how he likes getting harrassed back.

        His direct phone #: 310-895-0574
        12228 Venice Blfd. #559 Los Angeles CA 90066

        More info on his home address
        3721 Ocean View Avenue
        Los Angeles, CA 90066
        Total land value: $365,218
        Total building value: $241,978
        Total value for property: $607,196
        Recording date: 07/30/2008
        Year built: 1940
        Effective year built: 1943
        Area of property: 1,159 square feet
        Assessment for fiscal year: 2008/2009

      • Richard says

        I have been receiving these calls for over 18 months. I have tried askign themt o put my number on their do not call list, and they hang up. I have explainred that I have gotten as many as four calls in a day on one line and the woman said I should feel loved and hung up. The numbers that show up on caller ID are either “spoofed” and are not real numbers or they have used someone’s real number (who breaks into tears when you call her back). These people have no interest in following the law (Do Not Call) and really don’t expect to get caught and prosecuted. I would love see an employee come forward with some information. SOme of the calls offer to remove your number if you press “3,” but they don’t remove the number. I am finding that if I press one and string them along as long as possible, that the end result is they no longer allow me to press 1, so the calls continue, but I enjoyed annoying them back. Presumably there is always the old whistlke in the ear when you press one and they answer. At least the employee would be hesitant to answer calls after that and who would they complain to at $10,000 fine per occurrence for violating the DNC list.

        The point is that these are not random calls and they have presumably found a way, albeit illegally, to make the calls at no cost unless you press”1″.

        Verizon, Sprint and AT&T could track down the bogus spoof number if they wanted to, but its too hard and they make some money on their violation. I continue to add the numbers to my cell phone blocker, but like a bad penney, Card Services and Account Services keep coming back.

        Write a letter to your Congressman and Senator about criminalizing the repeated failure to honor the do not call registry, about the failure of the carriers to control who uses their services anonymously (I’ll bet if this was a terrorism concern they would figure out a way to track these people down.), and the failure of the credit card companies to stop these people from billing their srevices to their credit cards. Maybe Congress could include them as co-conspirators for failing to recognize who their customers are and how they make their money.

    • J. Aaron says

      Just got such a call. Their number was not blocked. It was 720-878-7704. They kept saying they are not from the bank, they are from “Visa and MasterCard.” But Visa and MasterCard don’t control the rates — the issuing banks do. Never give out your account number or other identifying info.

      • Shawn says

        I just got another call……..about once a week now, and I keep asking them to take me off their list………..the female said she could not. 800-847-2900 came up. Hope that helps. She hung up on me after I wasted a few minutes of her valuable time. :)

    • PAT says

      This Business is not BBB Accredited
      All In One Services
      (888) 654-2988

      Card Services. They called my home for too long. Got lucky to find this..

    • JOHN says

      If you’ve been getting harassing telephone calls with spoofed caller ID’s (the most recent being much too long phone numbers starting with “1506″), I’ve tracked the company down.

      I haven’t verified their actual name yet, but they operate out of Tampa Florida, in Suite 100 of an office building at 8413 Laurel Fair Circle. There is a company called “Corporate Sales Leads” in Suite 101 there, so they may have their offices in one suite and their call center in another.

      The number I called to finally speak to someone was 813-418-5811, which was answered by “Naomi from Human Services.” She apologized and took my information to supposedly take my number out of their computers. Especially after I warned that I’m on the DNC list.

      She asked how I had managed to trace the calls to her company? I said “lots and lots of research.” She said “oh,” and promised to process the information by the end of the day.

      Well, now you don’t need to do “lots and lots of research” (even a quick Google search which will eventually find them). Next time you get a call from “Heather from Account Services,” hang up and call Naomi. Then file a complaint with the FTC

    • jim says

      i’ve been getting up to 5 calls a day from these people. when i try to get info from them they hang up on me. these come in on my cell phone. i’m on the ftc’s cell pone no call list. i reported them the other day. the calls come from different area codes. some of them are 407, 303, 402, 360, 401, 760, 313, 573, 503, & 785. they always say the are with account services and can lower the interest rate on my credit cards if i have at least $3000 in credit card balances. i don’t even have any credit card balances.

    • David says

      I have collected number these A&%H*&^s call from I created a contact and continue to update it on my phone so i know to ignore the unethical bastards. Add these to your phones as Telemarketers and ignore them!

      (347) 218-­‐0531 (617) 390-­‐4562 (484) 921-­‐3583 (303) 249-­‐9700 (802) 230-­‐6357 1 (612) 222-­‐7091 (385) 212-­‐1900 (785) 207-­‐6317 (313) 204-­‐1037 (701) 271-­‐0198 1 (720) 409-­‐2532 (360) 529-­‐6177 (515) 421-­‐5843 (302) 394-­‐9647

  2. john Jenkins says

    I’ve been dealing with this scam weekly for 14 months now and would really like to know if there is equipment I can use to back trace this clown for a little party I have planned for him and his friends.
    Does anyone know the originating location of this in Northern California?

  3. William Perkins says

    March 4, 2008 at 9:15 P.M.

    My story is the same as Ben posted on March 1st above.
    I rcvd the last call from Heather at about 9:00 A.M. CST this morning.
    I value my privacy, and would love to find the key to stopping such trash.
    — willperk

  4. Chef' Bob says

    I get so mad I could reach through the phone and punch the guy out.
    I have tried also to find out about these spammers (crooks) but can’t.

  5. Diane says

    I get these calls at least once a month. This time a man answered when I pressed “1”. I told him I had asked several times previously to be removed from their telephone list and that I’m on the DNC list also. I asked the name of his company and he said “Account Services”. And I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said there is none. The only thing he said to me was, “You ty’in up my money ma’m, I gotta get off this call” . The only other information he would impart was that he is calling from a call center and works there for 4 hours a day, and that’s all he knows.

  6. SnappyLiving says

    @Ben, thanks for posting those links! Very good stuff!

    @John, there’s got to be technology that would trace the call, but I guess the issue is that it’s not legal to do that without a warrant, which law enforcement can’t get until a crime has been committed.

    What I wish is that law enforcement or phone companies and ISPs would set up report centers where we can report scam phone calls, email, mail, etc. They could maintain a database so that when a crime IS committed, they can search for similar scams and perhaps have a few more helpful clues. If I win the lottery, I might set something like that up. 😀

    @Will, the blocking of “unknown” callers has not completely done the job. Upon further discussion, Verizon admits it only blocks some callers, not all. Glad I didn’t have to pay for the service!

    @Chef Bob, I know how you feel. :)

    @Diane, I think the “call center” is his basement. 😉

    • Siv says

      We can easily solve the “no crime committed” part of the problem – if one of us all is kind enough to give them real credit card info, then the crime will surely follow:)

  7. Mike says

    I get these call several times a week. Caller Id shows different numbers each time and differt names.The last two I hit the ‘1’ and when James answered, I asked who they were and he hung up. The second I asked who and got “James” “Consumer Servise, VA”. Asked which card and they hung up.
    Obviously a scam. Next time I will try to waste as much of his time as I can.
    Last call;

    Hollywood 954-733-7981 Tried to call back – disconnected.

  8. X says

  9. Regzim says

    Mike- got the same number(954-733-7981), and the dude hung up on me when I asked his name. I am now on the warpath. I love a good challenge like this. A few weeks ago I talked at length (it wasn’t “Heather”, I can promise you) with some lady who told me that in all honesty she could put in my number for removal, but it wouldn’t get any results. She said she had just started working there and I guess she still had a little wisp of a conscience left, because she said many other people had tried to do the same but her company wouldn’t stop making the calls no matter what she tried to do herself. I told her I was not like “many other people” because I would not ever quit until I eliminated these calls from my life forever. I then grilled the poor woman on various topics, and found she either couldn’t tell me or didn’t know about:
    -what my name was or anything about me(shouldn’t she already have that info?)
    -her company’s website(she didn’t know if they had one)
    -her company’s name (she claimed she didn’t know it!)
    -the name or number of her immediate supervisor(she actually said she didn’t want to get fired)
    -Anything whatsoever about the nature of her company that would let me know anything about them
    So I called her on all this, told her I was on a no-call list and that these calls were illegal (and that meant she was working for a criminal company) and I would get the authorities involved if I ever found out who they were. Then I dropped the bomb on her: I DON’T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!
    She said she heard a lot of anger in my voice, and I told her that it was focus she was hearing. I almost(but not quite) felt sorry for raking her over the coals, and when she said she needed to end the call because I was getting “belligerent”, I said I hoped she got a legitimate job someday before she hung up on me. :)
    I’ll post anything pertinent I find on this forum. A hilarious side note: when you call the number above, you’ll hear a home-made “this number is disconnected” message, and some guy is actually talking in the background when they made the recording!

  10. Regzim says


    check this junk out- it’s got some info on the company:

    a quote from that page:

    “I learned the company was Americare Software Solutions (web address:, registered address is PO Box 105603, Atlanta, GA 30348-5603. A John Stevens, who was the floor supervisor at Americare hung up on me when I asked to speak with his supervisor.”

    For what it’s worth I live just north of Atlanta. Think I’ma give them a little visit next time I’m downtown… 😉

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  11. SnappyLiving says

    It’s my understanding that these crooks are SPOOFING the phone numbers of various companies, so if you think you’ve tracked down their identity, you may have tracked down a legitimate business who is as much a victim as anyone. :(

  12. says

    Hey All,

    I recently started a website to help people like us deal with annoying callers and spamers. Unfortunatly, the FTC doesn’t get enough funding really go after all people who break the law.

    We’ve got a lot of complaints about this number 954-733-7981 too.

    Re: SnappyLiving, you’re right about caller ID spoofing being a big problem. Honestly, I don’t see why it’s still legal (though there are some steps being taken).

  13. Rere says

    I have received a call from “Heather” every few weeks for the last six months or so. At first it was a number from Maine on the caller ID and just now it said Ft Lauderdale with the number mentioned above.

  14. Cari Moreno says

    I just got the same call as the others from (954) 733-7981, I pushed #1 just to try to find out which credit card company was calling me during duty hours on my cell phone, when the guy finally answered he immediately asked me what my credit card balance was, I asked him which card company he worked for and why were they calling my cell phone? He said “of course we called your cell phone, everbody has a cell phone these days, now what is your balance?” I said “I want to know what company you work for because you’re not supposed to be calling my cell phone” he replied “Here you go again with the stupid cell phone, get off the cell phone thing because everyone has one, now what is your balance?” I said “Look you called me and I’m not going to tolerate you being rude, what company do you work for?” at which time he finally hung up. I did a reverse number search and couldn’t find a company at first, so I called Verizon and explained the conversation. Verizon stated that it was illegal (because they use an automated message first and then transfer you), but that Verizon couldn’t do anything. Verizon did however provide me with 3 ways to nails these guys through the FCC. The first is go to the website, , the second is to FAX the info at 1-866-418-0232 and the third is to contact Consumer & Mediation Specialist at 1-888-225-5322. Hope this helps, let’s try to nail these jerks!!

    • Sally says

      I am getting the calls daily. Today I got 2. One hung up on me as soon as I started questioning. The second one was rude when I told him I knew it was a scam.
      I have reported this to the FCC at least twice. It just keeps getting worse.

      • Michele says

        Same here! I start to tell them to take me off their list, etc…and they HUNG UP! Does anyone know the address of this credit card services? I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General.

      • ed says

        Same here. They’re spoofing the numbers. i called the phone company from the North Dakota number, and talked to a supervisor. they told me that the number is being spoofed and that they actually being victimized. i have reported over 50 (yes…50) of these calls to the FTC. You’d think they would do something – or could do something. Don’t tell me that these numbers can’t be traced. The people on the other end are rude as all hell. I’d LOVE to just grab one of ’em and beat the living crap out of ’em as an example. Bastards, anyway.

  15. SnappyLiving says

    Cari, great info! It looks like this is the link we need if you want to complain to the FCC:

    I just wrote them and described the situation, and also referred them to this post for links and more stories. I may try the Consumer & Mediation Specialist you mention later, too. Thanks!

    • larry says

      I have called the FCC 3 times on these spammers and gave them a list of over twenty numbers used by Account Services (crooks) all the want is your cc no. and info…Fcc only takes five numbers and the last time I called them–I was irate after 8 calls in one week, they finially admitted they could do nothing…..they also were somewhat agitated that I had called them so many times (3) over a year–Verizon is a waste of time also—bet you if you gave the spammers, Verizon’s chairman of the board cell phone number, there would be a way to block them—while I am on my soap box, why do not the politicians have to abide with thw DNC list/law????

    • JCD says

      ABOUT POLITICAL CALLS — Your question holds th answer — the politicians made the laws — so are they really going to block themselves? Especially the ones who have been in power for the past 50 years — Republicans (take a look at Wikipedia — the House and/or the Senate have been Replublican majorities for the past 50 years). So then ask also — when WAS the last law passed that REALLY helped the average person? — When the Democrats won out AND had a Democtratic president in charge who would NOT veto the consumer-law just passed. So at least for now seniors don’t have donut-hole gaps in meds to worry about & won’t be dropping dead by not being able to afford the meds they need!

  16. brooklyn says

    I just ordered a referee’s whistle on amazon. These a——- have been harassing me for over a year. Next time these f—— call to ‘lower my credit card rate’, I’m gonna blow their f—— eardrums out.

    (Edited for language – please keep the swearing to a minimum. But I couldn’t resist posting the comment because the idea with the whistle is awesome!) :)

    • xemeric says

      Awesome idea with the referree whistle. I would think if this idea would catch on, this idea alone could stop this nonsense!

      • Gavin says

        Not only should you use the whistle (or an airhorn), but when you talk to them speak softly or hold the mouthpiece away from your mouth – not so much so they can’t hear you at all, but enough that they turn up the volume on the headsets they all wear… THEN, let ‘er rip!

      • Bob in Kansas says

        I thought about the whistle but lately they don’t even answer the phone when I select “1” and it is becoming more common that the recorded message does not even finish. They are now using cell phone #’s with local exchanges.
        I did get one message when I called back and the woman said in a recorded message “I earn my living making illegal telemarketing calls. If you are lucky, by this time next year I will be in jail.” She then laughed and the call ended.

    • Lisa says

      LOL I love this idea. I have also reported their various numbers everytime I get a call. Today I got a call from a new number and I’ve had enough of it. From now on they will hear a whistle. Gavin I like your idea about talking softly at first, so they have to turn up the headset. I know they are doing their job, but I am sick and tired of them calling when I have politely asked them to remove me. I wonder what good that DNC list is anyway?

  17. MikeBerkeleyHghtsNJ says

    Today I got the automated lower your credit card interest call from Heather as well. The message stated she was from “Account Services” but not what organization/business. I pressed “1” in an attempt to find out what this was about and spoke to Kathy. When asked about the vague “account services”, she stated she was from Visa/MasterCard and that she could lower my credit card interest rate. She did know my name, how I do not know. I tried to get more information and she tried to turn it around that since I pressed “1” that I must have wanted to lower my rates and what credit cards I had. I asked her for a website I could go to. I asked her for a phone number where I could call her organization back. She stated she would call me back and got off the phone. The whole thing was fishy, but troubling. She was very polished, persistent and smooth. Someone desperate or not as cynical as myself could have easily been taken in by this apparent scam. Legitimate businesses will not be vague about who they are, will tell you where they are located, and will supply website/phone numbers when asked.

  18. Rob says

    I have been receiving these calls too. The number I got was 561-793-8708. I did a reverse search and it was from a land line in West Palm Beach. When I called back, the number was disconnected. I am sick and tired of these calls. I am on the national do not call list. What else can I do?

  19. Matt says

    Just got the call from these guys. No caller ID. They’re getting smarter. When I said I was interested but needed a number to call back to, they gave me Visa’s customer support number! What makes me sick here is that they ARE breaking the law, with a potential for a $10k per call penalty. There is something that can be done by the phone companies to do a search on the number, but for whatever reason, they won’t do it. The fact that the police won’t help isn’t surprising, not because no law has been broken, it has, but that it’s hard work, crosses state lines (federal stuff), and will chew up tons of resources. Probably better to write Oprah than to expect help from the phone companies or law enforcement. Andy Roony has a suggestion as well. Hook up with the service by pressing one, say that you’ll get your information and be right back. And leave them hanging. They make money via calls processed, and taking time will eat into thier profits….

    Next time they call I’ll do that one…..


    • same crap 2 different cell phones says

      I got these calls EVERY F INFG DAY!
      I have resorted to using a phony accent and telling them that I am $200,000.00 in debt and beg for help. I wonder if there is a way to scam the scammers and actually get to the next level to see what actually happens. Maybe one of those investigative shows or something.
      My guess is that it is an ATT, Verizon etc. employee or ex employee with an ax to grind and access to massive lists and equipment.

  20. Donna says

    I’ll visit that blog… I get these all the time as well. They used to have the ID blocked but they have now resorted to showing a fake phone number; my caller ID said: “Orlando, FL 407-207-0820”. Of course, that number is “unpublished” according to the reverse phone look-up directories, and is out of order if you dial it.

    The second I start questioning them they hang up on me. I’m seriously considering getting an air horn or something to blast them next time they call. Maybe we can all do this, then when some company starts getting lots of Workers Comp cases of deafened telemarketers the company can be identified!

    I always press one, at least it wastes their time. I would love to follow this further, give them a false credit card number or something, or work with one of my real credit cards to trap them. I might try to bait them again just to see what happens and post it here or on the blog that “James” listed.

    Too bad this is low on the AG’s problem list. Just annoys the heck out of me.

    • Susan says

      As I understand it, the whistle/air horn/other obnoxious noise, won’t work. I’m told that the phone companies have filters that prevent transmitting noises that could injure someone’s hearing.

      • Richard says

        Assuming that it does not work, I still feel better and have wasted therir time and money doing so.

  21. Kim says

    I know how you people feel about this whole thing. I am now getting called by “Heather at acct services” 2-3 times a day 7 days a week. This is now getting totally out of control. I just E-mailed the FCC, and asked if there is anything that can be done. Our caller ID is not working right now, because it is located on the Phone headset itself, so I have no idea on whom is calling me.
    Thanks for letting me put my opinon on this site. If I hear anything at all, I will put it on this site for all to see.

  22. Ryan says

    I tried *69 on the caller after they hit me the second time in a week…(305) 654-1842…it is a land line in North Miami with no additional information on the reverse phone look up sites.

    I wish there was more that could be done legally to stop this abuse.

  23. Mark says

    I’ve given up trying to get rid of them… now I just play dumb and play with them for a while, then I put an air horn (you know, the kind you take to football games) to the mouthpiece and do my best to deafen the SOB on the other end of the line. They, along with Iteleus, the service that helps them scam their caller ID info, should be stood up to a wall and shot.

  24. Jane Limon says

    I have been receiving these calls from “Heather” and “Duane Smith”. I told him to stop calling me and that I knew it was a scam. He yelled I would be in debt for the rest of my life. He gave me the following address 502 E. John St. Carson City, NV. There are three businesses with that address. One is an insurance company. The other is a “call center” operating out of Kentucky (according to the woman I spoke to) when I asked to speak to a manager she put me on hold. I only waited a short time. There must be some legal remedy.

  25. Brett says

    I’ve been getting these calls on my office line for about a year but they just started coming to my cell. Number was 305-758-9297 this most recent time. Annoying, to say the least.

  26. Leo says

    We have been getting calls from “Heather” for about a month. One day we received two calls! I tried talking to someone and asked the name of the company and its address. They hung up. On another call, I asked the company’s name and was told “Financial Services.” I asked to speak to a supervisor and was cut off.

    This probably is a “phone phishing” scam designed to capture personal information and maybe enable someone to assume your identity. I’ve notified a local TV station about it, and I sent a letter to the Ohio Attorney General. So far, I haven’t heard back.

  27. Kim says

    I just wanted to let you all know I contacted the FCC i put in my complaint and i have not heard back from heather now for about 10 days.


  28. Dennis says

    Just got another call from these jerks at 9:30 a.m. today. This has to be the 10th time in the last 6 months they call my landline. They claim you can press #2 to have your number removed from their list. What B.S! Did that on the last three calls with no success. I intend to file a complant with the FCC and perhaps the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), but I understand that they need to receive many thousand complaints before they will investigate. Thanks for persuing this matter.

    • Sue W says

      Dennis – To be SURE, the FTC/FCC HAS received thousands of complaints, but it does not seem they are investigating at all, ever.

  29. SnappyLiving says

    I finally got an email back from the FCC recently and they instructed me to fill out a more detailed web form, listing dates of the calls and so on.

  30. Plano TX says

    Automated recording says, “Hi this is Heather from Account services…” Heather proceeds to tell me that there is a problem with my credit card and I can fix it via her limited time offer. The recording ends by saying, “Press 1 to be connected to an agent, or press 2 to be removed from the call list.” I pressed 2 and got a confirmation message that I was now on the do not call list. This is the SAME recording I have been receiving calls from all year – at least twice a month. Each time, I press the number to be removed from the call list, yet the call continued.

    If you live in Texas, file a complaint with the PUC – it only takes a couple of minutes. You can file the complating here:

  31. davey says

    I wrote a little program to mimic what you hear when you call the number of the back of your credit card.. which is what heather wants to hear when they call you… I am also using a tollfree number which they can not spoof
    or hide caller id on.. I am not giving out the tollfree except to the callers..

    Try it 214 751 2736
    Enter 5414 2343 7820 7330 as account number
    7290 as ssn
    55010 as zip
    1233 as pin
    1972 as birth year..

    it will readback your balance, limit and interest rate..

    Everything about this service is fake.. if you try to press 3 for an agent
    you will set on hold forever.. there is no agent.

    • Tom Zabel says

      I love this, but I called it and it said 1972 is not a valid birth year. This is greath though, as it will potentially waste their time before they get to the automated message saying it is not correct.

      Can you give the updated birth year so that I can give it out to these scammers? They call me daily.

  32. Driving me crazy! says

    I get these calls all the time. This problem has obviously progressed beyond something that can be solved by filing standard-form complaints with the FCC. We need to write directly to higher-ranking officials in the federal agencies that could actually do something about this. You can send an email to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin on the following page:

    You can email the Department of Justice at:

    Here is a form letter you can use:

    To whom it may concern,

    I have received repeated telephone calls from an electronic device promulgating a scam offering to lower interest rates on credit card debt. The individual on the recording purports to be “Heather” from “Account Services.” I am on the do-not-call registry, and I have also made repeated requests to this particular scam artist to stop calling me. The perpetrator of the scam uses phony telephone numbers (both through caller ID, and when asked for a call-back number), and refuses to provide any identifying information. I have repeatedly reported this caller to FCC by filing 1088 forms, but the calls persist undeterred.

    This scam is an annoyance to me and to many other consumers, and much more than an annoyance to those who are unfortunate or desperate enough to fall for it. As a victim of this calls, and as a tax-paying citizen, I respectfully request that all possible action be taken to bring the criminals behind this scam to justice. I will update you regularly on any further developments, namely, on any further calls received.

    Thank you for your consideration,



    If we send enough of these–and I suggest sending them one follow-up email for each call that you get–maybe something will be done.

  33. Bridget says

    I live down by Corpus Christi, TX and have been receiving the calls sporadically over the past few months, but it has been twice each week for the last three weeks. Today, I pushed 1 thinking I could get off the list. The guy didn’t identify himself and when I said I wanted to be taken off their list he hung up on me.

    I’m going to start pushing 1 from now on, just to waste his time. If he is going to waste mine, I’m going to waste his.

  34. cienna says

    I just got a call from them tonight (Financial Services). The caller ID brings up the ph#772-664-4005 Phone Company Information Found:
    Sebastian, FL Brevard County Bellsouth Telecomm Inc Dba Southern Bell Tel & Tel LandLine.
    The girls told me they work with all the different credit card companies and that I qualified for a lower interest rate because I owed more that $4000 and had no late payments in the last 6 mos. She told me that it was illegal for me to give my information over the phone, that I would need to enter some information through the phone touch tone buttons. That put up the red flag and I said that you could still get the info with the tones. She gave me a speech about if she was that capable she wouldn’t have a 9-5 job (it’s 8:45pm in MA). I started asking why would the credit cards just lower my rate and what did they get out of it. She assured me I would still be paying the credit card company but that they did get paid (she still didn’t say how). Still didn’t make sense to me, how they or the credit card company were benefiting. She passed me to her supervisor to help answer my questions. When I pressed on for answers with him, he kept trying to refocus my attention on the real absurdity, the high credit card interest rates. His answers seemed “canned” and I was annoyed that instead of just answering me he was trying to feed of my emotional connectin to my debt…still wondering what he’s trying to sell. I said that I would like to get the name of the company and the phone number and then contact my credit card company to verify that they do work with them. He tells me that it’s ok if I’m not interested. I tell him it’s not ok. That I want to know the name (he gives me Financial Service) and the state they’re in (he says that’s a secret and he cant’ tell me) and then since I”m not interested he finishes the call.

  35. Tammy says

    We recieve these calls all the tiem . And it has gotten to be very annoying. They call 3-4 times a month and sometiems we recieve the message on our machien Heather from account services… well we thought it was kinda strange when there was no number left to call them back . If this was a legit company wojudltn they have left a number fior us to cnatact them? Anothere thing we dont even have a credit card. So where did they get our info? Numberous times we told them we are on the do not call list and we dont have a credit card btu they still continue to call…if we ask to many questions or yell at them to stop callign they hang up.
    Well tongiht when I recieved a call I played along with their bs. They said because of my great credit they wanted to lower my interest rates…( my credit is far from great) So I told her yeha I know you guys call here alot and we are very interested in lowerign our rates but we can never call you back . Can you please give me a number so we can call you back ..she said no we will call you backl .I said I need the number casue I am on my way out the door to go to work . She said ok and gives me this number 1-800-841-2211. I tell her off and tell her I know they are not a legit company and so on. I hang up and call the number its a talk line. Nice huh. So I decide to do a search to see if others have had this problem with heather from accoutn services. And here I am .I am sure I will be recieveign more calls in the future. So I would definaltey like to here the results of this. Hopefully someone will finally catch them . Feel free to email me and keep updated.

  36. sorrytosay says

    What can I do to help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    I was stupid enough to work for these people for a few hours. I might have information enough to get them investigated. Any ideas?

    • Mike says

      If you have any information on this company , names addresses contact phone numbers and or emails. Please forward them to the attached email. The FTC & FCC will be in contact with you for further information. Please provide your contact info on this email. DO NOT POST HERE! Let’s work together to close them down…

      Sincerely Mike

  37. Patti says

    I’ve been getting calls from good ‘ol “Heather” for about the last few months. I’d say I get at least 2-3 calls per week. I’ve started tracking the calls and filing complaints with the National Do Not Call Registry site. Most of the calls I receive do actually have a number attached. There are some that don’t and just say “Out of Area”. The call I just received today, I pressed “1” to speak to someone instead of my usual “2” to be removed from the list (which obviously doesn’t work.) I spoke to Latarsha (?) and she told me the name of the company was Account Services and they aren’t affiliated with any particular bank or Mastercard/Visa specifically but that they work with those companies to lower interest rates. I asked how I could be removed from the list and she asked for my phone number – which I thought was strange because quite obviously, they already have that. When I explained I wanted to be removed from their calling list, she hung up on me. This appears to be the trend whenever I try to talk to someone. If you mention the words “Do Not Call”, they hang up on you instantly. I’m going to start the process to press charges. I’ve heard of people in California doing this and getting paid. If you want to report the calls and you are on the National Do Not Call list, you can go to their site and you don’t have to have a phone number. Just put in the name of the company (which we know now) and the time of the call and your information.

    Best of luck to everyone…

  38. Andrew says

    I get these calls too – Financial Services – Amanda, not Heather, and the number, which of course is no longer in service was 1-850-648-6744. I’m gonna use the whistle or air horn next time – concerned the air horn might damage my phone.
    Sorrytosay – if you really worked for them, what is the company name, location? Address? Name of your supervisor, boss and/or co-workers? and hey, I’d love to have their phone number! I’d give ’em a call – with my air horn handy – again and again and again!!!

    The chick I talked to was smooth and new what she was doing – so losing her hearing would be a small price to pay for all the people they scam – and it must be a lot, cause heck I’m still deluged with junk email from Nigeria – it would stop if there was no money in it.

    I need a drink…

  39. Michele says

    I used a personal alarm that I have the last phone call I got. I haven’t had a call since! I have been getting these calls 2-3 a day for about 2 years! Hopefully that was the last time I’ll hear from them!

  40. Sarah says

    I am in Maine, they call my business number all the time. Thanks for the info on this site. I now know I am not alone. It’s amazing nothing can be done about this!!! The only way to stop it is to change my number, but since it is my business they are calling – it is complicated. I will resort to blowing their ears out like Michele, great idea!

  41. Rich says

    I have been getting these for several months. Always hung right away until yesterday I decided to hang on and get them to take me off their list. the guy was nice and took my phone number and said he would get me off the list. Didn’t work, three more calls after that in two days. I tried to hang on again the try to get some info, got hung up quickly when I asked what the name of their company. Next time am going to tell the person, that you are working for a criminal organization and you should leave immediately and save your butt, legally and morally. The number on my phone ID was 954-424-9037.

  42. Richie says

    Heather strikes again! Despite my demands for “Account Services” to cease and desist, I have been harassed over the past months by Heather and her gang of henchmen. Today, after hitting #1, I was connected to a male representative. Per ususal, I asked for the name of the company, phone number, address, etc. No answer, not even good dancing around the issue. I asked for a website, he hesitated and in the background I heard a female voice say “tell him it’s”

    He didn’t. He did say “Hah! Got you sucka” and hung up on me!

    • Susan says

      The business at appears legitimate and has a telemarketing alert on their site saying that they have had reports from people getting calls from someone claiming to work for Account Services. They state that Account Services, Inc., is not a debt consolidation or collection business, but an accounting business that serves businesses, not consumers.

  43. Tonya says

    I just got a call about the same thing but the number that showed up was 850-433-1850. I called it back and it was someone’s cell phone #.

    • Richard says

      Most telephone systems and telephone companies allow you to put whatever phone number you want for display in the caller ID. Most often this is used in a medical office when calls are made from private numbers and the call displays the main office number. If someone is unscrupulous, they could put any number they want in there and change it with every call or daily or whatever they want. Write your Congressman and Senator about the DNC list and how it has no teeth.

  44. JUdah says

    I appreciate this blog……. I too just got a call from Heather, and I too pressed 1. It sounded really phishy. I finally asked them what company they are. The man seemed frustrated, and left me with “Account Services.” I told the man it wasn’t a good time, and that he could call me back. So, I gave him my number and a good time to call back. I wanted a moment to go online an check this out for myself……………..glad I did, but honestly, never ever ever give your credit card info out over the phone unless you are purchasing something, or paying a bill………and even then try to find a diferent way. Scamming jerks!!!

  45. Emily says

    I’m in Nebraska and get at least one phone call a day, every day of the week. It used to be once or twice a week, but now it’s every day. We’ve been getting calls from “Account Services” for well over a year. If I hang up without pressing 1, I get called again in a few hours. I’ve talked to at least 10 of these people and requested very nicely to please stop getting phone calls, but they hang up on me. Every time I get hung up on I get all worked up and my blood pressure goes sky high. I’ve contacted our phone company (Windstream), and they won’t do anything for us except offer a service (that I have to pay for) to block certain numbers. When I hit *69, it’s a private number, so no number to give them. I told Windstream that it was a scam and it’s driving me crazy, but they won’t help me. We bought a new phone set with a “do not disturb” button that sends all calls straight to voicemail, but I forget to use it sometimes and they wake my daughter up from her naps.

    I think I’ll be investing in caller id and an air horn.

  46. Zack says

    I just got a call today from “Angela.” She asked for my number to verify it. Before I told her anything, I asked what credit card she was calling from. She hung up on me! I knew right away that it was a scam. I tried calling the number back, but the operator that came on said that that number did not exist.

    The number was: 506-222-26707.

    If they ever try calling me again, I’m going to play it out as long as possible.

  47. Roxanne May says

    My sister made the mistake of speaking with them. Now she’s disputing a $990 charge on her credit card. The credit card company investigated and sent us a statement from Americare saying that they had recorded verbal contracts with my sister. I listened to both. One recording is 2 years old, client’s name is different and client is obviously very elderly. Second recording is my sister, but it’s very brief and does not reference any charges from Americare or services. Just says that someone will call her back.

    • Richard says

      Press the credit card company to treat the charge as fraud. If it is Visa or Mastercard, you are probably out of luck, because they have a history of allowing frauds to continue as long as they are getting their cut. American Express , on the other hand, deals with fraud quickly and without mercy. The merchant has to prove to them that the charge is legitimate, not the other way around.

  48. Stephen says

    I just received my first call today. As soon as I asked what card they were from, the girl hung up on me. I don’t have Caller ID.

    We need to bring this to the attention of a Congressman. There needs to be a law that allows phone traces for suspected instances of fraud. We can put a man on the moon and we can’t find out who is obviously out to steal money from people.

  49. Dave Wojtak says

    I just received a call with the exact info as originally called. Same thing and when I told them that they were calling a cell phone and it is a violation of the FTC they hung up.

  50. Angie says

    I just got a phone call earlier today from “Account Services” offering to lower all credit card interest rates. It was an automated message that tells you to press 1 if you have either a Visa or Mastercard with an interest rate over 10.9% or press 2 if you have already recieved this phone message and wish to be removed from their calling list. I pressed 1, because I thought it was very interesting that I was recieving this call, considering we just lowered our interest rates within the last two months, so I wanted to see who it was. A woman picked up the line, (there was a lot of telemarketing background noise) and she asked if I have a Visa or Mastercard with a higher interest rate, and rattled on about the interest rates will be spiking again after July 1st. I told her that I have one Visa – with a very low credit line, and it is maxed, and she said “One minute, I’ll make note of that” – She then asked if I have any other cards, I said I do, but they are both department store cards – I told her they are a Home Depot store card, and a Radio Shack – – Then I added that my Home Depot is not a combo Visa/MC/Home Depot – She no longer seemed to be interested in me. Then she quickly asked about my husband – “What about your spouse, does he have any Visa or MC’s?” I said “Nope – He only has an American Express…and I’m sorry what company are you calling from?” …Very quickly it became silent, and then I heard her hanging up the phone.

    As a lot of you guys did, I am going to use the link that is posted above to report this to the FCC.

  51. Nate says

    They used to call us here in Nebraska as much as twice a week! Now, it’s down to twice a month. I looked up one of the phone #’s by entering it into Google and it said that it was a residential number (in Idaho). So, I tried calling it just to see, and sure enough, I get some people’s answering machine. They are definitely spoofing other people’s numbers!

  52. JJ says

    Keep in mind these scammers and the lovely “Heather” read these posts just like we do. Anyhow… Heather from “Account Services” called me 4 times prior to today – indeed, asking to not be called didn’t work, nor did asking who they were, as they hang up each time. So did the supervisor when I managed to get that far last time. Well, today was a little different. The predictive dialer once again caused my phone to ring, and todays script was revised. Today the script said this was the last time, the final chance to lower my interest rates. I pressed 1 to try again. By the way, for all you readers, I have NO debt, zero, zip. I went ahead & pretended to be very interested in the offer, made up some balances and interest rates, and after being on hold a couple different times, the supervisor hopped on the phone ready to help me get those rates lowered. He asked for my credit card number so he could “verify” my credit worthiness. Now I was able to stall and finally ask for a call back number so I could get the information to him – and he gave me a toll-free number!!! During the past calls they have insisted they have no call back number they are outbound only (of course) and they have always insisted they were in Atlanta. I will wait to share the number in this posting as I am in the process of verifying more information and filing a couple different complaints and I don’t want to do anything that might hurt the complaint or an innocent business, in case these clowns were “posing” too. I just wanted to share this with you because you can really catch more flies with honey. Next time they call you, drop the horns and whistles and be ready to really want their help…. be who they are looking for and find a way to get them to give you their info, it worked to act totally credit-stupid. DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!!! What was on your Caller ID, time, date, duration of call, take every note you can, perhaps one of us can be the David that breaks Golliath. Good Luck. As soon as I verify the information I have, I will share it. Thanks to everyone for the posts. It really helped me form a very passive attack.

  53. AS says

    These people call me every couple of days or so, and then they ALWAYS hang up as soon as I say anything.

  54. havoc says

    Surely there is someone who has quit working for these jerks who would be willing to blow the whistle on them. Please, someone, tell us how to contact these idiots!

  55. Jay Setlur says

    I have been getting this calls for about 6 months. I finally picked it up yesterday, and the lady on the phone said she was calling from dallas ( number showed 123.456.7890). She did the same talk saying she could lower my interest to 2.9%. Since I knew this was a scam- I played along with it for some time and finally said not to call me. She got upset at me said I was a stupid man to be paying high interest etc.
    I said to her to Never “F—” call me again.

  56. m.a.downs says

    I’ve been getting these calls about once every couple of weeks for at least a year. Today, I asked to speak to a supervisor and said that it was very important. They just hung up. I, too, am on a do not call list. i’ve informed them of this on several occassions. They have an option to press 2 if you don’t want their calls. That doesn’t work either. When they answer the phone (if you decide to press 1 and try to get to the bottom of it all) they say, “Financial Services”. They won’t tell you what credit card company they’re with or how they got your number.

  57. Fred says

    Found this website in frustration. I’ve been getting calls for at least a year.

    Now… people are calling us. Apparently they’re now using *our* phone number when they make calls.

    Please don’t assume the numbers you see on your caller are these crooks. In all likelyhood, it’s another victim.

  58. Francis Dove says

    7-22-2008: Call says”last day to lower your interest rates. No intro or company name. After you press”1″, a lady comes on (with a radio playing in the background) who says she needs your information to locate you account! SHE REFUSES TO ID HER ORGANIZATION OTHER THAN “FINANCIAL SERVICES”. I REFUSED AND SHE SAID “HAVE A NICE DAY”. SIGNED OFF.

    B DOVE

  59. Mumu says

    I’m in Los Angeles and have been getting these calls for over a year at least. It’s not always “Heather” but I’ve gotten that tape too. I got the girl (sorry to anyone offended at “girl”) today to tell me the company was “Account Services with Visa and MasterCard”. I think we all know they are two different companies. I asked to be taken off their list and was yet again immediately hung up on. No ‘f u” no ‘sorry to bother you” nothing. Just, click. I think that bothers me as much as the call itself and the fact they are scamming. They are just rude.
    I really like the whistle and blowhorn ideas. Hate to do it to “employees” but if they can’t choose employment with ethical behavior, then screw ’em. I’m sick of this. I wonder how many people get hooked in and what actually occurs. I imagine it’s elderly and poor folks who end up giving their account numbers and those numbers are then used.

  60. Bill says

    “Rachel” – the automated voice – called about lowering credit rates. I pressed 1 and “John” asked if I was interested in lowering my credit rates. I asked his name and company name he said “john at account services”. When I asked for his last name he hung up. These people know what they are doing, and doing it deliberately. They’re not unknowing employees of some company scamming people, these “operators” know what they are doing is wrong, criminal, and unethical yet they do it anyway.

  61. Sean says

    I received a recorded call just like this today. After pressing “1”, a “Sherry” told me that she could lower my interest rate. After I asked her company name, she said “Account Services.” Then I told her that my phone number is listed under the “Don Not Call” list and I will press charge against her company for violating the law. She said “have a good day” and hang up. I googled for “Account Services” and found this page. So it’s more like a scam than soliciting. But I wonder how they got my real name. These crimals should be locked up.

  62. Christopher Johnson says

    I have received NUMEROUS calls from this company. I have tried “pressing 2 if you do not want to receive these calls any longer” and I’ve tried pressing 1 and speaking to someone. As soon as I ask the bank/company name I get “Account Services. We provide lower cost credit for all banks.” Ya. Right. I spoke to a person three different times. One time the person simply hung up on me when I said I was on the no call list. The second got angry with me and said “press 2 then!!!” and hung up. The third (just now) said “press 2 next time” and hung up.

    Like others I googled the “company name” and got this blog. I think I’m going to contact the Attorney General of my state. Actually, I have a friend who is an assistant AG – so maybe I can get past some red tape.

    The display today on my phone was:

    I don’t know how they got “062” to show as an area code, but it’s obvously bogus.

  63. Susan Miller says

    Caller ID today was 239-437-4835. When I called the number, there was a poor quality recording that said “The number you have called is not in service” This repeated twice, then hung up on me.

    I asked Denise (the woman who answered when I pressed 1 on the original call the company name): “Account Services”
    I asked her for the website address, she said “Account Services”
    Then she asked some guy in the background, he told her to hang up.

    Oh well, I suppose it doesn’t cost me anything to hang up on the recording, but it sure is annoying. Thanks for posting this to try and keep people from getting scammed by these theives — though I am afraid if you are clever enough to search on the internet for info, you probably spotted it as a scam right from the start.

  64. Donna B says

    I’ve been receiving these calls once or twice a day for months now. And yes, they call my cell phone, too which is especially annoying since I use Go-Phone. Cheers to those of you who are fighting this with the FCC and other authorities. Maybe once my youngest is in kindergarten I can join you. No time for htat right now.

    I’d like to share some thoughts, though. One: Are all these calls coming from the same place? Maybe there are multiple companies using the same scam. Scary but know your enemy and all that… Two: I think they are using some sort of random number generator to populate what shows in your caller ID. That gets them past all of the ‘block the blocker’ technology. As for the reports of innocent people’s phone numbers and legit credit card companies numbers showing up, yes maybe they are doing that intentionally and maybe it’s like monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare. Three: Does anyone else wonder if this is what you wind up doing if you respond to those “I made $200,000 working from part time at home last month” ads on TV? Lastly, these people are obviously very clever criminals. Petty harassment means nothing to them. It may cost them a few employees (which is all to the good) but they will just hire more. I know the legal avenues may be frustrating and time consuming to follow but they are much more likely to bear fruit in the long run. Keep in mind, though that not only are government agencies more likely to listen to you if you follow procedures correctly but attempts to ‘trap’ these criminals by providing false information may put YOU at risk for criminal prosecution for fraud.

    Thanks again to all of you who are fighting this. I will join you soon.

  65. Peter says

    Got a call this morning from an “out of area” caller. It was Account Services. I questioned again what the company was, told him I had no such credit card, and that I was on the do not call list. He said you aren’t on the do not call list jackoff, if you answered this call and he hung up. Nice.

  66. sue says

    I got a call from 506-220-30785. It had the prerecorded message that it was my last chance to lower my credit card interest rate and to hit 1 to speak with a representative. It did not say who it was that was calling.

    I can’t block the number because it is too long, and even if I could, Verizon says it would only last for 30 days and I would have to block it again…oh, yeah, also costs $4.99/month for that feature that is only good for domestic calls.

    And, they say that this past February the FCC reversed it’s DO NOT CALL immunity for cell phones…so we are totally unprotected from telemarketers now. Take this to your Congressman! I know I’m going to take it to mine! It’s like the FCC is protecting these opportunists who are breaking the federal communication rules in the first place.

  67. Michael Spear says

    Just thought that I would give this a bump. I hopped on trying to find some info about thise thing and to see it’s happening to other people, kind of sucks.

    Anyway, I will be following up with it locally and if I continue to get calls will try to figure something out. Just to post something that might help someone out there, the call that I received came through a number of 234-567-8900 and I hit “1” to tell them not to call again. I had a man named “Randy” answer who told me when I explained that this was my cell and not to call again that, “he was listening to me, really, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it.” When I heard that I tried to ask him who I should talk to and he hung up on me.

    If I get harrassed again and again, I will have someone’s head for it.

  68. MJ says

    I received a call and pressed 1 for lower rates.
    Said they were from Account Services.
    Call came from 954-425-8545 Deerfield be FL.
    Spoke with Dean who wanted my credit card number. I asked for something in writing before giving my credit card number. He kept trying to convince me to give him the number so he could call the bank and reduce my interest rate.
    I told him I looked them up on the net and there is a Scam Alert on them.
    He put his “supervisor” Cody on the line.
    I told Cody I will not give my credit card number without something in writing.
    He hung up.

  69. Walter Thompson says

    The company is “Dynamic Financial PO box 7775
    San Fran, Calf
    Customer service number given me was 888 933 2841

  70. Dixie Saeger says

    I received a call today from account services. The phone number was 954 4258545 which is a Deerfield Beach Florida number. When I asked where they were located they told me Maryland. When I asked a name, they hung up. I zm on the Do Not Call List, and I have reported people, but I am not sure if this is enough information to report them. I asked what interest rate they were going to decrease — we have no interest — house, two cars, everything is totally owned and we do not run a balance on credit cards, o we pay no interest.

  71. Texas Dan says

    I’m with Sue. I’m disgusted Verizon charges to block numbers. Any idiot can see that a number with 506 and one too many digits is bogus and should be blocked. the last call I got was from 506-225-72563 and it DID sound like someone from New Brunswick Canada. I recently gave my info to them and someone is probably using it now for a SCAM!! I suggest contacting them at or 1800-561-0123 and telling them how you feel about these calls coming out of New Brunswick!! One good thing is you can put them on when they ask for your VIN or credit card # you can waste their time, then finally tell them…OH, I DONT even have a car, Or don’t even have a card just to frustrate them. I gave them a bad time and told them I was looking for them last time and haven’t been called since…Texas Dan

  72. ohcrap says

    i’m very gullible & i am trying to pre-approve for a house, so i thought maybe i had been checked & someone found a reason to lower my interest rates, so i gave in & gave my numbers….i feel so stupid….i am so glad i checked this site right after…i called imediately & closed my accounts before anything could happen, so hopefully that worked….they just tried to call me again from the “verification” part & i told them to “eff off” because I know you’re not real and i don’t know how you sleep at night…she said “no…no…no… don’t deserve our help” and hung up on me!

    oh my gosh this is fricken insane!!!i don’t understand how these people sleep at night?!!! we need to get laws that screw these people into the ground!!!!

  73. John in Dallas says

    I just started getting these calls a couple of months ago. Pretty sure it was a scam, came in from Phone # 305-464-9429, I pushed “1” to see who they were. He claimed to be able to lower any Visa or MC interest rate. I asked what company he was calling from, He said, “Account Services”. I said I didn’t have an account with him. He said they are the world’s leader in something.. I cut him of, said I was on the Natl and TX no call lists, and why are they calling me. He had the balls to say, ” Then why are you wasting my time by pressing “1””??!!!! Wasting HIS time, that’s precious!!!

  74. John in Dallas says

    Details on the phone number that called me:
    (I’m not going to pay the reverse directory fee to get the other “available” info:)

    Phone Number #: (305) 464-9429
    Owner Information: (305) 464-9429
    1 address in Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Phone Type:

    Rate Center:

  75. John in Dallas says

    I filed an e-complaint with the FCC using the link above – Thanks. Now I am taking it to the wireless provider:
    NETWORK SERVICESUpdate your details
    1649 BOBALI DR, HARRISBURG, PA 17104-3210
    p: 999-2006

    Network Services LLC, which recently acquired TSR Wireless, is an innovative national service provider of wide-area paging, voice mail, advanced call processing, prepaid calling and other high-value communication services.

  76. KA says

    Sept 19 2008
    just got scam call on my cell phone with the — last day for better rates.. display was 502 2272 3605 –yes an extra digit
    and they mumbled the Credit card account name ( slick huh?)No i didnt follow ther phone tree press 1 to talk to someone press 2 to stop getting phone calls.
    My cell phone and home phone are BOTH on the do not call list
    what part of DO NOT CALL LIST fosters a challendge to these scammers? Can someone find these low lives.. and fine the heck out of them NOW.. ( havent they heard credit/economu is in the dumper.. like I would extend myself to another credit card dept.. get real ) THIS IS A HORRIBLE SCAM who would want to deal with a scammer ? get real
    San Diego CA/ Verizon cell

  77. Kathy G says

    I got this call again today (have been getting them for months in spite of asking them repeatedly to remove me from their list) and asked the guy I talked to for some more information. He said they’re local, and I asked him to define local. He said Minneapolis, which is not real local to someone who lives in Portland. I asked him if Minneapolis was where headquarters was, or just where his call center was, and he said they had call centers all over the nation.
    I called * 69 and found out the call actually came from 503-207-0634, a land line in Portland, Oregon. So, I’m not sure whether I actually found out anything or not, but this is what I have, and it’s the same scam, the same words, as others have gotten.

    • Wilkenator says

      Can you give us the physical address of the company your working for. How can I get hired there? I would turn them in as soon as I had all the evidence to screw these people into the ground!

  78. Employee says

    Tonight was my first night on the job and just found out all this information about it being a scam! If you could PLEASE provide me a number for the Tampa Bay area to which I can report them (seeing as I’m working on the inside here) I would greatly appreciate it! I don’t think I can stand going back there for another day knowing they steal people’s credit card information. I’m not a crook and will have no part it doing this. I have obtained about 4 people’s credit card information, oblivious to the fact it’s a fraudulent company, and will call them back tomorrow warning them about “Account Services” and to immediately call their banks or cancel their cards

  79. Alan says

    Hi, has anyone REALLY found the REAL name of this company because most all those listed have denied that it’s them. If we can find what city they are really in, and all I’ve found out so far is one of them told me he was in Florida, we could talk to telephone service providers in that city, and you can bet with this many calls going out they’ll know who this is, and ask them to stop this criminal use of their systems.
    I’m very shocked to see some people have gotten so many calls. Some people talk about changing numbers but they’ll just call your new number, too.
    Complaining to the FTC might work if you actually had a correct phone number. But with all these complaints I’ll bet someone at the FTC knows more about this, I’ll call them soon and try and find out.
    If you try to complain to the police or the phone company, don’t let them tell you laws are not being broken, because if they call you after you’ve asked them to stop, that is harassment, and most police officers will take an harassment complaint if you are firm in wanting to file a complaint. But again unless you have the REAL phone number it is coming from, there isn’t anything they can do.
    There are procedures in most states, that of course vary from state to state, where you can go before a judge, explain the situation, and he/she can order the phone company to actually put a trace on your phone, I’ve done that and it worked in a previous situation.
    If I can’t find out who these people really are from you folks, I’m going to give them one of my real CC numbers (on a card I never use etc.) and then I’ll know exactly who they are. And if they are in the US, when I find out who they really are and where they are, one way or another they will be put out of business. If they are outside the US then there is almost nothing you can do.

    But the key is does anyone really know exactly who these people are? If you give me their fake phone number from your caller ID, that’s not going to work. I’ll check back here often, thanks.

  80. SnappyLiving says

    Alan, we don’t know – they’re disguising themselves very well. Several of us have filed complaints with the FCC, but the FTC might be a better way to go. Please let us know what you find out. As the economy worsens, people are likely to get so desperate they’ll fall for this more and more.

  81. Alan says

    SnappyLiving, thank you, well if anyone has fallen for this they should be able to tell from the CC company exactly who charged their CC. I have contested many charges over the years on my CC and as a last resort I’ll give them one of my CC’s, if they call again, and then we should know who they are.

    If we can find out where they are another thing that can be done is find their “help wanted” ads for telemarketers, and then complain to the newspaper to stop running their ads.

  82. Alan says

    I found this that I’m pasting below at this source:

    To anyone being harasses by a company that keeps calling you and claiming to lower your credit card interest rate. There message starts off with–this is heather with account services, or hello don’t be alarmed this is your final offer to lower your credit card rate.

    Well these people have been calling me at least twice a month for the last year and could not find out who they were they are a rip off. they claim to show you how to save it least 4000.00 in credit card debt over next few years, and want to charge your card 600 dollars to do it. Anyone that can do some simple math can figure that out.

    I managed to get a phone number and address of one of these companies. So i waited for them to call me again. Well they did today. so i called them at they’re real number. All the man wanted to know is where i got this number and who gave me this number. he was very worried on how i got there number. He also said it is not possible to get this number it is not listed. Well i said ‘sir, i am talking to you aren’t i. I just called this number. well he got someone else on the pohone and they said they would take me off there list as soon as the owner came in. I said well let me ask you this why won’t your representatives give out your phone number. they said ‘ well we don’t want people calling here all the time’ i said exactly now you know how i feel.–well to anyone that has had it with these companies call and harass them now but better do it soon i imagine they will change number soon or if your to the point of pressing charges against them here is there info–Liberty money management sevices 2202 curry ford rd orlando, fl 32806 1-866 211 1277—

    one more thing if ypu would really like to get back at these people go to florida secretary of state dept. and find out the owners name and lets start calling him too. I really hope i am not the only one fed up with these companies harassing me.

    Harassed by credit card rate reduction companies
    dillon, South Carolina

  83. Alan says

    Account Services,card Holder Services,mershant Service, Credit Card Services
    Phone: 866-2111277

    2202 Curry Ford Rd
    Orlando, Florida, 32806

  84. dumbfounded says

    I am still dazed that me of all people who is a stickler about everything let one of the million calls get through. I was over tired, stressed, and distracted so when I heard the pre-recorded message I pressed “1” and a guy answered who said his name was Brian Harris with Credit Card Services. I immediately felt like I should hang up and continue to ignore these calls but NO I fumbled through the call feeling suspicious the whole time. None the less when I asked for a number he gave me 800-436-7927 which is legit BUT the caller id stated 850-237-2674 from Blountstown, FL. Of course the number didn’t work and when I reverse searched the number it only said it was a land line either private or unavailable. Still feeling like the world’s biggest idiot I immediately called my creditors and cancelled the accounts. I am praying that will be all that comes from this other than me reconfirming I don’t trust anyone and will continue to just hangup right away if I even answer.

  85. Employee says

    They tell you to say you are in a call center based out of a different state. (They told us to say San Francisco, Calif.) but the base is in Tampa, Florida. If you guys want to get them back and harass them, their number is 813-418-5811. “Naomi in Human Resources” will answer, IT IS THE DIRECT LINE, not human resources. She’s a scammer too so feel free to unload on her or for the ring leader, ask for Jason. Also, their address is 8413 Laurel Fair Circle suite 100 Tampa, Florida. I have called the The bay news team, florida attorney general, and a complaint line since last night, they all told me the same thing: File a complaint online. What is this world coming to?

    *Warning they do have caller ID so if you do not want any call backs block your number!xt

  86. DickeyDunkin says

    ># sorrytosay said:
    >May 2nd, 2008 at 10:42 am
    >What can I do to help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    >I was stupid enough to work for these people for a few hours. I might have information enough >to get them investigated. Any ideas?

    SORRYTOSAY; if you have any info on these people whatsoever you should or should have posted it so that others would know more and be able to choose a course of direction.

  87. asmgaiter says

    I am from Winnipeg, Canada and have been receiving similar automated messages with varying frequencies for the past eight months. However, these calls are different as the message is from “Megan”. I was able to put a call trace (*57) and informed the national police force in Canada (RCMP) through their web site “Phonebusters”. Unfortunately, I an still receiving these automated messages. My recent attempts to connect with a live operator have met with an immediate hang up and the name “Dynamic Financial”.

  88. says

    what we have here are a bunch of businesses who don’t know their ass from their head. One company known as a “Lead Provider” sells your phone number and a automated system calls you then a person weads out the unqualified calls and “live transfers” (patch’s) the qualified calls to an debt agent. The problem is the “Lead Providers” system is f***ed and broken calling anyone and everyone.

    here are a few companies that provide leads.

    it seems that most of the calls are coming from Florida debit reduction companies.

    It’s the Lead Provider and Live Call Transfer people who are hanging up on us.

  89. Eddie says

    I just received a call from them as well. I let the woman explain their whole proposition to me. She said they work with all the major credit card companies, they get better interest rates than I can, though didn’t say on what. I asked some follow up questions about their services, just generic stuff to find out more info. After 5 minutes of this, I told her was not interested and please remove me from her list. As soon as I said that she called me an ‘idiot’ and a ‘bitch’ for ME wasting HER time! I said look lady, YOU CALLED ME! The f***ing nerve. I tried doing a *57 but got a message saying that service is not enabled from my line. I’m sure this isn’t the last I’ll be hearing from them.

  90. Dan says

    When I told Katie that I was supposed to be on their do-not-call list, she asked if I hit ‘2’ on the automated menu. I said, yes, I had already done that previously and “You’re still calling me.” She said “Then there is more than one company calling you.” Could have pointed out that her company is the one calling me, not her client! I asked for a phone number. She said she has one for HR and for Finance. She wouldn’t give them to me because “they’re not for the general public.”

    One possibility to try is to say you are out of work and really interested in working for them — after telling them your credit card balance is $0. Maybe you can get a “real” phone number and ask the authorities to look into it.

    Unfortunately, the more often I take these calls live, the more frequently they come. I guess it’s back to using the answering machine as a screener again!

  91. Sue G. says

    ALERT: NEW NUMBER–(305)445-8932
    Heather with Account Services (auto-call) called to offer lower interest rate on my credit card. “There is nothing wrong with your account”, press 1. I did, spoke to a woman and asked what company was calling, she said, “Account Services”. I asked if it was an existing account, “yes”. I asked what card, “Visa”. I asked what bank was backing the card, she hung up. Caller ID listed “Unknown Name” with the number (305) 445-8932. Called it back, disconnected.

    Anyone know who to report this to (for all the good it will do)? Thanks.

  92. Carol says

    I got a phone call from 386-985-5500, which was listed as a Florida call, and according to another web site is listed as Jewel Weber. The man on the line offered to lower my credit card interest rates. After confirming/finding out some information I was passed on to Jordan Harrison who claimed that he was in San Francisco. He said he was from Dynamic Financial and that the company could negotiate with my credit card companies, using the message that they wanted to record, to lower my interest rates. They would make their money from the difference on the lower rates. What he really meant was that they would make $990 from the charge that they wanted me to authorize to my card. The 386 number had been changed to another number and that number had been disconnected. “Jordan” also gave me a toll-free number to call 888-933-2841 at which there is a recorded message or hang on for customer service. I did not.

  93. john says

    I just got the automated call today, and when I pressed one, I asked which financial institution they represented. He said “Bank of America”. I asked him for his toll free number, and he gave me 1-800-858-0561. When I called that number, I was routed directly to an agent. No automated message or anything like they. She requested my account number. I asked her what credit card company she worked for and she said Visa.

    The originating number was 909-650-9162.

    I knew it was a scam immediately because I have no credit cards.

  94. matt says

    I just received a call from ACCOUNT SERVICES stating they can lower my interest rates but would first have to verify my account. They are NOT with any cc company so beware. The number came across my caller id as JEWELL WEBER 386-985-5500.

    Be carfull of these people wanting to steal your finances!!!!!!!

  95. David says

    I also just received such a call from 506-221-8847 from Account Services claiming that they can reduce my rates. Once I started questioning the agent on the phone on how they got my information, they hung-up on me. I attempted to call the number back and got a message that the number was not assigned. It appears that this scam ring is hijacking phone numbers to mask their identify.

  96. Mike D says

    We are getting unknown calls from 850-237-2674 also. My policy is: never answer an unknown call – they can leave a message if it’s legitimate. That saves me from dealing with untrustworthy individuals or companies.

  97. Zelda S. says

    Hi guys, I am hoping someone here can answer my question. I keep getting these calls,too, and today I pressed “one” to speak to their representative. They picked up the phone and said, “are you inquiring about the lower interest rates?” I said yes. They said, “Are you Mrs. ____?” I said yes. And they hung up.

    I wanted to be taken off their list! By what I said, is it possible I authorized something to be charged to one of my accounts? They did not ask me for, or seem to know my credit card info. But they did know my name, which disturbed me.

    What do you all think? I called Experian and had a freeze put on my credit, so no one can open a card in my name or anything like that, just to be on the safe side.

    But what was the purpose of talking to me briefly and then hanging up? Did I just get scammed?

  98. Susan says

    I just got the same type of call from 50622873421. Interesting…She actually thought I would give her that information? This is nuts!

  99. Raf says

    I actually just received a call from them too and she asked if i was interested in lowering rates. I knew this is a scam because I have been getting so many calls from them about lowering interest rates and final notice on auto warranties. I asked where shes from and all she kept saying was account services and wouldnt give me more info.

  100. Laura says

    My husband fell for it – gave the gal his cc number and can’t remember if he gave her his SSN or not. I just found this thread, told him to call his cc company & tell them about it. Does anyone know what “account services” does with the info? Charges to the card? Maybe id scam getting a card in his name? Any advice on how to protect ourselves? Thanks.

  101. SnappyLiving says

    Laura, I’d call the fraud dept of the card he gave out and get them to cancel and replace that card/account number. You might also call your district attorney for advice, and in hopes they can find enough out to prosecute these guys (some DAs are trying). You should monitor your credit and financial accounts closely – all the ID thieves I’ve heard of go to work REAL quick, so if you don’t see any fraudulent activity within a few weeks, you might be safe. Again, the DA’s office might have better advice.

  102. Tim says

    I just got this damn cell phone call from “Heather” at “Account Services” and HERE IS THEIR DAMN NUMBER! CALL THEM AND TELL THEM WE ARE SICK OF IT! IF IT’S NOT SPAM IN MY EMAIL IT’S THIS CRAP ON MY CELL PHONE!


    (don’t worry there is a typo in the phone number either, I have triple checked I posted the correct number)

  103. Sarah says

    They have called my business number for years. I have tried to get them to stop and finally chose to blow a whistle into the phone. I thought this would work, however, the low life on the other end called me back immediately (caller ID showed as “out of area”). I picked up and hung up; this went on several times until I let it go to voice mail. She left a message saying, “…if I could I would f***ing strangle you through the phone line.” Unbelievable! I have finally changed my business phone number (I did NOT want to do this). And, it is now NO LONGER posted on my web site.

  104. Linda says

    I’m not certain, but I think that a legitimate (and by legitimae I mean legal, not necessarily not shady) credit counseling firm is being imitated by, and confused with, some fly-by-night scam outfits. For months I’ve been receiving automated calls about lowering the interest rates on my credit cards and each time it’s supposedly my ‘last day’ to do so. Tonight for the first time I actually picked up the phone and pressed ‘1’. I was immediately connected to a woman who identified herself as Chantell Vasquez and she said she was with Dynamic Financial. She explained how the company had been founded by three lawyers to help negotiate lower interest rates on credit cards, car loans and mortgages. She asked about the rates on my credit cards and after getting a bit of personal info fromm me (not my cc numbers), she put me on hold to see if I qualified for lower rates. She came back on after a minute and told me that I did qualify and how much I could save over the next three years. I had told her that I owed just under $24,000 on one card and when she came back, she stated the exact amount that I owed, so I assume she was able to access my credit rating or cc account somehow. At any rate, she told me about the 3 guarantees that her company makes, and said she would send me out a package that included an analysis of my debt and a payment plan that would be created specifically for me. She then gave me her customer service number (1-888-933-2841) before connecting me to the verification department. A woman named Naomi then asked for my address and phone number, etc. She also asked for the cc number on my highest interest cc which I thought was odd, but she already knew the first number and said, “the one that begins with ‘5’. She explained that one of their financial specialists would contact me within a few days, and together we would speak, conference style, on the phone to my cc companies and he would negotiate a lower rate. The fee for this would be $990 which would be put on the cc. She then said that she was going to start a recording verifying the information and guarantees the company had given me, and that if I had any questions, to ask them before the recording started, as the recording was timed and if I asked questions, they would have to stop and start all over again. I had no questions so she began, but her second question was if I gave permission for Dynamic Financial to place a charge of $990 on my cc. I said that I wasn’t told it would be charged now, and the first woman came on the line and was a bit upset, saying that she had told me about the fee. I pointed out that she had indeed told me about the fee, but not that it would be charged to my account before the company did anything for me. I told her that I was expecting to receive the information and analysis packet she had said would be mailed to me and I would have to sign for, and that I wanted to look at that first before agreeing to anything. She told me that they used to do it that way, but the company had difficulty collecting its money, so now they deduct the fee right away. I told her that I wasn’t interested at this time, that I wanted to find out more about it first. She told me to go to their website ( and also to check them out at In checking out their website, it appears that they do credit counseling, but it didn’t say anything about negotiating lower interest rates for you, only that they would give you the info and knowledge to help your finances. At any rate, I did call back the 1-888 number I was given, and a recording stated that I had reached the offices of Dynamic Financial, so it seems to be a legit company, but shady in that I, like anyone else, can re-negotiate lower rates directly with my cc companies myself, without having to pay anyone almost a grand to do it! However, I suspect that some scam artists are now mimicking this companies tactics in order to obtain cc info so they can use your cc. Just to be on the safe side, I closed my account and am opening one with a different number. By the way, Dynamic Financial is not regulated by BBB, but they do have them listed as having 7 complaints against them over the past year or so, and they gave them a ‘C’ rating. Hope this helps.

  105. Tonya says

    I have also been trying for months to get these jerks to stop calling our number, because we are on DO NOT CALL and we we don’t even have any credit cards!

    I have filed 2 complaints now with our state (Oklahoma) attorney general’s office (telemarketer violations) and now with Florida’s, since the calls are supposedly coming from Florida. Although I had it out this morning with an “Account Services” lady with a thick Indian accent, making me wonder if why they are so hard to catch is that actually they are in India?

    Well, she refused to tell me the real name of her company or give me any phone number, which here telemarketers are required by law to do when you ask. She flat out wouldn’t. So I told her what they are doing is illegal, and she argued with me that they are legal, yelling over me when I tried to point out various ways they are violating my state’s laws, and then she hung up on me. Funny thing is, you’d think after an exchange like that they’s take our # off their list as being a potential problem, but they won’t.

    This really bugs me, so, I am going to keep logging their calls and keep complaining; maybe by the time they get caught there will be overwhelming evidence.

  106. ASheehan says

    Okay my husband and I just got a call from 386-304-9434 automated at first lower interest rates press 1. I did & got a lady….she explained everything and then needed my credit card number so she could listen to my balance and make sure I was in “good standing” she said I didn’t have to tell her my number if I didn’t feel comfortable just simply press it in when it asked for it….Man these people think I am STUPID!!! anyways the only info I could get out of them was name of company Account Services (HA go figure) and a man got on the phone named Micheal Davis (yeah rt). The # comes up unknown 386-304-9434 but I just dialed that number back about ten mintues after hanging u with them and it says it is disconnected!!! Not sure but I am about 99% sure this was a scam and how do we get them to stop calling. I am on the Do Not Call List!!

  107. Pamela says

    I called the Minnesota Attorney General Fraud office. They told me there is nothing they can do but maybe the FTC can block the phone number. They call me a couple of times a week and lately I have been pressing ‘1’ and asked to have my number removed but they hang up on me. When I asked them to repeat their name, they also hung up on me.

  108. Roy In Runnels County says

    I forgot to add, the Do Not Call List can do NOTHING to stop crooks. They can only get REAL telemarketers to comply.

  109. Roy In Runnels County says


    For everyone stating “I wish there is something
    THEY (being a govt. agency) can do…

    Sorry folks, we can put a man on the moon, but we can’t stop these thieves. This is a stealthy technology issue that COPS (and Attorney Generals can’t stop or touch.)

    Here is a link where ANYBODY on this list can go in order to spoof a phone number (so you can place a call and show up on Caller ID as a legitimate business… thereby rendering Caller ID Blocking useless…)

    By “SPOOFING” a legitimate phone number, our band of thieves are basically stealing someones home phone number or business number… After the “real” person gets wind that his/her number has been pirated, they cancel their number and get a new one.

    I got so tired of “Heather” and all the other crooks out there, I got CALLER ID. Now when I get a call from a weird area code, I simply let it go to an old fax machine I had laying around. This way, I can tie up their resources for as long as possible and with my “burden” on their staff, they make less calls during the course of their shift.

    I also purchased from Verizon the “ANNONOMOUS CALL REJECTION.”
    This adds $20 to my monthly Verizon Bill (kind of pricey) and it will stop MOST of the crook calls. However, if the crook pirates a real number, it doesn’t get blocked. Only calls that are identified as ANNONOMOUS, or PRIVATE, or UNKNOWN CALLER (from my experience) are totally blocked. Today, I got a call from area code 303 (Colorado) and since it had what used to be someone’s “real” number, the call came though to my house even though the top part of my Caller ID have Name Unknown.

    I’m probably going to get rid of my home phone and just use my cell phone from now on and I suggest EVERYONE here tell you phone company you are thinking of canceling your home phone too. Maybe when our phone companies start believing they are losing disenchanted customers, THE PHONE COMPANY WILL TAKE SOME ACTION AND STOP THIS.

    Again, here is the link if you want to try spoofing a call, JUST LIKE HEATHER.
    It is a service from a company called ITELLAS…

    Good luck (and Itellas isn’t responsible) it is simply a technology issue that our phone companies CAN AND SHOULD ADDRESS!

  110. says

    Apparently this is the company behind this:
    Americare Software Solutions
    P.O. Box 674406
    Atlanta, GA 30006
    (866) 884-6548
    Billing Concerns:
    (877) 383-7748
    Give them a call and ask them just for there address… you will quickly see they are as crooked as a Nigerian banker.

  111. KD says

    I have been receiving these credit card interest rate calls (with either “private” numbers or fake numbers) for about 2 months.

    I just received a call today from:


    and of course, it was a recorded message, and the message asked me to press “1” to speak with a representative, which I did.

    A woman answered, and said that she was from “Client services,” but of course would not give the companies name.

    She asked me my name, and I told her that I am not supposed to give me name on the phone, and she said “you’re retarded” and hung up the phone :)

    I think that I am going to scare them the next time that they call with a story… :)


  112. Kim says

    I’ve been getting these calls too from Account Services. They are pushy & rude and when I ask who they are with and which card they are talking about, they hang up. If I ask for a phone number, they say it’s a two part process and will give me a phone number AFTER they get my information, if I do not give them information…they hang up. If I tell them I know they are a scam, they hang up. I think the air horn is the ticket with this type of scammer. I’m buying one today, and if they never call back, then I’ll use it on my boat!

  113. pixie says

    I’ve been getting these calls pretty much every day. Today I pressed 1 to tell them to get me off their list. Got a woman who didn’t identify herself, but said she was with Visa and Master card services and would I like to lower my interest rate. I said no but I need to get off the registry. She asked for my name and number, and I said if you have an automated system that is calling people, you should be able to tell. She got pissed and said that she could not help unless I told her my name. When I insisted I could not give my info out, she just hung up.

    I think I’m going to write to both Visa and Master card, telling them people are calling on their behalf. Maybe they will be able to do something.

  114. Enough is enough says

    Lets get these guys on the news. Call your local news station and ask them to investigate, They eat this stuff up.

    If the Govt can’t help, lets hurt them by letting as many people know it’s a scam.

    I also suggest everyone call there govt representivitves to encourage them to make spoofing phone number illegal.

  115. PDX says

    I’ve been getting similar phone calls for at least a year. I just hang up when I get an automated call. If I can’t answer the phone and no message is left I check the caller ID and run the number through google. I usually end up with a list of blogsites like this one. Got one this morning, that’s how I came here.

    Are these guys really worth the time and energy? They aren’t going away. As long as people answer their phones and fall for this crap they will keep doing what they are doing. They obviously aren’t deterred by the consequences of their actions-personal or legal.

    I’m pretty sure you’ve been had Linda. Your card number beginning with 5? Mastercard. All Visa numbers begin with 4 and Mastercard with 5. What I’m surprised about is that the woman said 5 since more people have Visa cards than Mastercards. I’d be curious to get an update.

  116. Leslie says

    We have been getting these calls for awhile too. First is was about car warranties then it stated lowering our interest rates. I hit the “1” today and was transferred to a woman who asked me if I wanted to lower my card interst rates, I stated I had their number and will turn them in for calling us since we are on the Do Not Call list. She just said “F you” and hung up
    I am tired of these people! BTW , we have no credit cards and the only loan we have is a car loan with zero percent interest.
    If they could lower that, then does that mean the bank will pay us???

  117. Elizabeth says

    Just received my 2 millionth call from them today…ok, it just SEEMS like that many calls :-) I’ve taken to selecting option 1 to try to see what they say, of course any request to remove my number from the list is met with a resounding hang-up. Today I spoke with Rhonda, and I told her I needed to check my card as I might be over the $3K mark they need, could she please give me a number to call her back? That number is 800-436-1792, but when I call it I get a recording that says the “new” number is “ten-fifteen-fifteen Eight Thousand* 101-515-8000. LOL! How this can’t be contained and eliminated is beyond me… Thanks for this website! Good to see I am not alone in my frustration.

  118. H.A. says

    I too just had the gazillions phone call from thees creeps.
    I ask for there phone # he gave me this # 866-9268 he said he was in Florida, I gave him a fake name, then he wanted me to get my credit cards, I told him that i could not get to them right now, he said that he had time, I told him that I would check with the BBB first before I do any thing, I ask for his name he told me Toni. I googled account services right away and found you all. I actually have yelled at these people before to stop calling me and warned them to turn them in , the phone calls stopped for about a month. Before that I had 11 calls in 2 day’s. I will call the attorney General tomorrow

  119. Chris says

    They call us regularly…we have started putting the phone on speaker and then playing their game just enough to keep them on the phone without hanging up. We never give any real info about ourselves, we just tie them up while we do stuff around the house. Eventually the idiots catch on and hang up after a half hour or so of silence while we are for our credit card information…you can hear them talking to others….”I don’t know, they say they’re looking for their card info”….ha ha ha THAT’s how you get the last laugh. Sooner or later they’ll quit wasting our time…I look forward to these people being caught.

  120. Salem, OR says

    I just got a call from “Account Services”, and pressed 1 so I could ask to have my number removed, after which I was transferred to a man. He said he could reduce my interest rates, said there was NO FEE – they get reimbursed from the cc companies (why would they do that?). He then proceeded to ask about my credit cards, including if I have one with $1000 available credit. After reading these posts, I see they were planning to charge that up. I kept asking questions and not giving any specific information, and he finally hung up on me. When I went online to look them up, I found this – thanks for starting it. I hope they can be stopped before they take advantage of too many people!

  121. Russ says

    Seems this has been going on long enough that the CIA or some alphabet government branch with tons of intel should do something about it. So much for Homeland Security. Every now and then I’m home to pick up the call and talk to these scamming bozos. They eventually hang up. And they’re guaranteed to called back, even if you threaten them. And that’s the conundrum – how the hell can we put these guys in jail, let alone fix the problems they’ve already caused. Anyone?

  122. Chris says

    I got a call this morning from “account services”. She knew my name & address. Wanted an expiration date on one of my cards & could I please go get a statement so she could verify the infomration with me. I kept interrupting her to ask questions. She said she worked for account services & they contacted Visa, MasterCard & Amex & negotiated a lower rate for me. I asked what was the fee for this & she said that it was free. She kept pushing for me to go get a credit card statement. I said that I could not at this time & asked her to call me back. Then I “googled” account services & boy am I glad that I did. This website was extremely helpful & confirmed my uneasiness about this call. I can’t wait to see if she calls back…!!!

  123. Ivan says

    Hey, i worked for this place for a day and left because it was a scam, if the webmaster wants any details i’m willing to provide them, just email me.

  124. debS says

    I have gotten these calls repeatedly. This time after I pressed “1” and got through to a person, I said, “I’m on the don’t-call list, and you’ve been calling me repeatedly.” He hung up on me.

  125. Val says

    How do these losers sleep at night? I have had several calls from them. I played their game tonight. The call came from 305-474-9429. (Called it back right after we hung up but it’s disconnected. Interesting.) The first guy I talked to gave me the pitchl and I said I would like their company address, website and phone number as verification. He couldn’t give it to me . .said that was the next part of the process. He asked me if I would like to speak with a supervisor and I said “yes”. The Supervisor came on the line and told me the same thing and said they only give the company information to people who are qualified. I told him it was the biggest bunch of crap I’ve ever heard in my life and then asked him how he sleeps at night ripping people off like this? All legitimate companies are completely willing to give out their information so they can get more sales and make more money. He began yelling at me at that point. I just laughed and hung up.

    • dive4215 says

      hahahaha! I just decided to play along b/c I get 12 calls a week between home and cell. I figured if they were going to waste my time, I’d waste theirs. After a while of avoiding giving the lady any info I told her I decided I wasn’t interested. 10 minutes later I got a call from a man who said he was the floor manager. That the lady told him I had questions. I told him no, I didn’t. Did like how the lady was making me feel rushed to make a decision. He said that not wanting to lower my interest rate b/c she made me feel rushed didn’t make any sense. I told him I didn’t like being talked to that way and he said he was sure I didn’t but that I was a “dumb ass” that owed too much on my credit cards and would always be. That is when I laughed and said I didn’t even owe anything & I was just wasting their time since I can’t get them to take me off the calling list. That I would continue to waste their time every time they call. He said not only was I a dumb ass, I was a loser with no life if I was just sitting around waiting for them to call me so I could waste their time. Wow. I’m the loser?

  126. Paul Garber says

    FYI, I just filed a complaint with the South Flordia (West Palm Beach) branch of the BBB. The Case # issued is 67132786. I recommend that others file cases as well, and make sure to inlcude a link to this webpage in your complaint so that they can see how far reaching this is. The greater the number the people who complain, the greater chance that something will be done about it.

    At this point, we cannot know if this scam is happening out of South Florida, but they do have a company called Account Services, and at the very least should be made aware that their name is being used fraudulently to solicit financial information in illegal ways.

  127. Diver law says

    This took some patience!! This is a “wanna lower your credit cards, press 1” usually when you press 1 and challange them and ask not to be called… you immeadiately disconnected!! I talked slowly and patiently and asked questions and acted like i was TOTALLY interested! I was able to get the caller’s name as well as the company name and call back. THEN I informed them that I wished not to be called and to take notice what the information was being written down and violations would result in legal action. The caller said he was VERY sorry and I would not be contacted AGAIN!!!

    The company MCS of Texas, USA
    1 888 786 6201 and the guy was PETER ROBINS

    Hope this helps!!

  128. Paul Garber says

    I was just told by the BBB in Florida not to have people add comments to my own file, but to create your own. In fact, the link I included in my post (1/15/2009 at 2:33 pm) will no longer be active as of today. The more people who submit complaints, the greater the chances that the Attorney General in your particular state will be asked to intervene. I logged my case out of the Florida office, even though I live in California. Why? It just seems like the kind of scam that could easily be based out of Florida. The more details they have (including the non-working phone numbers that came up in caller ID, or the numbers you were given whether or not they worked), the better the chance they have of nabbing them, so please do file your own complaint at

    I was also told to contact the following sources:

    The Florida Attorney General Fraud Hotline 866 966-7226 (if you want to have Florida look into it)

    The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (this agency regulates telemarketing companies) 850-488-2221

    If you want to contact the Better Business Bureau of West Florida, Inc. you can call here: 727-535-5609 ext 3310

    Your home state probably has the same numbers.


    2655 McCormick Dr

    Clearwater, FL 33759

  129. Feelin good now...Mary says

    I live in Canada, and yes, we get the same calls, shock and surprise.

    well, I feel good now, wait, great. I just called back the #, got them (not sure how) and told them I wanted to lower my interest rate, and she stumbled over her words in shock. I told her I had a $20K balance on my visa and $30K was my limit…then I told her I also have a MC. I went along with them for a bit then asked how it all works etc, and she kept saying she would have to ‘qualify’ me first (someone in the background told her to say this) and would tell me at the end how it all works.
    So then she put me on to her Supervisor to finish it, and I started asking her all these questions about the company, and I asked her why she works there, does she feel good about where she works, she told me she has worked there for 9 months and they work with the banks to lower the rates etc and I told her to go get a job flipping burgers b/c alteast they are real and the company she works for is not, and it is a scam, and I am complaining to the FCC , and it is all over the internet about their stupid scam and I lol asked her how does she sleep at night and I told her to get a real job not a loser job and I hung up. And, I am sure I said more than all of that :)
    ahhhh, now, back to my wine.

  130. Bev says

    I’ve been getting these calls 2-3 times a week. It is very frustrating. We should be able to do more to stop this invasion into our homes.

  131. calvin says

    @ Diver law

    I just called that number and asked them to put me on their do not call list. And he repeated my number (should be restricted? but somehow he unscrambled it) and then he said he would do so and before i could get in another word he hung up on me.

    -.- everyone should try and call that number and asked to be taken off the list.

    1 888 786 6201

  132. Mary says

    Automtaed call from “credit card company” – called 1 and got a guy – asked for the name of his company (was very surprised he didn’t hang up on me as happened in the past with this number). He said it was “Account Services” – I asked where his company, “Account Services” was located. He said he was in San Francisco. Told him I was on the Federal Do-Not-Call list and I would be reporting him. He said thanks. At least he didn’t hang up on me – when I pressed “1” before (a few months ago) got a woman and when I told her I was on the Federal Do-Not-Call list she told me then I shouldn’t have called and hung up on me.

  133. Mary says

    By the way, even if your number is blocked and you call a toll-free number, they can see your phone number. Because they are paying for the call, they get to see your number. Found this out from the phone company.

  134. Danny says

    Hi Folks man am I glad that I found this site, I confess I was scammed by the “lower your interest rates” call and was foolish enough to give them my info. Then I got suspicious and pitched at fit at them when they said they had already charged my account before providing any service (we hadn’t talked to the “bank” yet). I reamed them out for all the crappy logic they threw me and b.s. they tried to pass off, but I did walk away with some info.
    I talked to at least 3 different guys, one of whom was “Adam Garcia” the # I was given to call them back at is
    1-888-889-8025 I called back and it WORKED!!
    A message said “you have reached the office of Financial Consulting Serivces…” If you use the extension #315, you get “Adam Garcia” !!!!!!
    I am so happy that my rotten experience may help people!
    When I pressed 1 I got “Tony” at 1-877-388-7245

    I did call and have my Credit cards changed so they should be safe now, but I will watch my credit carefully. I can’t believe I was so stupid, I know better!! AHGGG

    So any way, call this number 888-889-8025 ex 315 if you want, it works!
    Oh and when I said I wanted to check them out on the BBB he said the company was FCS International, which didn’t really work on BBB but when I searched using the phone number I think I got results that made sense.
    There are several links here about where to report so to be honset I am confused, which one is the right place/most efficient to report to?

  135. Danny says

    I forgot to say, this evening I got a call advertising “Dish” network TV.
    It is also a scam, I don’t have a TV, never have. I pressed 1 and pretended to be interested for a minute then said “I don’t have a TV and want you to stop calling!” (I have had at least 4 of these calls in the last couple months)
    Then the guy hung up.
    So that is three of them I routinely get, “lower your interest rates”, “renew the warantee on your vehical”, and “sign up for DISH network TV”.

  136. Cris says

    I am tired of these fake calls. Everytime, I press 1, someone pick up the phone and I tell them that I don’t have a credit card. Today it was 1-062-234-3166. Also, I get calls from this “renew the warranty on your vehicle”.. Tired of these calls.

  137. Damian says

    I cannot believe there are so many scumbag people in this world; that they will make a living dishonestly.

    The system is so F’d up. We are in desperate need of change.

    I got a call from Account services today also at around 9 cst
    and same spiel. The number on the caller id said florida call and the number was 1-407-000-6666

  138. Brooke says

    yyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh some reason I fell for it this morning and gave them my info. Then when they called back 10 minutes later to tell me the card wasn’t in my name if they could have the correct cardholders name I knew I’d been had and had all my accounts transfered over… what was I thinking???

  139. Michele says

    Just got one of these calls and the first thing I asked was if they needed my credit card number. She told me no. Well, when we got down to it after the big schpeal she asked for my 16 digit account number. I told her I would not give her my account number and she tried to assure me that it was the only way they could make sure my account was in good standing and that I was completely protected from fraud on my credit card. I said no again, but asked if she could mail me information regarding their services. Alas, she said that was not possible and I said good-bye!! There was a phone number that showed up on the caller ID when I called it back it said my call could not be completed as dialed. Imagine that!

  140. Tom says

    Just got this same thing, unknown name & number. When I asked what credit card company they puased and I hung up… Sounds like they sre still at it in 2009

  141. Ken says

    I rec a call today (one of about 200 over the last year) and I pressed to speak with someone, When I was connected to a person I asked the company name which of course was “client services” I asked whet the real company name was as I know for a fact that is not thier registered business name and again was told “client services” I then asked for the phone number for the company and was immediately hung up on. I am now going to go on a mission to make every call I can hell for them. Maybe it you feed them enough crap on the calls they make to you then they will remove you from the list so you dont waste any more of their time.

    Oh and by the way being that I have seen complaints on this for years and have been receiving calls from them for year this is just another example of our Gov lack of dealing with fraudulent and harrasing phone calls. This also shows that phone companies dont care that people are spoofing numbers on thier lines to perform such actions.

  142. Alexis says

    I get these calls EVERYDAY – ALL THE TIME. What they do is call you, you can press 1 to speak to someone about lowering your interest rates on your credit cards, or you can press 2 to be taken off their call list – HOWEVER, what you don’t find out until 2 or 3 days (if you press 2), is they switch their numbers and start calling you all over again from a different number. So far here are the numbers I have received calls from:
    305-474-9429 (they call themselves ‘Account Services’
    As you can see they’re pretty clever little bastards. If you ask them too many questions about the name of their company, or how they do business – THEY HANG UP ON YOU. They called me this morning and I asked the lady “So you just expect me to give you my credit card number over the phone” – She hung up on me……they like to contact dumb people that go for their scam. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER – OR ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION.

  143. Alexis says

    I forgot to say the same thing as Danny above: some of the numbers i listed above are for calls about “lowering your interest rates”, “renew the warantee on your vehical”, and “sign up for DISH network TV”. – THEY ARE ALL SCAMS…….Do not fall for these CREEPS – THEY ARE TRYING TO RIP YOU OFF

  144. Jillian says

    I have been getting these same calls at least once a day. They call my cell phone in which i have linked them to a land line in Lansing IL, The number or these people are as follows… 708-872-1035. I wish there was something we could do about this!

  145. Geffer says

    A few minutes ago I got yet another call from “Heather” I pressed ‘1’ and proceeded to razz the moron on the other end. He calls me a “f*cking homo” and “You loser I bet you don’t even have a job” ( so why solicit my business??)
    We continued like this for a bit, and he threatens to call me every day. I said, wtf you call me anyhow regardless of Do Not Call options, and the only defense I had was to waste his company’s time.
    What was interesting is that he actually engaged me instead of hanging up. Anyhow, back to my carpentry. What a rude person!

  146. Umang says

    I also received a call from “account services” , who hung up on me when I started asking questions. The number on the caller id was 506-227-4561 (New Brunswick), yet when I called the number back, IT WAS A LOCAL NUMBER…506-2274!!! I left them a nasty message(understatement!). I would recommend anyone who gets such a call to call the person back by dialing the first 7 digits that appear on the caller ID.

  147. Lisa says

    Got call today from “Durelle, Rene” 506-228-4563 (New Brunswick)–automated reduce interest rate message. I always hang up but pay attention to caller ID.

  148. amanda says

    My husband almost fell for this! We would love to lower are interest rates and the nice guy that he is, he believes everyone. He gave them my cell phone number and they called me 20 times with in 2 hours with no message left. A little annoying. They just wanted all my account numbers and social security numbers so the could check us out. They didn’t even care that at the moment we don’t have a job and have bad credit! Right there is the tip off

  149. Kathy says

    I’ve been getting these calls too. Just today when I talked to the guy after I pressed one I told the guy that I have no credit cards. He said that according to his list supplied by visa/mastercard that I am on the list. I then told him that I am not interested. He then told me that I am not interestING (he dragged the last part of the word out) and then hung up on me. Well it’s time to play their game better…. *evil laugh*

  150. Nadine says

    We got an automated call today from “card Services”. “There is nothing wrong with your card. You may be eligible for lower interest rates. Press 1 if you want to speak to a customer representative.” Feeling curious, I pressed 1. The conversation didn’t go well. Like this: “Did you press 1 because you want to lower your interest rates”. me:”I wanted to find out what company you’re with”. him:”Mastercard / Visa”. Me:”how do I know you’re from Mastercard / Visa”. them:”I’ll tell you, mam, if you stop screaming at me.” me:” you called me – you should identify yourself: him: something about “bitch” which was the end of any civil discussion. He had a very interesting vocabulary. Moral: Don’t get started with these guys unless you’re prepared for some language in the conversation.

  151. joanna says

    hey guys,

    i got a call same as you guys press 1 for a consult then they told me they can lower my high rates and asked me for a creit card number they can verify the account if it was in good standing and a finanial advisor would get back to me..I asked for the company name ”account services”then asked for a web site which she didnt know? and a return phone and her name….Again no return number or web site.I could see how us poor idiots can fall for this!!!!!!!Im so glad I found your web site!!!!!!!!!Pass this along to the world.Shame on these basterds

  152. p says

    Hi everybody. I currently work at this place. Whether you believe it or not, i thought it was legit company when I started. They don’t give any of the call reps any information. I figured that was normal. But then one thing started to add up to another. It is ridiculous. I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. They are not only scamming people on the phone but their employees as well. I don’t know how to handle this situation. I want to do what is right, in the right way. If there is anyone here that knows anything about the law and what can be done..I have a lot of implicating information. Please let me know. I just found this website as I am finally doing a search on the company.

  153. Kalisa says

    Hello P,
    This company got my $990 in Oct. 2007.
    I would like to get my money back, and I feel like I was sweet-talked into using their services without realizing that we needed to be calling the banks during my working hours, so I was never able to pursue their promises to reduce my debts. And then apparently we need to call all the banks back every 90 days to renegotiate the rates! I don’t have time for this!
    I called today to ask for my money back (at least part of it) and “Sheila” wasn’t very polite and said I can’t get my money back as they did work for my account, blah blah, no manager available, one might be able to call me back next week. Then I started researching on the internet, and foud this blog, and another one:

    Maybe you could post here too, and I’d be happy to help in any way I can to bring them down. Maybe you can help us…

  154. Janice says

    to “p”: my best advice is to report what is happening to the FBI. Interstate fraud is being committed. The anger you listen to is justified as you know. It is not personal, but you do need to find a legitimate job.

    As far as how to respond.. We should all continue to file reports to the, FTC, and anyone else that will listen. Numbers count, and these people should have the numbers.

    On a more personal “but what can I do”.. Everyone with any time should press 1 and make sure you talk to the live body. Automated systems can run endlessly to massive call volumes, but if you take up the time of the people trying to get the information, and it is not fruitful, it greatly limits their
    ability to both us and makes more unproductive time. Which means less incentive to work there. As long as it works, they will not stop.

    I am really interested though, how are they recruiting? Are they putting out a “work from home” thing or are they doing a “call center now hiring”??

    Just remember, they alreaqdy wasted 30 seconds of your time. Why not take an extra minute or two to return the favor?? Besides.. it is fun to see how much time you can waste without disclosing personal information.

  155. Christine says

    I get these account services call regularly. I just got one now and finally looked it up on internet….
    When she called, I asked them what company they are from. They said Account Services and we work with VISA and MASTERCARD!! When I asked her how she got my number seing I was on the Do Not Call List. She got very defensive saying that I was the one who pushed 1 to talk to her !!!

    For P. can’t you just call the police and turn them in. These guys are a real threat.

  156. Joel says

    I received this call for the first time today. I always google phone numbers I don’t recognize. I will add this phone number to my “do not answer” contact in my phone.

  157. Will says

    I’ve been getting these calls for a long time. At least a year. When I have free time, I always press 1 and try to waste some of their time.

    Today, I had a particularly productive time wasting session with them, and it went quite a bit differently than previous chats. The first guy answered claiming his name was Sam Gibbs. It did not seem that English was his first language and had an accent, possibly Indian. We talked for a while, and I gave him my zip code and phone number (information they clearly already had access to, since they called me).

    I played dumb and said I was nervous about giving out my credit card information over the phone, but told them that I had a credit card debt of over $10,000 on a card with 18.9% interest and was paying only $300 per month. I asked a bunch of questions about how the process worked and how they could get me the 0% rate that they had promised. At first, he tried to reassure me by telling me to get a pen and paper to write down his information. He told me his name (I asked him to spell it a few times) and that he worked for Account Services. He gave me a number to call them back 1-800-622-7747. I eventually hung up on him after talking for about 10 minutes.

    About 20 minutes later, he called back! I asked why he had hung up on me and he apologized, saying that we must have been accidentally disconnected. I continued playing with him for a while, and eventually he just couldn’t answer my questions and eventually put me on with a “supervisor” who was much smoother and tried very hard to talk me into giving up some information.

    I told him that my card was a Discover and he asked for the customer service number on the back (which just happens to be 1-800-DISCOVER). He then asked for my account number and I expressed my reservations about giving my number to an unknown company. He tried to reassure me and I asked him more about the process. How exactly could his company reduce my interest rate to 0%?

    After much discussion, I was able to get him to admit that there would be a service charge, but he insisted that it would be much less than the interest chargers I was currently paying. He even plugged my numbers into his “periodic table” (I swear, I’m not making this up) and told me how much interest I was paying and how much he could save me.

    I really don’t know how I was able to keep him on the phone for so long without giving up any of the information he wanted. We talked for at least 20 minutes. Perhaps they are getting desperate?

    Anyway, I was eventually able to convince him that I was too nervous to give up my credit card number, but I told him that I’d look his company up online and give them a call back once I was satisfied.

    I was only half expecting the number they gave me to be valid. Tuns out that it is a valid 800 number, but it is for Master Card.

    Oh well. At least I was able to waste a good chunk of their time.

  158. twiz says

    Just got my first call from these people. First red flag was when the automated message did not identify any bank they were calling from, just “Visa, Mastercard, or Amex”. I work for a (legitimate) company that helps people with credit card debt, so immediately it was a bad sign that they didn’t even know who the issuing bank was in the initial call. Word of the wise: THE BANK sets your interest rate, NOT Visa or Mastercard; they only do transaction processing.

    But I did press 1 just to waste their time. I was late for work anyway 😛

  159. GrafixMan says

    I get about 2-3 phone calls per day from this so-called company. It seems that if I ask ‘any’ questions I get hung up on.

    The guy that I talked with today said he wasn’t going to hang up on me after I told him that every other person I talked with did. I simply asked him: “Are you a legitimate company?” to which her replied “Oh give me a break!”, and hung up on me…big surprise.

    I started doing some homework to try and find out who these guys are and it seems it is a company called “Americare Software Solutions” ( I did a whois on the domain name and am including the registrant data below:


    Administrative Contact:
    Raemdonck, France
    4340 vonkarmen ave #410
    newport beach, California 92660 US
    +1.800956442x Fax:

    I’ve called the customer service number listed on their website (866-884-6548) and it seems you get one of two females that answer the phone. Like the M.O. of “Account Services” these guys don’t like you to ask any questions either and are extremely quick to hang up on you.

    I asked them if they do business under the name “Account Services” and both of the females told me that they have an account services department, but they aren’t familiar with how they operate and that they are “client services”. This story quickly changed after I called back (cause I got hung up on again), only this time they said there is no account services department.

    I asked to speak with a supervisor and one of the ladies told me I can’t unless I’m a customer, but the other one told me that the supervisor would have to call me back if I would give her my name and telephone number.

    I am pretty confident this is the company that is calling and harassing everybody. One lady that goes by the name “Courtney” said that I am harassing them and that if I keep calling they would file charges against me. I responded with “Good! Then at least I’ll have my day in court with you people and you won’t be able to hang up on me!” — I find it incredibly hypocritical that they can call me 2-3 times per day, be extremely rude to everyone and when you call and ask them a simple question YOU are the one that is harassing them. haha

  160. p says

    Hi everyone. you’d be glad to know I have been speaking with the authorities about this. I think they’re investigating now. Kalisa, I’m sorry you lost $990. It was my understanding that they’re the ones that do the every 90 day negotiation. But who knows..

    For the other questions above on how they recruit, they post job ads on different website just like anyother company. And you were right about call center need rep ads.

    Being on the phone with the reps just to waste their time, believe me doesn’t do much. Reps don’t know how your phone was called (it is authomatic dialer) they just pick up the phone when the phone infront of them rings when you press one. As soon as you hang up, it only takes few seconds for the phone to ring again. So believe me, these ppl are making money.

    Anyway, hopefully the end is near.

  161. Star says

    Heather! Rachel! You tell the person to take you off. You push the button to get off. Nothing happens…Heather, Rachel!!!
    I guess we’re doomed, right? I get two to three a day!

  162. Paula says

    This scam is international. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and have been receiving these calls on my cell phone for several weeks now. Googling “Account Services” steered me here. Those guys are despicable.

  163. Adub says

    I received a call from the infamous Heather on my direct line at work today. I listened and pressed one when it prompted me to speak to a real person. Some idiot answered and asked three questions: “Did you press one to get your interest rates lowered?” I played along, “yes”. “We work with Visa, Discover and American Express, do you have any of those?” “Yes I do.” “Ma’am, would you say your overall debt is over $3,000?” I said “No and how did you get my phone number?” He replied “F**k if I know” and hung up. Let’s get these a-holes.

  164. Sharon says

    I too have been receiving these calls for months and have been pressing prompt #2 to no avail. I also have filed numerous complaints with
    Today I hit prompt #1 and got a woman on the line right away who asked if I heard a pre-recorded message to which I responded yes. She then started her schpiel to which I interrupted her and asked what company was she calling from to which she responded ‘Account Services’. I stated that I have filed complaints with to which she just laughed. I asked her to remove me from their call list and she told me to call back and press prompt #2 and then hung up. Since she didn’t give me a number to call back I called the number appearing on my caller id #506-224-4568.
    Of course, when I called back it was a disconnected number and a reverse look up stated it was a cell phone from Dorchester, NB, Canada.
    I filed a complaint with the FCC today and will play along in the future to get more info to file more complaints and waste more of their time. Although, on the days I don’t have time to do this I think I will start blowing my kids airhorn in the phone.

  165. paul says

    if you got a good toll free number, post it, lets all call it from a pay phone, understand that it will cost them some money.

  166. LT says

    I jsut got a call from “Card Services” – this time I pressed 1 and got Lacey. She said, are you calling to lower your interest rates? I said, no, I am calling to get you to take my number off your list. She hung up.

    I know it’s a scam – but so many elders, people for whom English is not their first language, etc. do not. I really do hope there is some progress on this soon.

  167. PY says

    I’ve also been receiving such harassing calls at least twice a week on my home phone. I rarely use my home phone so almost any calls during the day time are telemarketers (even though I’m on the do not call list). Anyway, this morning I finally able to pick up the call (which they’ve been leaving messages on my machine all the time), and I press 1 to talk to a live person. I asked what’s the company name, and they said Account Services. I said it doesn’t sound like a real company name, and that lady said that’s what they told her and she’s very happy with her job! Whatever, and I asked where are they located and she just said NY, and nothing further. I asked them to take me off their calling list and she said just press 2 next time, then hung up on me immediately. I’m unable to obtain further information and I don’t even know how to file a complaint! This is just very frustrating and I just hope I will find a way to get back to these people!!

  168. J. D. says

    Got a call from these bozo’s at 10:50am today March 24, 2009. Same story as all the posts. I called local my local PD to give them a heads up. Nothing back from them yet. Going to call or E-Mail the FTC and/or the FCC, and see what happens.

    Good Luck to All

    JD in Michigan

  169. S.H.M. says

    Rec’d the call again today @ 1:09pm PDT–get them 3x per week. Account Services, spoke with “John” when I pressed 1-when I asked to be put on do not call list, he said “they don’t really have one”. When I asked to speak with a manager he hung up on me.
    I get these calls to lower credit card interest and about vehicle maintenance.
    the # they spoofed today was 239-498-3522

  170. NBI says

    I am regularly bothered by a company that goes by the name of “Account Services.” According to the automated message, they want to either reduce my credit-card debt or extend my vehicle warranty. They’ve tried “repeatedly” to contact me, and this is my last chance to take advantage of this opportunity. As others have indicated previously, pressing “2” to be removed from the list does absolutely nothing. Neither does pressing “1” and talking to a rep, who will usually hang up on you. I’ll bet you any money that these idiots are with Americare Software Solutions. I hope to get them to reveal that during a recorded conversation, then it’s off to the FTC to file a complaint, and maybe they’ll get fined. I’ve been on the national do-not-call list for years, and they definitely do not abide by that list.

    This is what I think we should all do. Let’s set our fax machines (or PC fax programs) to dial their toll-free “customer service” number (866-884-6548) on April 1 (naturally) starting at, say, 9am ET. (Make sure you use the *67 prefix followed by a pause to block caller ID, which should work, unless they use ANI or some other way around the block. But who cares: between the fax machine being “accidentally” programmed with the “wrong” number, and all those incoming calls from so many different numbers…) Set the machine to retry every minute or so, with a zillion retries. Of course, the connection will fail, since their end is not a fax machine, and the fax machines all across the country will continue to retry. All they will hear is constantly ringing phones and, when they answer, nothing but fax beeps. It’ll tie up all their rollover lines and drive them insane. Let them have a taste of their own medicine. Let them see how it feels to be harassed incessantly. It’ll be a telephone version of an Internet denial-of-service attack.

    There are so many other ways to harass them without getting nailed. Be creative! I’ve called them before and given them a really hard time, keeping them engaged as long as possible (until I ran out of ideas or motivation). They demanded to know where I got their “customer service” number, which is supposed to be ONLY for customers. I told the idiots that it’s right on their website! They said that I could not talk to a manager or anyone else. If I wanted to file a complaint about their telemarketing calls, I’d have to leave my name and number, and someone from their “security” department would call me back. Yeah, sure, whatever.

  171. Chuck Jones says

    NBI what is their website? I’m in West TN and I’ve been harassed by these scum bags for months. I called the number you listed above and got a female on the phone. I was doing the stall job when I remembered that like the dumb a$$ed old coot that I am, I forgot to block caller id. I’ll probably have to change my phone number now.

  172. Tom Scot says

    I don’t mean to be a perv, but the next time they call I’m gonna tell them I was just getting reado to pleasure myself and ask for their help.

  173. BNarb says

    3 calls from 3 different numbers from these scumbags
    Wasted some schmuck’s time for 7 minutes during the last call.
    ……they can just press a button and presto-changeo—–
    0% interest……….R I G H T…………
    The rep actually got mad at me when I told him one of my cards was paid off in full each month!!!!!!

  174. NBI says

    Hi Chuck Jones,

    Their website is I believe that they sell some sort of bogus software package for $990 that magically reduces your credit card interest or debt or whatever. Obviously, what it *really* does is make them tons of money. I honestly don’t know how they manage to continue to get away with this.

    Sorry for the delay, haven’t checked back here recently.

  175. NBI says

    Hey Chuck,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about forgetting to use caller ID blocking. They’re not the sales people. I sincerely doubt that they’re thoughtful enough to look at their caller ID display and pass that number along to their sales force. They just want to get you off the line so they can service their “real” customers.

  176. mike says

    anyone feel like investigating a supposed person supposedly named Deji Fajuke who claims to work at Americare Software Solutions? Here’s his LinkedIn profile:

  177. Barney says

    And it keeps going on and on and on, I received the call today, pressed “9” and was asked if I was responding to the reduce your rates offer” I said Yes and she started to go intpo her rap when I said No I want to be taken off your call list please, she replied ” you can go to hell” immediatly I asked for her supervisor and as if he was standoing right there listening to her call he said ” Is there a problem?” Yes I said, your employee just told me to go to hell…well he said ” if you not going to let us reduce your rates then you should go to hell” Long story short, like so many of you I kept them on the phone another 15 min receiving a horror of threats and “your mama” putdowns, at oun point the ” gentleman in question ” told me how large his MEmber was so I should shut up and give him my account #. the really sad thing here is I found this blog, which is well over a year old, with the same story over and over and over. Sad and so very wrong.

  178. Bill says

    I received a call today from “Account services” offering to lower my rate to 6.9%. After asking many questions about why they called me, how they get paid, etc. I decided to google them. I found your website and when I mentioned the word “Scam,” I ended up with a dead line on the other end. THANK YOU!!!

  179. Dave says

    I’m from Ontario, CANADA & I just started getting these calls about three weeks ago. They usually call once a day, but because I let my answering machine take the call & ONLY pick up if I want to talk to whoever is calling, I just get the recorded message. My advice to EVERYONE is this: either invest in an answering machine & screen your calls OR hang up IMMEDIATELY when you hear who they are. Don’t waste your time talking to anyone because it’s not worth the energy. These yahoos are trained to ignore EVERYTHING in their pursuit to get you to bite. If you want to get your interest rates lowered or restructure your payments, talk to your bank or credit card customer service representative. While they may not know you personally, they know your accoiunt and/or card information. Believe it or not, they will actually make an effort to help you because they really do want to keep you as THEIR customer. As for these types of calls, remember the old axium: IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS!!

  180. wanda schug says

    they call about 5 times a day to lower my interest rated and i dont even own a credit card…when i try to talk to someone about it they hang up on me…i have been put on the do not call list about 30 times and they still call every day

  181. Kristy says

    They call me all the time. I am east TN. Every time I tell them that I am on the do not call list as well as I am going to report them to the better business bureau-they hang up!! Its so annoying isn’t there anything we can do legally?

  182. Rich says

    I have been getting these calls for years, two calls today so I hung on, thinking I will waste some of their time. They wanted my info to see if I am qualified, I said I wanted to qualify them first. This guy said if was of for me to give him my account numbers before I figure out who they were. They said that it would cost me anything… Right.

  183. Martha says

    Wow! Lots of posts on this scam. I’ve been getting the calls for at least a year. As noted, pressing 2 to be removed from the list has no effect and reps hang up if you press 1 to tell them to remove you. After getting about 5 calls so far this week, I finally had enough. Having no caller ID, I did *57 for a trace then called Verizon. They wouldn’t/couldn’t/didn’t give me the number but gave me a toll free number for the FTC (Federal Trade Commision – like many here, I had assumed this fell under FCC). The number I called was 877-382-4357 but the FTC may have different numbers in different areas. The rep at the FTC took my information and said they would order a trace on the number. They gave me a case number and advised me to call back after future calls, even suggesting I carefully play along to obtain more information. I hope they catch these slimeballs and levy a huge fine. I think some jail time for the ring leader is also in order.

  184. Nicole says

    3-5 times a day from “Unknown Name 850-386-1643” and I have pressed 2 and 1 talked to the people and as soon as I tell them I have asked to be removed they hang up on me before I can even say anything else. I recorded the conversation on my phone this time and called the FTC at 877-382-4357. They took my complaint and gave me a refrence number in case I could get anymore information from them if they call again. Hate these A holes!

  185. Dan says

    I just got my first call from “Account Services”. I began to be suspicious about it being a scam so I asked what city and state she was located in. She wouldn’t reveal any phone numbers or where she was located. I decided to Google “Account Services telemarket” and found this website. I am so glad I didn’t reveal any personal or card number information. This was a “wake up” call for me!

  186. Mel says

    I received a call from them about 2 weeks ago. It sounded good, but when they told me they would just need my credit card number I told them “no”. The man said “you know we can’t do anything with just your credit card number, right”. I told him “no, I don’t know any such thing”. I asked him for his number, name, company number. Those things he gave me, but when I asked for the company address he said “if you aren’t interested in this then you are just wasting my time”, and hung up. Obviously a scam, but just be careful. Some people may just give their cc# hoping they will really get their interest rate lowered. These kinds of people really are sociopaths. They have no concern for anyone other than themselves.

  187. Brad says

    I wrangled a return phone number when they called me this morning. I was shocked that the woman appeared so cooperative. I called the provided number before filing an FTC complaint and it was for the Mormon church.

    It’s amazing that this group has been able to continue this scam for so long…

  188. Frank says

    I called Qwest (my local phone service) and told them about this problem. They said because I live in the state of AZ I can put a no solicitation service on my phone. The way it works is when a telemarketer calls there is a message that says the number you are calling does not accept calls from solicitors. If you are not a solicitor press 1 to continue. Most Telemarketers use an automated dialer and it can’t press 1 so the call wont go thru. I guess you need to decide if the 6.95 monthly fee is worth it.

  189. Frank says

    I tried to call this company back but the number on the caller id is not valid – Qwest says they are using an outbound only number. I found a good solution, refer to the people who call by name. Just remember their name is either bitch, c**t or c**k sucker. The people who work there will get tired of being harrassed and quit or they will file a complaint. How can they complain if they called you. Its not like we called them and harrassed them. My last call was fun. The stupid bitch got so frustrated she said do you want us to put you on the do not call list or not and when I said I will sure miss all this fun and kept talking over her she got piised off and kept asking her non responsive questions like “do you swollow?” she finally hung up. i think since they made the callthey sould terminate it.

  190. richard says

    I got a third call today – this time it was a guy – I harrased him with rude and obcene comments – he finnally got so pissed off he threatened to find me and blow me up- I thanked him for giving me cause to file a complaint with the feds. – he paniced and hung up – I called the FCC and filed a complaint – told them he threatened me – they said if I ge more info to call them @ 877-382-4537

  191. fedupbob says

    Basically this call has been coming at our place for over 3 yrs, every time you hit 1 to speak to someone they ship you all over the US, last call was some woman in WA state, had people from all over and its the same thing every time. The DNC list is a joke, since they make a huge deal about privacy YET DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS. Basically the only way to stop these calls from coming to your phone would be to start a class action lawsuit against the main company for harassment. I believe if a law suit was to come into play, this company could be dismantled and the calls would end. So someone start this suit up and the millions of people that have been harassed over the years will join and stop the madness. FYI these calls come at all hours of the day and night so that is a crime. (harassment) You shouldn’t need a phone number since in the automated voice says its Account Services. So by them saying the company name means they are accountable for the phone calls.

  192. Jeremy says

    Got this call this afternoon and finally have been able to speak to a representative or so to speak the scammer. Would not give location of business nor would he give a call back number. However he said the name of the company was credit card services, I see that some of you or most of you said it was called account services. Whatever the damn case is i sure wish someone can get this info. Im so sick and tired of the people trying to rip off people rather than go to work, but i guess that would be too easy for them to earn a living doing the right thing.

  193. Richard says

    First of all I no longer even have credit cards, when I tell them this they just hang up. Or if I ask them to take me off their call list they hang up. I too am registered with the “no call” list. Once I managed to trick the caller into giving me a call back number: I press one to talk to someone and tell them I’m very interested in lower my interest rate but I don’t have the time to talk and asked for a number I can call them back, it work! I did a reverse phone number search, turn out to be a Bail Bonds in Florida! I gave the number and the name of the company to my Attorney General here in Connecticut and the AG in Florida, of course I still get the #%*@ call once or twice a month.

  194. Rich says

    I have been getting these calls for years, I now press 1 and try to waste their time. I spoke to one of these guys and after playing dumb for a while, I finally told him that I understand that he was just trying to make a living, that he was probably a young man, but he should really try to make a honest living and not try to rip people off. Suprisingly he did not hang up right away. He said no it was not a scam, I cut him off and said I knew it was and to take me off the list. But of course it did not work.

    There appears to be a new scam that has to do with selling you an extended car warranty. It looks like the same kind of rip off. Anytime you can’t get them to stop calling, you should think scam.

  195. Thomas says

    I have received two calls in the last two weeks. The last number came up as 804-234-9010. On call back the number is out of service. Asking me if I pushed “1” then asking me for my name. I asked them… “Who did you call?” They then hang up.

  196. joe says

    Most of these calls originate from a company that goes under many names. One notable one is:

    Marketing International
    2132 L. Pondodson
    TX 76021

    They can be reached by phone at 877 354-5485. We should all call them 100 times a day and annoy them.
    It’s appalling that the government doesn’t shut them down.

  197. greateast says

    I have been receiving this call for months and I want to put my hands around this little punks throat. He has hung up on me, insulted me, said sexual things to me and just recently when I told him I filed for bankruptcy, he said “well that was stupid” what a little a hole! Sorry for the names, these calls are really starting to piss me off!

  198. bowler says

    just got a call from Account Services. gave me a number 800 847 2911. It all seemed fishy and I told him I was not interested and finally just had to hang up the phone. The number on my caller ID was 305 666 9084 from Miami. Too bad there are people like this in our world. I’m glad I looked this up. If you google account services you get a website and they specifically say they do not telemarket.

  199. Kathy says

    They call me every day… sometimes twice. I’m disabled and getting to the phone can often be a chore. I am also on the do not call registry and have repeatedly asked them not to call. All they do is hang up.

  200. Kathy says

    I took the URL of this blog as evidence and submitted it along with my personal complaint to the Do Not Call Registry. I would suggest everyone do the same.

  201. Joan says

    I got, or I guess you could say, actually answered the first call from “Credit Card Services” today. I have caller ID and I am on the DNC list. But the caller ID said unknown number. I have family members with OnStar and cell phones that do that. So I answered.

    The automated message told me to press 6 to lower my interest rate. They worked for Visa and MasterCard (I have both)…Just for fun. I did. I actually got a live person but she (I thought) hung up on me. There was click. I was still on the phone….it started ringing like I had dialed a number and an elderly woman answered. I apologized profusely for the wrong number and she hung up…then my phone started ringing again, like I was making another call. I hung up at that point.

    I have read a lot about this today….apparently it is not unusual for them to be able to use ur phone number as a caller id. One gentleman had 300 calls on his phone….asking why he had called their number. I called my dad earlier. He called me a few minutes ago and asked if I had called him again….my number showed up on his caller ID. I didn’t call him.

    From what I’ve read, it appears to originate in South Florida. Don’t know if I’d put a lot of faith in that…they can move.

    Just google…”credit card services” lot’s of stuff comes up.

  202. Anonymous says

    I get calls from them weekly. Today a live person called me directly and said he was from “Financial Services” and told me that the Credit Bureaus had reported to them that I owed a certain amount on my credit cards and that I therefore qualified to have them “negotiate lower fees” with my credit card companies. In an effort to get some information on who these guys are, I asked him if I could contact him if I am not able to pay off my balance and need my rate re-negotiated. He gave me his name: John Hall (sounds fake to me) and his phone number: 866-355-5836.

    Interestingly, he said that if a credit card balance exceeds $4k they do the negotiation for you for free. It all sounds very fishy to me and I’m sure people have been scammed. These guys need to be reported and stopped. Use the number above to report them as much as you can.

  203. Edward says

    I’ve been playing with these cons for months now. After trying to persuade law enforcement agencies, sheriff, city and state police, local prosecutor and general attorney to do something and realizing they aren’t interested I started dealing with these cons my own way. At first I confronted them – waste of time as they are accustomed to this and expect it. Now I just go along and keep them on the line adding something new each time to keep it interesting. Today I kept one of these criminals busy for 40 minutes while surfing the internet and eating.

    First be careful to act interested then slowly add little irritants like chewing into the phone or ask the same questions over and over, drives them nuts. Ask if you may put them on hold or talk as if you would to someone else in the room then apologize and ask them to repeat what they were saying. When I became bored with the game I let them know I was playing with them by letting them know how obvious their scam is. Admittedly I have too much time on my hands but after using these methods they are the irritated party not I and at least one of them were out of business for 40 minutes.

  204. guhuh says

    hey call several times a week to me in Canada I have tried nicely to get them to stop calling to no avail. Today I got nasty and put them on hold fror 10 minutes claiming to look for my information put the phone in front of the radio so they new I was still on the line. They finally hung up and called back and then I got really NASTY- the woman threatened to call the police on me and I encouraged her to do so and to tell the police how many times they have harassed me over the last few months. she hung up. I called several local and national authorities to complain/ ask if it was bad for me to be REALLY NASTY to them ( you don’t want to know how Nasty trust me) I will continue for a while to be ultra nasty/rude till they lose my number hope it works.

  205. Kim says

    Whoo Hoo! Maybe something happened because I haven’t had a call in a whole week from them. I know the warranty scam is the same group of cons calling. I loved to keep them on the line and tell them I have a Ford Corvette or a Honda Camry…didn’t phase them, they kept trying to sell me something. I hope someone hangs their annoying butts.

  206. Ariel says

    I looked these people up on the internet to see if they are a scam, they are on the phone right now with my mother…she knew they we’re a scam right away…and now she’s telling them about Jesus..gotta love her.

  207. Ken says

    I’m another one that is getting these calls. Most recenly I pressed 1 to talk to an agent. She answered and asked my name, I gave her a false name and then asked the name of her company. He hung up on me.

  208. diowrite says

    Yes, I too, have received three calls in 2 days from “Account Services.” These people are obnoxious.
    I will gladly join anyone in an effort to hunt down and severely punish these people.
    The FCC won’t do anything. Verizon won’t do anything. The police won’t do anything.
    It is time for us, the victims, to do something.
    Is harming the scammers against the law? Not in my law book.
    Let’s get these chunps ASAP.

  209. CdrBR says

    Card Holder Services – just called my landline re “lower your interest rate”

    Push 9 to speak to person. I think that the law now requires them to tell you the phone button to push so they will not call again. There was no such option. I hung up without pushing a button.

    Nowadays, I also do not answer the phone when I pick it up. I let the caller (or the robot) speak first. In the case when a robot calls and waits for me to answer, this ties their phone line up until I hear: “If you want to place a call, please hang up…”

    When I called re the Auto Warranty scam a few months ago, a person in my state’s attorney general’s office volunteered the information that Canadian conmen use technology to disguise their calls so that caller ID identifies them as originating from phone number(s) in the USA. If this trick does indeed work, is caller ID worth the additional expense for most people?

    If nine out of ten people cancel their caller ID service, maybe the economics of running phone companies will change so that the interests of the phone companies will be more closely aligned with their retail residential customers rather than with the scamsters and the businesses that supply them and support them.

  210. BBB reporter says

    Just received ‘yet another’ call from Account Services, (or whatever they are calling themselves nowadays). Most recently from 305-000-4296. When pressed for the actual city inside Florida where they are located the representative asked if I wanted him to spell it. When I said yes, he spelled out ‘go to hell’ and promptly hung up.

    Report a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe if they get enough complaints the Feds will take more time to find them.

  211. Darren says

    I just received a call on my work phone line either from this company or from another like it. The phone number didn’t come up on my display or I would be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau right now. Since it came in on my work line I thought it may have something to do with my corporate card so when they gave me the option of pressing 1 to speak to an attendant, I did. Here’s how the conversation went:

    Them: “Credit Card Services. Did you press one to see about lowering your interest rates?”

    Me: “I did press one. I’m just curious which account this is in regards to?”

    Them: -Click-

    Yeah. Whoever the person or people behind this thing are, I bet they’ve got a horrible poker face. This is one of the most blatantly obvious scams I’ve ever come across. If anyone does happen to come up with some information to trace back to these people, please report it.

  212. a smith says

    It is a criminal offense in Virginia to make pre-recorded telemarketing calls, Virginia Criminal Code 18.2-425.1, you can call the police and report it, and they now have a committed crime so they can trace it.

  213. Debt Resolution Agent says

    I use to work for a company that did the scamming. They imposed all the misery described by the other comments on this site. I worked in customer service and helped the people who were already charged. Once they moved my desk to where the so-called “closers” were working, I started to see how the whole filthy operation was carried out. I eventually quit because I could not stand to work for a company that hurt people so badly. Not to mention, they treated all the employees like dirt too. It was aweful. I decided to start a site about it so that others will be warned. I already purchased a special domain name for it. Once I am done and I publish it, I will come back here to supply the link. The page will explain how to tell if you have been a victim, and what to do plus who to contact for assistance after the damage has been done.

  214. Susan in Cocoa Beach FL says

    I’ve been contacted by this people many times and have actually given them personal information but didn’t finalize the transaction. I was contacted by a Shawn Dupree today, July 3, 2009. He gave me 407-283-2834 phone which was the same number showing on my cell phone. He also gave me his “license number” which is E1129. I was transferred to a woman to finalize the transaction, but I don’t recall her name. I believe in the past I did talk to a “Heather.” In fact, a lot of the names given on this web site sounds familiar. I was told to go to this web site address: to make some calculations re interest paid out to credit card banks vs paying “Financial Services” $900 for lowering my interest rate for the next 3 years or the life of my credit card balance. I was also given the website address for (First Choice Financial) or the company Shawn and the female representative was affiliated. I said the website didn’t say there was any affiliation with Visa or Mastercard and that it was selling software. The woman then told me they weren’t affiliated with Visa or Mastercard but negoiated with them for me to lower my interest rate and would teach me how to negoiate a lower interest rate in the future. I said I was not going to give them $900 until I did some investigation on them and their company first. The woman hung up after that. When I clicked on the website “Email us for more information” link, I got “Elite Choice Financial.” When I did a web search for “Elite Financial Services,” I got a very interesting list of websites about scams re these 2 companies.

  215. Anonymous says

    I also worked for a company that did this, and is responsible for a lot of these annoying calls. The place where I had originally applied was called Premier Financial, but on the phone, we had to refer to ourselves as ‘Account Services.’ On our paychecks, though, the company was called ‘Serene Solutions.’ Didn’t make any sense to me. Once I did some research and figured out where my paycheck was coming from, I couldn’t really stomach staying there any longer.

    With that being said, though, the company itself is located at:

    255 Primera Blvd, Ste 132
    Heathrow, FL

    Hopefully this information is useful to someone.

  216. J says

    I worked for a company that did this too – Fulfillment USA. Granted, it was pretty bad – but it paid well for part time work and the call center looked like a regular office. When people asked to be put on the DNC list, we actually did take them off the CRM and the negotiators were always upfront about the fees. And the customers always SEEMED to be satisfied with the results afterwards. So I didn’t really ask any questions until I happened to stumble on sites like these while doing some research. That’s when I decided to quit…I lasted a month.

  217. Caitlin says

    I just received an automated call on my work cellphone from Account Services, it is July 7, 2009. I pressed one to ask them not to call this phone anymore because I do not use if for personal calls. The number that showed up on the caller ID was 1-800-466-7865. When I began to ask her questions about who she was with and how she got the number she called the woman got very nasty. She kept repeating the same generic answer. Finally, I asked to speak to her supervisor and she told me I could speak to a dial tone and hung up on me. I checked my accounts and I have not provided the number they called to any legitimate credit card company.

  218. Lee says

    Have been getting calls for about a month now from Account Services. I asked for the callers name and when I asked her to spell it for me she hung up. I am on the national DNCL so they are auto dialing. Lets get to the bottom of this and put these jerks behind bars. I have just reported them to the BBB, FTC and the CA Secretarty of State. I like the idea of playing along with them but giving false information, credit card #’s etc. then posting the calls on U Tube. Lets all keep them on the phone as long as possible by giving information that they belive to be true. Maybe if we fight back with tactics they understand…who knows? At least it will be fun to try.

  219. BrightIdea says

    Thanks to all for all of the info posted here. I, like all of you, receive regular calls from darling Heather. So frequently, in fact, that I feel like I know her personally (grimace). Love the whistle/ air horn idea, but I don’t have one on hand. Fortunately, I have 5 children, all of whom are well-behaved to stay quiet when the phone rings, and not to interrupt me unnecessarily while I’m on a call. They were delighted when I suggested that we put together a little play to be rehearsed next time Mom gets a call from Heather. All of the kids had great ideas about how to be most obnoxious during the call, including the ever-popular “MOM! MOM! MOM!” “He’s touching me!”, the siren wail (guaranteed to shatter glass) and “She’s Hitting me, Make her stop!” They were even more excited to hear that I’d let them turn on the television at high volume during these calls, especially if they could convincingly fight to the death over the remote. My plan is to keep the scammers on the phone for as long as I can stand the noise, repeatedly telling them that I’ll get my credit card as soon as I can calm the children down. LOL. I wonder how many calls like that it will take before they remove my number?

    P.S. None of my children behave like this normally, but they were gleeful about having the opportunity to act like monsters for the cause. (All of them are old enough to understand the reason behind my request.)

  220. Bill says

    I had an exchange of words with these people that ended with a man at their end saying that he was going to send somebody to my house to kill me (terroristic threat). He hung up as soon as I told him he had just committed a felony–a lot more serious than just their long history of harassing Do Not Call violations and illegal robocalls.

    This crime has been reported and Call Trace (*57) will now be used on every future call I get from them.

  221. Craig says

    I got a call from Account Sevices this past weekend and when I started to ask questions and point out that I was on the natioanl DNC list the guy told me I was acting like an “ass”. Then he said we should get my credit card company on the call and that was the lat I heard. He hung up. I am now fully aware of this scam, thanks to everyone weighting in here. I am off to find my airhorn! That won’t come until after I toy with them for awhile.
    Anyone live in Heathrow, FL that could drive by that address given and verify what is there? Looks like a multi story office building just north of Orlando in Google Earth. Thank you Google!

    255 Primera Blvd, Ste 132
    Heathrow, FL

  222. Craig says

    Just did a little more digging and found a document from the Seminole County Tax Collections. It list a business at that FL address as “Serene Solutions” at the same address given earlier. The person identified in that document is a Jonathan B. Curtis – Agent, by the tax collector. They have a telephone number of 1-800-375-4540 and the business is identified as ‘consulting’. At leats they got the ‘con’ part right. I tried calling that number and pressed “0” at which point I heard some MOH and when someone eventually answered I said I had been talking to Heather and must have got transferred somehow. The person I talked to said they didn’t think there was a Heather working there. I said I had gone to get some information for her. I was asked my name and gave them “Charles Johnson” and they were going to check to see who had been talking to me. I got transferred to someone identifying themselves as “Charles Dawson” and they were a supervisor. They asked me if I had enrolled in the program, to which I stated ‘yes’, and they asked if I had been quoted a one-time fee for service amount. I stated yes and they asked what that amount was to which I stated $900. At this point I had enough information to tell them that they were SO busted and they should pack up and leave before the Feds get there. I heard them say “What do you mean?” as I hung up.
    Anyone tired of these guys, here’s the information to start harrassing them the same way they have been harrassing us. Anyone in FL that could get the state authorities to go after these guys, PLEASE do so.
    Time to strike back.

  223. says

    just got a call today, the man says his company is account services no business ID number & is saying experian the credit agency is makin the call & when i push 9 is forwards it to them.

  224. Melrose says

    My phone rang. Caller Id said Florida call. Phone number: 305-000-4829.
    Commuter generated message saying my credit card account was OK, I need to call immediately if I wanted to take advantage of having my credit card rates lower or press #9 to talk to a representative. Which I did. A fellow came on the line stating he was from Card Services and told me that Experian Credit reporting company gave them my phone number because I qualified for this lower credit rate rededuction. I asked which card they were referring to and he said any or all of them that I had a current balance on. Knowing full-well that I was not about to give them any card numbers or any other information, I questioned the guy further by asking him to tell me which credit card number he had. He then said he didn’t have that information because it was illegal for Experian to give out that information. Before, I could question him any further, the connection got static-key and we were disconnected. How convenient — I think he knew I was wise to him. I tried to report it to the website, but I could not get past the first page because the above-mentioned phone number was invalid and unless I corrected it, I could not continue with the report.

  225. Rick says

    These people have been calling me twice a day for several months. Prior to that I was getting the car warranty scam calls from presumably the same people. I’ve reported them, as Account Services, before. That is obviously not there name. After loosing my cool with them several times, I started playing dumb and wasting as much of their time as possible. I did manage to keep 4 different people on the line, wasting 2-3 hours of their time. They seem to be getting wise to the time wasting ploy. However, I have not received any calls for 3 days now. Maybe I got them off my back anyway.

  226. J.C. says

    I just got a call at my work number from “Card Sevices”. There was a 603 area code though I didn’t write down the rest of the number. I asked him if he was affiliated with one of my cards and he said they cover all of them. He asked for my amount of C.C. debt so I asked “Why wouldn’t I just go though my card instead of a third party?” and he hung up before I got the whole question out.

  227. B.B. says

    Got a call from these people today. They use some serious sales tactics to lure you into giving them you 16 digit credit card number, zip and expiration dates.

    They called me from this number: (228) 209-9560

  228. Marcus says

    Call from area code 407 (Orlando, Florida)- 745-7706 to Canada prompting me to lower my interest rates. I asked for the employees ID #, which under Canadian law he is required to divulge. When I explained the CRTC (roughly the Canadian equivilent of the FCC) regulation he promptly hung up. I called the number back, after tracing it and got an answering machine. I left a message but expect no reply. Cross border regulations should be put into effect.

  229. Falcon says

    I don’t know what everyone’s problem is, I have fun with these calls. Actually, I use to get these calls and my wife still does. I had fun with them, stringing them along as if I was going to do it or gave false info, they stopped calling me. My wife did the DNC approach, and they are still calling her… She’s letting me take the calls now. :)

  230. jan steinbrink says


  231. Cecilia says

    i got a call from (228) 209-9560 as well. i was stupid enough to give them my information? then decided to look this situation up to see if it was a scam because they’re so called “manager” rudely hung up on me. what happens to the information i gave them?? what should i do?

  232. Tricia says

    Upstate, SC. Just received this call today from “Heather” who was very well spoken and convincing (although she did get a little flustered toward the end of our conversation). She hung up when I asked for the name of her company and a phone number so that I could call back after verifying their legitimacy. Very frightening–this scam could easily fool someone who might not otherwise be duped by similar e-mail or phone scams. Caller ID showed 1-352-000-9876 — not a working number when I called back.

  233. MJ says

    I just got a call regarding the same thing. The girl was so rude. The # on the caller ID says Unknown with 874-000-5445. She was wanting to lower an interest rate on one of our cards to 6.99%. She was not willing to give any info. When I started questioning her she hung up. If this is a scam it’s a horrible one and hopfully there isn’t anyone ignorant enough out there to fall for it.

  234. Kimberly A says

    Has anyone done more research into that address?
    255 Primera Blvd, Ste 132
    Heathrow, FL

    I see there are other businesses in the building, including a Liberty Mutual. Maybe we could get a directory of the companies within that building, the call all the ones who aren’t ranches/franchizes to see what the company name really is.

    Here’s what I found via Google Maps:
    Selected businesses at this address:
    Access Mediquip‎
    America’s Discount Home Loans‎
    Breen Commercial Insurance Group LLC‎
    Ghyabi & Associates‎
    itradefx LLC,‎
    Liberty Mutual‎
    Liberty Mutual Group: Personal Sales‎
    Liberty Mutual Insurance Ft. Lauderdale, FL‎
    Liberty Mutual Insurance Lake Mary, FL‎
    Market Traders Institute‎
    Maya Telecom‎
    RWI Properties‎ – 1 review
    Sedgwick Claims Management Services‎
    St Jude Medical‎
    United Image Technologies Inc‎
    Wells Fargo Financial‎ – 1 review
    Westfield Group‎

  235. Bob says

    So I’ve been trying to tell you that I work for one of these companies who does these calls. I would be happy to give the name and address along with the customer service phone number and website if this actually made it to the blog. There are scams out there, there always are. However the company I work for is completely legitimate. Yes, the service does cost $995. However, we guarantee a minimum savings of $2,500 in interest charges after we have negotiated a lower rate. If we can not at least have the service pay for itself, we will NOT qualify you. 85% of the people I talk to every day do NOT qualify. Also, let it be known that this is a lifetime service. We negotiate immediately for a new rate and then review all of your accounts at no further cost and work to get them lowered again as long as you keep making you payments on time. If your all so scared of being ripped off you should be aware of your rights if you were. Here is Visa and MasterCard’s policy for fraudulent charges:

  236. Ricky says

    Got a call from 228-209-8325 today.

    Automated introduction, blah blah, same thing as everyone else. I asked how they got my number, and they said the credit bureau gives them a list of people with high amounts of debt and high interest rates.

    Of course she really had no idea who I was, nor could she tell me anything other than the call was regarding my “account”, but she couldn’t clarify beyond that…

    This is rather annoying.

  237. Nancy says

    Just got a call this afternoon from Heather, than Mr. #1 took over. He caught me at a bad time at work, on my cell phone. told him to call me back at 5:30 tonight. I’m going to stop and buy a whistle on my way home. He will then be known as Mr. #1 Deaf Boy.

  238. SnappyLiving says

    Bob, then why do your agents hang up or start cursing the instant anyone asks what the real company name is, or which card they’re actually calling about, etc?

    It’s possible that you do work for a legitimate service, and you’re confused in thinking that what we’re discussing is a service like yours. I assure you, there is no question what we’re talking about is a scam.

  239. troy luginbill says

    Just got the call here is the info they gave me when I asked their company:
    Account services Department of NY city 323 Orange Ave company phone 1-800-622-777.
    The number on the phone was 1-562-223-8803 an orange county CA number.
    The guy said his name was Robbie Manson.
    When I called back I was informed that I had been blacklisted by an automated voice and that I would not be allowed a lower interest rate. HAHAHA!

  240. Carrie says

    Just got a second call from someone who refers to himself as Tim Marlo with Account Services – my caller ID however stated a Robert Johnson at phone # 213-363-5107. They try to get your credit card # from you.

    “Tim Marlo” – continue on with your thieving ways as you will soon be caught!!!

  241. Jamie says

    Just got the call! It showed up on caller ID as SERVICE MESSAGE with number of 402-982-0763, which is Omaha, NE, and we too have DO NOT CALL. After the prerecorded message, I pressed one more ot of curiosity than anything. A guy with a real thick accent answered. When I asked how he knows what credit cards I have and at what interest rate, he said he had it on his system. I asked what system he said he is calling for the “Main Company” of Visa & Mastercard. I said if you are, then you would know if I qualify or not without having to ask me if I have any Visa or MC’s with a balance over $3k & int. rate over 10%. He hung up.

  242. cc says

    got a call today from 402 982-0745. Hit 1 and waited. Man came on and muttered something about my wanting to lower my interest rates? I asked, “Who’s calling?” He hung up. Thanks for this info!

  243. Cruce says

    I just got the call again. I ask to speak to a supervisor They said they were listed with the Better Bis Bur. I said whats the name of your company. he said ( account services ) I asked were they were located. He said ( Merietta Georgia ) Phone # 18008472911. When I called back it wanted me to enter my Credit card number. I hung up, searched for them on the Internet and ended up here. THANKS FOR PUTTING THIS ON THE NET!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. Brenda says

    I received a voicemail on my cell phone (we don’t have a landline) from Stephanie at Account Services yesterday evening saying that the Federal Reserve had made a provision to lower interest rates to as low as 4.99%, and to call before my eligibility ran out. The number I was given to call back was 877-205-0254. I did actually call the number and got a recording saying all representatives were busy and to either leave a message to be called back or remain on the line for the next available representative. I waited on the line, but then remembered that I thought initially the “Account Services” sounded like kind of a strange name and that I had intended to look them up on the internet before calling, so I hung up before anyone ever came on the line. Anyway, this website came up, and I’m afraid to have anything to do with it now after reading all this. Also, I looked in my cell phone under my missed calls, and although I was instructed to call 877-205-0254, it showed that the call initially came from 714-261-1026.

  245. DeAnne says

    I called the number that the above poster listed. I feel that they are somewhat associated. This “company” has called my cell phone (that I NEVER give out) at least 5-6 times in the past 3 months. They’ve called our house several times as well. I would like to do something about this, but how do I go about it? I HATE thieves. Any suggestions?

  246. JCR says

    i been called constantly by these scumbags for 2 days. finally, i decided to be scary and said “i know where you live, don’t f*cking call me again”…well, i got 2 immediate callbacks. i wouldn’t let them speak and just ad-libbed vulgarities and hung up.

    they are criminals, they deserve anything we can dish out.

  247. Doug says

    I’ve asked them “Account Services” form California no less than three times to take me off their call list. Even when I hit the “Number 2” option to have myself removed from their list automatically, it still does no good, the machine (and the live operators) just hang up on you. Don’t we have elected officials that can do something about this? They have some sort of lock on their number that defies calling them back. I have a app on my Blackberry called Poynt.

    This is what i I have so far…

    2282099560 is carried by Alltel Communications out of Biloxi, MS

    I found this website
    and tried to call Alltel, which has been acquired by Verizon.

    Here is a list of Verizon execs. If you call 501-905-8000 and ask for them by name, you can at least get to their voice mail.
    Have fun…

  248. NotImpressed says

    I keep getting an automated call from 1-877-388-1050 for someone who used to have our number, saying that it’s an important call and ‘not a sales call’. Usually a couple of times a week, but lately every day, I have literally gotten 20 of these calls, it’s been going on for more than a month.

  249. Anonymus says

    Okay I got a call the other day from what was obviously a scam, it was the press 1 heather and the number on my caller ID was 407-000-5963 so i took one for the team and gave them a card i was planning on cancelling.

    After listening to what was obviously a scam they charged my account and I traced it…

    Finally, I Found the real company!

    Company that charged me:

    Credit Lynk
    1768 Park Center Dr., Suite 240
    Orlando, Florida 32835

    The Owner’s name is Irving and the Manager is Denise

    So when i started digging i realized how much of a scam they were! They have 4 Companies using the same phone number and address

    Universal Lynk (Website)
    Resort Lynk (Website)
    Realty Lynk (Website)
    Rental Lynk (Website)
    Credit Lynk (Website)

    I checked with the state of florida, the only registered company is Universal Lynk.

    Lets get these Scammers, blow up their phones, faxes, emails, the FL state Attorney General ALL OF IT!!!!

  250. Mark says

    These telemarketer can be traced by the law authorities, the Feds investigate such perpretrations and they have the technology to trace, triangulate and pinpoint their location.

  251. Enrika says

    You are correct Mark, the creimes they are perpetrating are punished by the law. It’s just a matter of time before they get thrown in jail!

  252. Joey says

    do what i did guys, i pissed off the telemarketer doing this.

    i asked him the name of the company, looked it up on google, found this article, started reading it to him and then he was like…. ok sir type in google Walmart and see how many bad things you can find about them. i told him i used to work there and it actually wasnt bad like people say it is.

  253. brandi says

    I get a call from these morons every day, even after asking to be removed from thier call list. Today when they caller I acted like I was interested so I could get more info on them. The women I spoke to was named “JESSICA” she said the company was ACCOUNT SERVICES and they were out of CANADA. The number she gave me was 803-567-2718. I am giving this info to the colorado state att general. Hopefully they can find these dummies and close them down.

  254. Bill says

    Anonymus – did you call them? Any luck/progress on ending the calls? What amount did they charge their card?

    These people have my cell phone and work number. The first time they called I was curious if they could actually lower my card rate (as I have a few floating above 20%), so I was asking very basic questions, like who are you and how they lower my rates (as I asked what one of my cards they were calling about and I got the Visa/Mastercard response…) The agent was the most condescending prck i’ve ever talked to and treated me like I was the moron because I didn’t understand why he was calling…

  255. Mollene says

    Just got another call from “Account Services.” I’ve had 2-3 over the past 2 months. I pressed “9” to get to a human, which took 16 rings. The young female would not give her name and told me they were in Florida when I asked where their corporate offices were. Without my asking, she put her supervisor on, who was a true piece of work: condescending, spoke to me like I was the problem and gave me absolutely no information I asked for, then hung up on me. This HAS to stop. I do not understand how the FCC cannot trace, track and shut these parasitic predators down permanently. They are invading people’s privacy and preying on vulnerable, uninformed citizens.

  256. Romeo says

    Yup – they just called me. So I pressed #1 and I got to speak to a live person. I asked if I could have a number in case we get disconnected.

    Here is her response (LOVE IT).

    “Sir, it is 1-800-GO-SCREW-YOURSELF”

    So I said that there are too many letters and that she must be mistaken (trying to stay serious). She said:

    “Sorry Sir, it’s actually only 1-800-GO-SCREW”

    This time I told her that there were not enough letters…

    She just hung up on me!

    I wish the FCC could really do something about that!

  257. Embarassed says

    I actually fell for most of this after asking repeated questions to figure out whether this was one of these debt consolidation companies. What’s so sad and embarrassing is that I am a practicing attorney who graduated from a top 30 law school and even took a number of classes on these areas of law, including one focused on Consumer Protection. I personally intend to contact the folks I know in the local US Attorneys office (when I can get over the embarrassment factor to tell them) and the local DA and AG’s office. I may also see if I can file a lawsuit since my state is one of the few in which it is possible to file a lawsuit against fictitious parties, i.e., parties for whom you have no hard identity, which would then give me the power to file further motions or subpoenas to phone companies etc. for the purposes of getting any and all information necessary to identify the fictitious defendants…I live in Alabama for reference…

    Really, I’m just so personally insulted and just INCENSED, largely because I never fall for this and never imagined I would and so I am just wanting to really just go for the jugular of this group or company…

    Any thoughts…?

  258. harry says

    Just received my 4th call from these idiots. I have left a complaint with the FTC. I plan to contact the Texas Dept of Justice.

  259. Tim says

    I’ve been getting these calls as well, not only where I live now, the Phoenix metro area but also when I lived in Springfield, MO. I’ve been getting them on unlisted phone numbers and they have been coming for at least 3 or 4 years now. I am on the federal do not call list and when informed of this, they state, “So, what? You don’t even know what number is calling you.” and then hang up.

  260. Jay says

    I’ve been receiving these calls for about 4 months now. From Rachel and Heather. I too have tried to get company names and phone numbers out of the people on the other side of the line. I have also called my phone company to report them several times but canot without a pvalid phone number for them.

    Today I call the FCC to complain. They are aware of the company calloing themselves “Account Services” and/or “Financial Services” The FCC needs to have enough complaints on file before a full blown investigation will ensue.


    When enough complaints are filed the FTC can take action!!!

    It’s a quick call and they are very nice. You do not need a phone number for the company. They have heard of them.

    My next step is to give Heather, Rachel and her friends the info off my cancelled Visa card. Get the credit card companies involved and they WILL do something about it. They don’t want their money ripped off!!!
    Then I will sue for attempted identity theft. My brother is an attorney so this should really start to get fun. Hope Heather and Rachel enjoy playing their game by my rules!

  261. DC23 says

    Ialso got a call today. IT was FCS International out of Florida. Thinking this was a Citibank rep, they had much of my info. So I was half asleep and went through the process. At this time they wanted to charge me $1000 to my card. I asked for their name, and said FCS International and found info on the web. I said I do not want to carry on with rthis, the bitch got nasty and I flipped on her. I hung up on them and contacted Citicard themselves. Got the card cancelled and they have been blowing up my phone. all day.

  262. Kevin says

    OK, for the last four days I’ve been given the “final” chance to reduce my credit cards’ interest rates by “Account Services”. Call comes out of Florida;407-0006256. Now, I’m a longtime veteran of phone and internet scams. I used to treat them like the scum that they are, by arguing with them. But….they have reformed and are very well aware of the range of question you will ask and they know exactly at what point to hang up on you, if you are not a ‘hit’. Some of these cretins are so dumb, that they will make grievous mistakes. Ask yourself, what would be the requirements for a telemarketing job?? However, don’t count on trapping most of them. I believe Florida has the highest number of fraudulent businesses in the world (well, maybe second to Nigeria)-they must have a career day for just them at high schools down there.

    Furthermore, they call you on a random computer dialing system. If you call them back, you have just completed the ‘circuit’ and they now know they have a active # and a potential pigeon. Same when you get junk mail online and you go in there to have them remove your email address-you again, just completed the ‘circuit’.

    I have a land line that I installed. My telephone provider swears they haven’t sold this # to anyone. I only use the phone for emergency purposes and have never given the # out to anyone. Daily, usually in evening hrs (but not limited to) the phone will ring. I didn’t pay for caller ID, but they are coming from random computer dialing scam centers. There’s no other way they could legitimately get this #.

    My advice: don’t answer any strange calls from out of state (that you don’t recognize)and certainly no calls that won’t give you a caller ID. You may be alienating legitimate people trying to reach you, but the number of people reaching you with no caller ID are infinitesimal. Also, anything coming from 866 or 800, just hang up immediately.

  263. anon says

    they make their living off of lies! now understand they do have a

    service they provide. they will mail you out a debt profile for you to fill out. they will

    try to get you to go online and fill it out there as well which will trap you into the

    service! Never give them a satisfaction report or you will never get your money back ever!!

    that’s the biggest trap right there. they are required to get a satisfaction report from

    you!! everything they do you can do on your own if you were to get aggressive with your

    debt. all the service does is take the info you provided and they use that in a pathetic

    useless attempt to negotiate to a bank supervisor to lower your APR. which we all know is

    next to impossible. they have everything they need to make you think they are helping you.

    when indeed all they are doing is the same thing you could have done yourself. this is how

    this company is structured and diff people have diff roles.

    The owner(some rich guy that drives big cars thanks to you): whats up stud

    The floor manager(Satan himself): the crazy ringleader who conducts a cockamamie

    inspirational meeting every morning to boost rep morale to help the reps get deals! oversees

    the reps who take the calls initially

    the closers(the financial advisers or about worthless losers!!Satans little

    helpers): who get the deals from the floor manager by the reps and talks you into you

    letting the company charge your card anywhere from $690-1990 depending on your debt.

    the verification dept:(people who couldnt be anything else): who takes the deal sheet and

    conducts a scripted recording making it legal to charge your card after the closer is done

    explaining(lying)everything to you

    scheduling dept.(people right behind the verification people in the same room) makes an

    appointment for you to speak to a financial advisor days or weeks later so that you cant get

    a refund.

    the financial advisors(more scripted loosers with limited resources to do any good). the

    person that is assigned to call you to go over your debt profile and try to show you a

    savings with your lender.

    customer service(the people that absolutly couldnt do anything else). try’s to talk you out

    of backing out of the program.

    everyone here is under the same roof sometimes in the same room. this is a huge scam

    organization legit only when you agree to services on the recording.

    the address is 1642 west airport blvd, Sanford Florida. Google this it will bring up the

    map instantly. the human resource number is 1 888 356 6357 but good luck getting a live

    person. for that call the 800 number and pretend you have a confirmation number. the

    number they give to clients routes you to the customer service people and that number is 1

    800 672 1771 claiming to be when actually they are all paid from a

    serene solutions. again they are all under the same roof at that address!! you can see them

    out in the parking lot smoking cigarettes or who knows what else lol.

  264. Christopher says

    I get these calls, press “9”, wait for the “representative, then smash two baking pans together. It might not stop the call, but I hope it hurts (and it’s very satifying for me). I actaully feel bed for the poor saps on the phone: they have no jobs, no training and no hope for jobs, and most of the ignorant idiots don’t even know it’s illegal. These “companies” prey on desperate, easy-to-fool people.

  265. anon says

    i’ve been waiting for a reply, the info that i’ve provided is them!!! its them its them its them there is no question about it i know where account services is comming from i posted there address and location i’ve reported them to the local news and to the ftc but i need everyone to do the same. so please if you have had the call do the same look at the previous post, in fact i caught word today that they have been tipped off and last i knew people were packing up and moving out of the facility. probably onward to some new location thats all they do is move around but make no mistake blake curtis runs the whole operation.. and i have other incriminating names as well as long as they stay in business i will exploit them.

  266. jayjay says

    forget about the police or the FCC or the authorities. they can do nothing. hanging up when the recording starts doesn’t discourage them. after about 6 months of almost daily harassment, i stayed on the line for a human and when he spoke i SCREAMED into the phone at the top of my lungs with a series of curses. it felt great. the calls stopped for a year, and now they have started again. i don’t feel sorry for the employees; they are criminals. i might just invest in a whistle.

  267. liza says

    it’s time to get a whistle… these people are horrid… 5-6 calls a day..screamed at the guy… it doesn’t work…

  268. Lee says

    “Half wit” Heather just called to lower my interest rates – a robo call. It has been months since I heard from her company. I was hoping they were out of business! The caller ID # was 140 298 2053; probably fake. Where is area code 140?

    • Richard says

      Area codes in North America do not begin with 1 or 0 because those were used to identify whether a long distance call is to be billed to the calling number or operator assisted. Spoofed area codes and numbers, however, can contain any numbers they want to use. Be careful dialing the number displayed back, however. There are a number of Caribbean countries that have their own legitimate area code but are set up to automatically bill your phone $25 or $50 for the long distance service to their number and the US telephone company cannot help you woith getting your money back because of international settlement agreements.

  269. Kelly says

    Sure wish THERE WAS A WAY TO END THIS CRAP. I’ve even used a blowhorn on them. But they still call EVERYWEEK!!!! And I plan to keep blowing my horn. I thought congress passed a law to stop ALL robo calls. What happen to that?

  270. roboclient says

    Like others here, I get the calls about once a week, sometimes more often. The reason I’m here today is that I got them twice just this morning. Over the years I’ve realized that screaming, asking for supervisors, offending them, or anything else of that sort does not work, so my strategy now is to waste their time. I engage them in a conversation, allow them to slowly lead me through their script, give them a fake name, fake numbers – they ask for your credit card balance, limit, remaining credit, etc – clearly so they know how much they can extract from your account. THEN they ask the credit card number. At that point I say the card is in my wallet elsewhere, and ask them to stay on the line while I’m getting it. The really stupid among them (or desperate??) seem to wait an awful long before they realize they’ve been had and finally hang up.
    In subsequent calls I’m planning to give them fake card numbers and see how that goes, i.e. if they verify them immediately or not.

  271. Linda says

    I just got “the call” but thank goodness, the hair stood up on my back. They sound professional and very sophisticated, but I still know that I don’t give that info on my personal accounts to any “yahoo” that calls promising the moon. The “red flag” was, that there needed to be sufficient enough credit left on the account for me to be eligible for a lower rate. Sounded too good to be true. When I kept pushing for a company name, or some verification, they slammed the phone down on me. When I tried to call the number back from my caller ID, the call could not be made. Somebody needs to do something. Despirate people will fall for this and lose everything they have left on their credit. Thanks for putting up this site so people will know that it’s a scam for sure.

  272. Andy says

    ==========i use to work for phone company (legimate) =========
    so I have a few info most of you may want to know.

    1. yes, it is ILLEGAL for those company to call your cell phone with automated (computer) system. This is per Telecommunications Act 1996.

    2. Learn and know the term “Caller ID spoofing” (see ) Caller ID Spoofing is the practice of causing the telephone network to display a number on the recipient’s caller ID display which is not that of the actual originating station

    which means the number u see on your caller id IS NOT THEM! if u keep research for that info. you are looking at the WRONG TARGET.

    3. The best idea I can come up with is pretend to be stupid and talk to them for half of an hour and give them the worng info (fake cc number etc, just make up 1) and hopefully u will take enough time away from them to save the next victim.

    I really wish there is a bette way to sue those people ass….they have been calling my phone like crazy too in the last few month….more than like 5 times….it’s insane….

    maybe someone in specialize in law can help us out here?

  273. Vin says

    Rachel (Robo) called me today 1/18/2010 at 4:30 PM and when I pressed 1, I got a male. He said they are Account Services (Orlando, FL)and named the credit card companies that they work with. He wanted the name of my credit card company and claimed they can get me a lower rate. Of course, I just had both Discover and Bank of America raise my rates ahead of the legislation coming out of congress.

    This is yet another example like Social Security fraud of a broken system. It doesn’t matter who running government,it’s broken for the little guy. The Do Not Call Registry is not working. I live in MA and I’m getting calls hourly because of the election tomorrow. Naturally the politicians had themseleves excluded.

    I thougth there was supposed to be a fine for each call reported. Please help me bombard the FCC site with a report everytime these guys call us!


  274. Rico says

    WOW!! I almost got taken in by this scam just now!! It said to press 9 for lower interest rates on my credit cards. I pressed 9 and I talked to John, I think… he said that my credit card company sent them info that I qualified for lower fixed rates. When I asked which card, he said “All of them”.

    That got me wondering WTF? When I asked him what company he was with, he simply said Account Services. It made it sound like it was account services from my credit card. I played along… he asked how much I owed on my cards now… I made up a number… $5000. Then he asked which card I wanted to lower my rate on first. I said Capital One… which I don’t have. Then he asked me for their toll free number that’s on the back of the card… I said I didn’t have the card with me, and he said “That’s ok, I have it.” Then he asked for the card number… I wish I would have thought to say I did have the card and give him a fake number.

    Instead, I said that I didn’t feel comfortable giving him my card number, and he assured me that I could feel safe giving him the number and that he would be calling the credit card company with me on the phone. I told him that I would call them on my own.

    Then he said that if I do that, that my interest rate would go up. I told him that I would take that chance. He then said “That’s fine sir, I’m not the one swimming in debt.” then hung up on me.

    I really hope they call me back. I’m going to F with these people BIG TIME! PLEASE CALL ME BACK!! Fkrs!!

  275. Felicia says

    I am fairly frustrated: my cell number has been getting a call every other day from “Heather” offering to lower my interest rates. Caller ID comes up as “restricted” so Verizon can’t do anything to help. They said that I could change my cell number at no charge. Great!

    My cell number has been on the Do Not Call List for years. I’ve repeatedly asked this company not to call. I wish that I could get enough information to turn them into to the FCC.

  276. Mike says

    I got two calls from them, this last time I descided to play along when they asked would you like to lower your rates on your Visa or Mastercard. I said yes, not asking which card. They asked how much debt, I made up a number (300 bucks) but they said I was good and they hung up on me. For some reason, they want you to have 5000 in debt before they ask for more info. Next time I’ll make up a nuber around 6 grand and have fake card numbers to see where this goes.

  277. The Bobster says

    I constantly get robocalls from “Sarah”, who has a sexy British accent. Pressing “9” will send you to a boiler room where the underpaid thieves will either hang up on you if you ask question or they will curse you out and argue wth you.

  278. Arby says

    I have lots of fun keeping a whistle by the phone. When Card Services calls, I hit 9 to talk to an operator, and when someone comes on the line I give 3-4 short whistle blasts, then politely ask them to stop calling me. One idiot actually got irate with me, which provided some good comic relief to the whole episode.

    One thing I’ve considered, but haven’t implemented, is answering female operators with the most explicitly obscene suggestions I can think of. And I haven’t ruled it out yet.

  279. Chris M says

    I received a call from 360-722-5911. Same scam, automated message then I pressed one to see who I could talk to. They try to prey on the foolish and make their money by scamming the masses. The lady whom I talked to made sure I ‘qualified’ by finding out how much debt I had fist and the interest rates. I continually asked her, “what bank do you work for?” She said, “Sir, we are a separate entity called ‘account services’ I work in the interest rates division.”. She proceeded with trying to phish my credit card account numbers for the high interest cards I had but I wasn’t about to give any of that info.” I said “Ok so what is the name under which the business you are working for was incorporated? Do you have a record with the BBB?” She started sounding like she was running out of rebuttals at this point. I asked her again, “Do you have any external references, I’m sitting right in front of my computer ready to look your employer up so give me a website, anything besides your word.” She said “Sir, there’s no point since you won’t give me your card numbers.” I said “What a joke, so you have no other form of external reference I could look at right now to confirm the validity of the business for which you work? Why don’t you go get a real job and sell something legitimate? You work for a scam agency and you don’t know anything about business or debt, and it’s quite obvious. You sit there dialing out, surrounded by a bunch of low life jerks who can’t hold down a legitimate business.” She then said “Ok sir you keep your high interest rates, if you will not allow us to help you then I will put you on the do not call list.” I said, “Dead end huh? No rebuttals for a conversation like this one? Ok bye.” This truly is a scam, and the mastermind manages to hire some morons for employees too.

  280. says

    Oh what fun I had this afternoon. I received the same type of call on my cellphone as all of the other folks on this blog site. Here the number that came across my verizon phone it was #516-537-7117. When I looked it up on the reverse phone directory the nite said it was based out of Nassau NY. It gave me the address et all too.

    Since I am a financial planner and a registered investment advisor I figured that they are probably calling my clients too (especially the little old ladies and widows etc.etc) So I took it upon myself to have some fun with them.

    I worked my way past the first live human being and talked to a supervisor and asked “ALL” of the same questions everyone else has on this blog. Such as give me a company website, tel. number. address, How’d you get my name, why should I give you my credit card number? You found me? etc.etc.

    Finally after another 5 minutes with the supervisor, I worked my way to a department head–yes, just a “talking head” so to speak. She told me that they couldn’t give out my private information that she was looking at on her screen unless I could verify the same info…well, I told her my best friend works for the FBI in the New York office and they would sure be interested in talking to them in person and she abruptly hung up on me……..SCAMMERS!!

    I will post this website and blog to my business website as a warning to all who may receive a call from this business…..A fool and his money are soon parted… tell all of your friends and family to beware of this heinous business!!!

    Dennis D. Rockhold
    Rockhold Wentling Financial Advisors

  281. Julie says

    I got the call today. Once on a cell phone and once on a home phone a week apart. I know it’s a scam. Since it doesn’t say who what or why?

    But I know innocent people will fall prey. THis is just like our society. We know that they are doing something wrong yet we can’t stop them, until after the fact.

    The best thing to do is to stay wise. IF they contact you hang up. If you contact them and double check the resource it’s okay.

    Anything too good to be true usually is.


  282. Vulcan says

    Thanks for posting this information. I dialed the 1 so I could find out who they were and to remind them that I was on the Do Not Call list. I got hung up on before I could get any information. Hopefully they won’t bother to call back. The number was 000-000-7906

  283. KarenM in NC says

    I received one of these calls, but the number shown on the Caller ID was a local number with a name. That piqued my interest since I didn’t know the local person. Once I hit “1”, John came on the line. He said he was with Call Services out of Atlanta. When I told him, “Sure, I need to lower my interest rates, can I give you a call back”, he wanted MY number! When I said, “you must know it, you called me”, he hung up. Then I called the local number. Poor folks had no idea their number was being spoofed.

  284. Joodles says

    Got the same call from 250-412-8895. I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Gal got really mad when I wouldn’t disclose my credit card limits. She finally screamed at me that she hopes I suffer from being broke and hung up…then I really knew it was a scam because she has no idea what my financial situation is and was ticked not to get my info. Rattled me though!

  285. David says

    Same call around noon CST in Memphis, TN (Unknown Caller) saying there are no problems at this time with your credit card but please press 9 to lower your interest rate to 6.9%. Sounded good, but I knew better. Hung up and immediately found this site through a quick google search.

    DEFINITE SCAM when they don’t identify what bank and identify you by name. Either way…banks don’t call you, you call them!

  286. Amy says

    I had this happen to me today… the number that came up was 736-000-9239 but that number can only make outgoing calls… I knew that it was a scam so I got all chummy with the guy and eventually he opened up to me. I told him all of my horrible stories about telemarketing and he ended up telling me that his real name was Alonzo not Alex and that he was from New York but moved to Orlando for school and got this gig through a friend. He told me that he wasn’t with Card Member Services and that it was a scam. We talked for a while longer and I asked him how he could do a job like that and he said that he needed some way to pay for college… and that the company pays cash and they don’t take out taxes.

    If they call back again I am going to do the same thing and start trying to piece bits of information together. I looked up all sorts of call center things in Florida and I found one that is a scamming thing called Nationwide Financial or something… When I called the number the lady actually offered me a position with the company. I think it’s fun to play detective…

  287. PhoneWarrior says

    after a long hiatus, this morning i get the robocall (voice broadcasting) ‘Heather with account services lower your interest rate as low as 6%’
    I thought those ‘baby killers’ were finished, cause it’s been like a year since i last got a call like that.

    there used to be a great web site forum called stop heather that had a bunch of info on this scam group that makes these calls.

  288. steve says

    been getting the same damn calls 5 times a week. Caller ID says their number is 858-245-6380. I called it back and a very sleepy person answered the phone. I told them they keep calling me and she said she was sorry that it must be an accident. I too am going to invest in a whistle.

  289. Rocka says

    Im ashamed to say that I got scammed today and provided my card number, but no verbal agreement to charge. I called my bank straight away, told them what happened and closed the account.Now here are the details I have:
    Automated at first, then pressed 1. Cheri Dees spoke telling me I can lower my credit card and that they worked at Visa and had my information. I provided them with interest rates and debt and one of my cards numbers (Im a bloody idiot!!!) then it started sounding weird about having to charge my account to lower my fees, WTF!! I said that makes absoltely no sense and exactly who ere they and the number they were calling from. She provided a license number: TP921876 and said they were from “Account services” and their number was 1-800-847-2911. When I said Im not interested and I would first check it out and call them back. She replied, “You seriously dont want to lower your interest rate!?” ….I hung up, head down and defeated. A-Holes are going down!!!

  290. Ron says

    They called me today, first time that I know of. I pressed “9” and got a woman’s voice asking “How are you today?” When I began with “I want to make sure…” that’s as far as I got before she hung up on me. Did I sound too stern? I was going to ask to be removed from their call list. But I guess anyone who sounds unlikely to be sucked into their scam is not worth their time.

    I am surprised to see how long this scam has been going on, without any law enforcement action. Don’t the Do Not Call list or the anti-robocall requirements have any teeth?

  291. Michele says

    I got one of these calls today. The number used was 567-248-4455 which of course is a phony number. I tried to call it back with no luck and then did some research online and sure enough it is a fake. I got suckered in and provided a cc number but once I realized it was a scam I hung up and called my bank and closed my cc account. I still feel so completely stupid. Should definitely know better esp when you call the CC company and they won’t lower your rates…you know it has to be a scam when someone like this calls you!!! I can’t believe people can sink to these levels. What a sad society we live in. I hope they call back again. I have so much I would like to say.

  292. Evonny says

    Evidently our State’s Attorney General offices and Consumer Agencies don’t care about the Do Not Call list. I just got a call today from “Heather at Account Services”, nothing came in on the caller Id and when I pressed “2” to be removed, I got a foreign accented male with a spiel about low interest rates. How are these jerks getting access to consumer phone #s and are able to leave no trace should make phone companies and law enforcement liable for this invasion.

  293. Evelyn says

    I just got my first junk call since i had myself put on the Federal “do not call” list. It was one of these. I was angry enough about the robo-call that I pressed 9 as indicated to speak to a human. I asked the name of the company and was told that it was “Account Services” so I asked for the COMPANY name again, and when assured that that was the name of the company I asked if that was “Account Services” LLC or Inc. and what state they were in. He said it was Inc. and in Wyoming.

    I then told him I had the right to sue their company for $500 if they kept calling me, as I’m on the Federal “do not call” list. (I hear that sometimes works as a deterrent to spam-callers.)

    So maybe they’re in Wyoming. On the other hand — just read through a bunch of the posts here, seems like they’re from “all over the place.”

  294. Nikky says

    The call was a recorded call and i was to press 1 to speak to a representative. The recording never stated what company it was for and what the call was about. i spoke to a man and he asked for my credit card number right away, i replied with no and asking for what business he works for. he stated that he was with client services to lower rates on credit card bills. i never gave any information abut my account but demanded to get my phone number taken off the calling list. he said he cannot do that and that he again asked for my information. i hung up immediately but today was the first call from them. i hope no more!

    the number came up as a regular cellphone number, from verizon, in the buffalo area. i dont know where they are originally from

  295. Pat says

    I got this phoney calls from these individuals, but I told can give out any information because I do not know the source of the. She kept responding “card services” when asked which company is she calling from. Fortunately this time the number was not blocked…#360 722 5914

  296. Marti says

    I get these calls now and then, too. I got the call intercept service that blocks unknown names and numbers, but if either name or number is not blocked, the call will still come through. Since many times the phone numbers are spoofed, and anonymous name with a spoofed number will get through the call intercept service, and I still won’t know who is actually calling me.

    The saddest part is that this has been going on for years. These scammers wold not keep doing it if they didn’t make money from it. So enough people out there still fall for this to make these calls worth their time. I think the best way to fight this is what we are doing right here: let as many people out there know about it so the scams become ineffective. No profit=no scam. (Until they come up with a new one.)

  297. Jerome says

    April 24, 2010 11:40 am
    Received call from Marie with account services. The number listed on my cell phone was from Tifton,GA (229)848-3478. The key to my identifying the scam was my asking more questions than they were able. They would not answer question of who they worked for. Only responded “account services”. When I asked for their web site, she put me on hold. I hung up. I think I will try to contact Feds.

  298. Renee says

    These folks have called me every Monday for 6 months, mostly in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. Like everyone else, there seems no way to make them stop calling. 4 times I’ve politely, but sternly, asked to speak with a supervisor, and 4 times I’ve been hung-up on. 3 times I connected to a live person and unkindly demanded to be removed from the call list and received assurances that it would happen. Haha. Since it doesn’t sound like the gov’t, whistles or horns work, maybe I’ll just let ALL calls go through the answering machine. Since they don’t leave messages, maybe they’ll stop calling if they can never get through.

  299. Christina says

    They called my work number which I don’t have listed with any creditor, so it’s safe to say numbers are chosen by random. This is the second time in a couple of months.

  300. Phillip says

    just got the monthly call from 908-623-7424, was real nice this time and the guy told me he was in Orlando and he even put me on the phone with his supervisor (i told him i wanted to see how legit the call was). the supervisor asked what i wanted, i told him that i was calling my lawyer after we hung up and i was going to sue him and his company. He exploded, said go ahead and try, you cant, go ahead and waste your time, he started yelling and finally hung up. i laughed my ass off.

  301. Sharyl says

    I’m in Canada and I have been getting these every month or two for at least a year. Anytime I have tried to speak to a supervisor or make a complaint they just hang up.
    This time the caller said he was with “Global Services”.
    Shouldn’t this be considered harrassment? And isn’t harrasment illegal? Has anyone tried reporting it to the police that way?

  302. Tracey says

    These people called me today May 12, 2010. I pressed 1 and asked to have my name taken off the calling list. He said he was done talking to me and i then told him I said to take my name off the calling list. He then started calling me every name in the book. Wow hope my husband answers the phone the next time. Some how this should be able to be stopped.

  303. Stephen says

    Ohio: Received a call 11 May 5:30 PM EDT. Caller ID was 895-000-1564. Press 9 to speak to someone. I eventually got a supervisor, Victoria, who hung up on me when I said I didn’t keep any debt. I was close to getting the corporate office number, but from what I’ve read elsewhere, it may not be “them”. I did ‘*57’ for a CallTrace, but AT&T said that won’t be effective if the number was spoofed. They only do a trap on the line for criminal activity. Same situation as others, said the DoNotCall list does not apply. Have reported to FTC, Ohio Attorney General, and Columbus Police Dept.

  304. Dan says

    I tracked down the info on a previous incarnation of this call and filed the complete report with the FTC, company name, owner name, home and business addresses, home and business phone numbers, date and times of calls, etc. Pretty much everything but a picture of the company owner. I got a letter a few weeks later saying they couldn’t process the complaint because of missing information but never said what that info was. I guess the gov’t needs the offender’s DNA as well to actually do their job. I’m also guessing these calls are being made by the same company under a different corporate name. Now I just hang up on the jerks and go on with life.

  305. Amanda says

    I live in ohio…I got a call like this today. I pressed 1 to speak to someone and there was a bad connection, so I could barely understand them. It was a spoofed number, it came up like it was a local number in my area- 330-222-1911.

  306. eva says

    I live in MA and received a call like this today. There number came up as unavaiable. They definitely are fast-talkers and made my head spin. By the time I could figure they weren’t really working with a specific credit card I had given them too much information.

  307. whitneymuse says

    Always apply the “too good to be true test to the call or offer; when the voice on the phone changed to a man’s voice, I knew the next words were going to be what is your card number you wish to have a lowered rate from?
    It was the dinner hour and so I hung up; Then googled and got this site that outlined what I just passed on hering the ending to the scam.

    Thanks to the persons that outlined it.

  308. Joe says

    I just got a similar call, offering to lower my credit card rate. It came up as ‘V06081749550017″ on Caller ID, with a phone number of 567-248-4455. He said that he wanted to lower it on my CitiCard and kept saying “the card that begins with “5424”. No question in my mind, it was a scam…

  309. William says

    I got a call from Heather, from “Card Services”, got the info they could reduce my interest rates down to 6% and even to 2% possibly. Said I was getting ready for dinner and to call be back today….

    Now my doubts have been confirmed, they it is a scam.

  310. Charles says

    number that called me 404 503 2136
    similar story. I asked questions about who he was, caller got hostile with me before hanging up.
    help those close to you to be smart and vigilant.

  311. Pamela says

    Hi I got a call today same electronic message select 1 to lower my interest rate to 6.5 when I asked if they were with my card holder they told me no, I then to them I wouldn’t be interested and they hung up on me. It’s a shame how many people might fall for this with the economy such as it is. The number that called me was 213-224-2050.
    Thanks Pamela

  312. Laitnitebob says

    Just hung up on a woman who was very rude. I have gotten these calls before so I kind of know what to expect and how to reply to them. Well not this time. I answered and said I was Detective Joe Burnside. I expected a prompt hangup but this female challenged me by asking where my office was. I told her since I was the “detective” she had to go first. Well…she promptly replied Bull $h*t! I proceeded to tell her I wasn’t going to do any business with a rude Bitch who lacked any decorum and manners. She then proceeded to tell me how many a$$holes like me she runs across daily. I told her she was an overpaid clown in a guttersnipe circus and then I promptly hung up.
    I am a genetically endowed BS’er but her 40 hour weeks of fraudulent calling and interfacing trumped my innate abilities. She definitely was operating a high ranking devil spirit.
    Okay, NOW by writing this I have the satisfaction I should have had with her.
    I just hope she does something to alleviate the inevitable bad karma coming her way.
    Thanks for this outlet for my frustration.

  313. Kathleen says

    I get several of these calls a month today it was automated Rachel from card holder services- I pressed 9 an got someone- trying to keep them on the line long enough to gather information to make a complaint. Initially I just told them I was on the Do not call list they just hang up and I get a call again a few weeks later. The last few times I found if I ask too many questions up front then they hang up so today I told them I had 25000 in debt with a MC and Visa gave fake experation dates. They asked my interest rate I said 10% I was put on hold and then he returned with your bank states that you are over 15%. my reply what bank – “your bank and of coarse could not give the name of a bank because these are fake cards anyway. I asked the name of the company and I was told Credit Card Bureau Experian after having him verify what he said and spelled it out I started laughing I just could not control myself then he hung up. I have to control myself better next time to keep them on the phone longer. Hopefully there is a way of tracking these people somhoe and having them prosecuted.

  314. LaShuan says

    This is the second call I have received from an automated caller asking to lower my interest rates on all my credit cards to 6.9% after I press 1. It is clearly a scam, the man can not answer any of my questions, they want me to give them information but they can not give me any information so I can look them up. The guy on the phone told me it was his first day at work and he could even tell me who his boss was, he couldnt give me an address or phone number of his company…just “Account Services”. Like many of the other people once you resist giving them the info they state they will put you on the list to be called at a better time.

    My two calls came from Pheonix, Arizona the numbers are 480 381 7291 and 480 381 1320.

  315. Cheri says

    They’re getting pretty clever. Told me that the company name was “Account Service”, address stated was “121 E. 2nd Street NY”. Phone number that called was 923-000-9632. Told them that I was on the “do not call list” and they shouldn’t be calling. The caller told me that it was legal for them to call because they were helping people lower interest rates and that the program was part of the Barack Obama stimulus package. Wish there was a way to stop them; I don’t have time to mess with idiot phone calls.

    • Billy says

      I read through all of these and I understand the complaints, but what is the scam? I would like to know if someone has said yes to all the questions, accepted their offer to lower there interest rates, and how that all ended up. What was the results? I suppose if this offer worked for some people, they probably would not be on this website.

      • SnappyLiving says

        Read the comment thread – some people said yes, then found themselves scammed.

  316. Rainne says

    Just got ANOTHER call from these people today. When I demanded company contact info, she gave me the name & address to the Seminole County (FL) Public Library.

    Someone else said they talked to someone out of Orlando, too, so I’m thinking that may be where these folks are located out of. Wish one of their former disgruntled employees would speak up; they could get the place shut down quick.

  317. Laurie says

    I got totally suckered by this. Eventhough I was unsure they reeled me right in. Luckily when the supervisor said that yes that “Raphel” would call me tomorrow at 3 PM and asked my time zone I got really knew something was up as she said that it would be 7 in Orlando. Now last I checked it is only a 3 hr difference between Orlando and California. When I got off the phone and tried to redial the number it couldn’t go through. I immediately hung up and called my credit card company. Luckily nothing had been charged to my account yet. My company closed my accout number and are issuing me new cards and sending them to me UPS. Beware!!!

  318. prodigalmike says

    HERE IS THE CORRECT PLACE TO REPORT THEM!!! Federal Trade Commission –
    They will prosecute them!

    They are trying to steal your identity!!! I WAS TOLD SO BY THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION!!!

    Online: Use the secure complaint form.
    Phone: Call our toll-free helpline: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357);
    TTY: 1-866-653-4261
    Mail: Write to:
    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580

    They pretend to be your credit card company and they are not! THEY WANT YOUR INFORMATION TO STEAL YOUR IDENTITY!

    They will be rude and hang up on you if you question them. JERKS!! CROOKS!!! I reported them by phone to the Federal Trade Commision! You should too!

  319. Bob says

    I got a call from Account Services (520-838-4876) and got transferred to a supervisor who gave me this information about them:

    Freedom Choice Financial,
    4885 A McKnight Road, Suite 200
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    (888) 385-4030
    (410) 629-7081
    (888) 267-4920

  320. Wil says

    Just got a call from this organization. Pressed 1 and a female picked up. She wanted to ask all the questions: “with whom am I speaking.” Very evasive when I asked her who she was with, giving unprofessional answers like, “ummhmm.” I told her I didn’t have credit and hung up!

  321. Dmitri says

    I just got a call. Great job on this site!!! I googled them while on the phone. They said they were with Eperian. Same bogus information. Persistent buggers…. I hope they get caught!!!! When I was transferred to the supervisor, here is the info I got:
    Alan Bues
    Account Services
    I asked where they are located and he said in Atlanta, GA. I am shocked that some Federal Agency cannot go after these scumbags!!!! Once the guy asked me for my account and I told him that if they are with Experian, they should have that info. He tried convincing me that they need to make sure that I am the right person and there are thousands of people with visa and MC accounts. So, I got into it with them, just for $hits and giggles. BEWARE!!!!!

    • Beth says

      I just had a phone call from Account Services and I pressed 1 to speak to someone. I asked her how she got my number and she hung up on me. The number that showed up on my phone was 480-621-0568.

  322. megan Chester says

    I have gotten a call from them four different times and four different times i have asked them to remove me from their mailing list and they hang up on me keep calling back!!!! How do I get rid of them???

  323. Erika says

    Just got a call from “Account Services”. When I asked what bank they are with the woman said “Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Visa, Discover” I cut her off there and asked her if she expected me to think that all of those banks are owned by the same company. She said they are all different companies, but that “Account Services” is a company that is used by all of those banks. Un-huh…However, once I told her my interest rates are all under 5% she lost interest and said that she is only called to help those with much higher interest rates. Kind of odd that she wouldn’t even try to get any account info, my name, anything. I know she can’t do much with an estimate of my average interest rate…so what did she really want?
    There was a number on my caller ID though when she called: 480-621-0568
    When googled the number pops up as being used for a few different telemarketing things. None of the posts were satisfied customers though.

  324. Pam O'Shea says

    Provide the information to your state’s Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud division. It takes a lot of information for them to be able to actually actively do something so the more people who report them, the more likely it is they will be able to investigate.

  325. Kerri says

    I get these calls all the time from account services and when you ask them for there company address they tell you they can not provide you with it for security reasons. The number they called me from today was 16163180014. I am also on the do ot call list on the land line and cell phone, however I have gotten more calls since being on this list than I have ever received prior to being added. I think the government sells the information, and lord knows they do nothing when you contact them to complain.

  326. Tedeader says

    They are FCMA located @ 3500 Aloma Ave., Winter Park, Fl 32792. They can be reached @ 1-877-232-0788. I call them to chat and waste their time just like they waste mine when I have nothing else to do. They say VISA or MasterCard makes the initial call and if you push 1 you are calling them. Both VISA & MC categorically deny any involvement. If you are on the DNC go to your state’s AG site and file an online complaint. They issue cards from some off name banks and charge an upfront fee $500 – $1500 to get you a lower rate from folks like IBERIA bank.

    • H says

      I called this FCMA and they said they are a privately owned company, nothing to do with this “Account Services, Inc.” Account Services uses a random automatic generated cell phone number to make these calls so if you call back on the caller id, it’ll be someone’s personal cell. These people call at least 1x/month, I’m on Do Not Call list so I keep asking to speak to supervisor, get their business name, the credit card company who gave them my information, etc. They are always vague and never answer any questions! I tell them I will report them to FCC & usually the response is “Ugh!” and then they hang up. CREEPS!!!

  327. PSmith says

    Yep. Called the 1-877-232-0788 number and asked them to verify what they did, described the telemarketing call that I got and when I asked whether they were located in Atlanta, the guy got off the phone fast and handed it to a supervisor. She would not answer any question directly. So I do think this is the right name of the company and address. I am going to make a complaint to my attorney general’s office to see if they will do something to shut these crooks down.

  328. Adam says

    Just wanted to chime in – thanks for posting this article, it makes it easy to find out about them. I JUST got a call from them, and honestly just took it because I wondered who was going to pick up on the other end.

    The claimed the company is called “Account Services,” but obviously isn’t coming up with anything. But the number they called with wasn’t blocked, so I thought I’d add it to the list: 520-519-9832.

  329. Karen says

    So I get a call today, Sunday, at noon. Acct. Svc. (of course). Blocked #.

    The whole lower rate scam. Obviously outsourced to a sub-Asian telemarketing …whatever. I played along. Said yes to the amount of debt they said I had; yes to wanting a lower interest rate. Then they asked for my expiration date on my card …. Visa or MC? When I finally asked clarification as to which card, they kept saying either one. I gave bogus ones, made believe I had about 5 credit cards. When the expiration date was wrong on all of them they dropped the bomb. “Well give us your credit card number, the one beginning with a 5.” I made up one. And they said, “Ah yes that is the 3/12 expiration date.” I said “yes yes.” Then I said, very innocently, “You’re not gonna use this”, and he said they can’t without my mother’s middle name. Ha ha, so I ask if I can call them back to see if I can get a lower rate on my husband’s cards (no husband). I get an 866 # which turns out to belong to a camera tripod company. The funny thing is they didn’t ask for my name until after I gave them a Credit Card number. But they sure wanted to get off the phone fast after they got it. BEWARE.

  330. KarenF says

    I just got the same call from Account Services – when I asked them which credit card company, they said they “represent 400 credit card companies.” When I said it was suspicious and I was going to report them, the woman got very upset and started yelling at me. At which point I hung up.

    Going to report to FTC and State Atty General.

    For reference here, the number they called from wasn’t blocked, it was: 786-427-3567

  331. JB says

    I received another one of these calls today.

    The problem is it is impossible to trace these people. While the phone numbers are not blocked, these people use caller ID spoofing. That means that the number displayed on your Caller ID is not actually the number the call originates from. There are a ton of caller spoofing services available on the Internet.

    Spoofing numbers using VOIP makes the caller virtually impossible to trace, unfortunately. I don’t see how it’s possible to stop these people.

  332. Jorn says

    These guy keep calling. When I ask questions, I get hung up on. I kept “Sherry” (yes, that’s what this guy said his name was; I asked again) on the line for a while. I tried to understand his pitch, but it made no sense. He couldn’t explain how I’m magically qualified for a lower rate. When he alluded to some “new law,” I asked, but then he backed off. When it got to the point about me asking about why they are calling me, he tried to say “the card companies initiate the call.” “Which card company? I don’t do business with you and this is a federal offense.” After a a bit of me asking… politely I may add.. he also hung up on me.

    I’ll report this to the site, but it seems apparent this law has no teeth at all.

  333. GNF says

    My sister, my husband, and I are being harrassed by these @ssholes. I spoke to one today after I hit “1” and kept him on the line for 20 minutes with nonsensical drivel trying my best to give him the run around. I figured if I kept him on the line, maybe it will save someone else from falling victim.

    He needed my name (don’t you already know it?), my phone number (how did you call?), what my credit cards were (from major banks), there limits and how close I was to the limit (hey, you said you got my info from Equifax, wouldn’t you know this already?) These people should burn in hell for being such disgusting predators.

  334. GNF says

    Continued…here are the phone numbers they are calling from (they say they’re in North Carolina)

    619-729-5875 Cell phone, California

    714-408-3640 Landline, Anaheim, California

    480-652-0257 Cell phone, Phoenix, Arizona

    Either don’t pick up or have fun giving them a headache!

    • Kloo says

      Hey I just got that call today (anahiem California #) and I pressed 1 without even thinking twice, but the line went dead. This isn’t some type of phone cloning or identity theft scam where they can get my info because I presses 1 is it? Sorry I have no clue about these guys and I’m super paranoid right now

      • SnappyLiving says

        No. A lot of people here (including me) have pressed 1 or 2 to talk to someone and get off their calling list. You have to give them your info before they can do anything to you.

  335. BT says

    We’ve been getting daily robo-calls with what sounds like the same offer. Finally hit a key to talk with them, reached a guy with an India accent, and asked nicely to be removed from their calling list. Response was “sure, we’ll remove you from the calling list because you’re a s***head” and they hung up. Wow.

    Their reported caller ID was #1-(923)-000-7685

  336. EA says

    I got a call from “Visa/MasterCard Services” today offering to lower my credit card interest rates, because I pay on time. Lucky, I already know about this scam, because the rates being so high on these cards, I was tempted to go along with their offer. But I just told them to go rob their mother.
    Do not give out your full Credit Card # to anyone that calls you!!!!Guaranteed it is a scam!!!!!

  337. Mary Anne says

    Just got a phone call and this time it was from Grand Prairie, TX. Number was 972-762-1799. I kept asking how she got my number and she said that they had autodialers and she just picks up when someone presses 1. I kept after what credit card they were calling about and she would not answer. When I kept pushing, she hung up on me. Tried to call the number back and it said the mailbox was full. BEWARE!!!!

  338. Aisha says

    I got a call from these scammers today. The reason they called me, they said was because the credit bureaus had recommended me to them because of my great payment history, and that I qualified for a 10% interest rate on all my cards.
    They also stressed that they were not affiliated with any bank. I guess they changed their schtick.
    I hung up on them. Hopefully, they will leave me alone.

  339. alt says

    I got a call from these guys, too. I pressed the right number to speak to someone and rambled in a panic about how important is was to find out what credit card they were looking at in my name because I have none. (We live on cash and carry no debt!) I explained that someone must’ve stolen my identity and opened an account and I really needed to get the account reported and shut down. I begged that he help me to find out what was going on and how they got this info since I hadn’t heard before about someone having a card in my name…. LOL He was obviously confused and unsure how to handle the situation. He said he’d ask his supervisor and asked me to hold. He never got back on the line. At least I was able to keep him from harrassing someone else for a few minutes!! FYI: caller id was unknown caller

  340. alt says

    Guess what… its only been 6 hours and they just called again – but they hung up as soon as I answered. I heard the guy talking when I picked up, same foreign accent. Now I’m ready for the next one…

  341. EAO says

    Just thought I’d add my two cents. I had a similar situation, pressed one, and got a friendly sounding man who said he wanted to lower my balance. He asked a couple questions about how much I owed and my highest interest rate. Then he asked for the phone number for one of my card companies. I complied until he asked for my credit card number, which I refused to give. He told me I was protected under the Consumer Protection Act, thought I was unclear how. He said he was with Account Services out of New York. Here’s the Caller ID #:

  342. Loa says

    I’m pretty sure I’ve been had, too. I’m old. My husband has cancer. They caught me off guard. This morning I called and changed all of my credit card numbers. It was the only way. The number they gave to me was 1-877-344-1567. I tracked it back and it came back to Lower Interest Rates in Longwood, Florida. I also zabasearched the names of the two people I spoke with: Keith Grayson and Heather Klein, both of whom actually have Florida addresses and phone numbers. However, I still thought SCAM so I changed my credit card numbers. Better safe than sorry.

  343. Mark says

    I get these call’s all the time. I never answer a number without a name attached. if the call is important, (Family, Work ext.) they’ll leave a message. I’ll call it back, if it’s something of importance. None-the-less, I’ve performed all the above and to no prevail. My how technology is today. Again today I got a call from the mystery number ???? 972-762-1799 ????. I thought that maybe with the advanced technology that our US GOVERNMENT has I’ll call the FBI and let them know what I’ve tried, (all my possible solutions that I’m legal for as a US citizen) the no-name agent told me to not answer or answer and see what they want, but there wasn’t anything he could do. He was very short and then “CLICK” he hung up. Thanks!!!!!

  344. candace says

    I have today gotten probably the sixth call from these guys. The first four I simply hung up. Last time, I politely said “take me off your calling list and do not call me again”. She hung up. Today, I said “I have already asked you to take me off your calling list. If I get another call from you I will consider it harrassment.” She said “First of all your call is being recorded and second you never requested to be taken off our list.” I said yes I did, she cut in with “no you’re lying…”. I did not hear the rest because I yelled at her “YOU are lying you little BITCH!” and hung up. I will try as an earlier poster suggested to contact AG. I suspect now I will get even more calls. Oh and today they said tehy were located in Mesa, Arizona. No foreign accent.

  345. Dennis says

    These people have been calling me a long time.
    EVERY time I ask for a supervidor I get hung up on promptly.
    I am thinking these guys spoof their phone numbers through a VoIP service similar to skype or something, which is why they aren’t able to be traced.
    VoIP providers if they can provide this kind of anonymity “spoof” or “faked” phone numbers need to be held under some sort of regulation to enforce a properly identified phone number with each call or be forced to stop providing the service of VoIP in my opinion.

    With the consistant accents (I’ve never heard anyone that could speak english very well with these calls), and the potential amount of money they could be funneling, and the lack of credible business authenticity I almost want to think people could report them to homeland security for possible terrorist funding activity. Maybe then someone will give them the attention they need.

  346. Elefak Irakab says

    They have gotten cleverer.
    I get a few calls a week from the same “lower your interest rate, press 1 now” people.
    However, the caller ID always has some random number which is one or two digits different than my phone number! I tried calling back once, and got an actual person (not the tele-scam people).
    So they have figured out a way to make it look like they are calling from a different number than they are really calling from, to get around caller ID issues.

  347. Kelly Moore says

    I just received a call on my cell phone from Cardholder Services. I received the same crock that everyone else has received. They called me from 731-612-7016. And that really threw me for a loop as this is a cell phone number and very close to my own number. I hung up, of course.

  348. William says

    CallerID showed 701-217-1003, and the agent let it slip they were based in Orlando, Florida. I can’t find any such business in Orlando.

  349. billy says

    I also enjoy wasting these f-ers’ time. :) Chat em up for a few minutes, then start asking some questions — about their company — and they’ll hang up on you so fast your head’ll spin. Remember they probably don’t really know ANYthing about you except for your name and phone number, so feel free to invent your own little world and invite them in for a few minutes. They ARE trying to steal from you, so hold no mercy!

    She asked me to pronounce my name for me (and I do have a somewhat strange last name), so I said, “Ah, give it a shot, it sounds just like it looks,” just to see what she said. To my amazement, she actually had my last name!

    Today they were from San Francisco, by the way. I just had a good idea. Next time I’m going to say (where ever they say they’re from), “Oh I LOVE that town. You ever been to [insert made up restaurant name]?” I would bet that they’ll just say, “oh yeah, that place is great.”

    I think this expression gets over-used, but in all seriousness: How do these people sleep at night?

  350. AmyCat =^.^= says

    Unfortunately, it COSTS EXTRA to get Caller ID, and all the phone company “unidentified-call blocking” works off Caller ID. If I don’t want to give the damn Phone Company MORE money, they won’t do a damn thing to stop these scammers from harassing me.
    As for the toll-free numbers people have cited above:
    1-800-945-2101 (“Alan Blues”) gets a recording saying “This number is part of the Ignite Media Services network, but is not active at this time.”
    1-877-232-0788 is a temp agency’s Customer Service line; they say they’ve gotten so many wrong-number calls that they’re thinking of changing their number.

  351. READ and DO THIS! says

    Poster Tedeater above gave info on the root of this company.

    If you are registered on Do Not Call, you can complain to the FCC at 1-888-225-5322. When you get to the looong boring message press 0 and a human will answer and take your info. (I just went through this process and person was actually very helpful).

    Provide info about your call and when asked if you have more information about this company provide the following:

    3500 Aloma Ave.,
    Winter Park, Fl 32792

    State that you obtained this info from internet research on “Account Services” spam calls.

    This process was painless for me and unless FCC gets repeat complaints they won’t be able to build a case.

    • Gayle Johnson says

      Thanks for the phone number – you are correct. We all need to report them to wwwFcc.Gov – these people are calling late at night and have called me way to many times. Thanks

  352. Ga Boi says

    THESE guys are so stupid. i listen to what they had to say after I got the information i wanted. I asked them how does this work..and thisguy said soemthing about some law was passed and etc… i asked for the name and etc… long story short… i told him i was @ work and I would call them back…. hahahahahaha….now who the joke on.!!!!!!! I should have given you a credit card number of 1234 5678 YOU stupid.

  353. Cathy says

    I just got a call. It was an automated message that told me to press “9” to speak with a representative if I wanted to lower the interest rates on my credit cards. I’m on the “do not call” list, so I pressed 9 to let the representative know that. Immediately, a woman demanded to know the combined total of my credit card debt. I asked what company she was with. All she would say was “Account Services.” Again she demanded a debt amount. I asked her name – “Theresa”, probably a lie. I again asked for the company name. She got belligerent. When I began to tell her I was on the “do not call” list, she yelled at me for my rude behavior, and hung up. The number that called my phone was: (404) 895-5538.

  354. Andy says

    The scam is continuing in 2011, surprise, surprise. I just got “the call”. Same MO as described by Cathy above. I don’t have caller ID so I don’t know if a number would have been displayed. The woman I got after I pressed 9 spoke unaccented American English, was not rude but simply hung up after I told her we were on the Do-Not-Call list.

  355. Christine says

    Just got a call from Account Services.. was very suspicious as they could not provide me with the lender information they were calling on behalf of.. finally went to computer while on phone with them.. found the scam information website and asked for a number to call them back at when my husband got home.. They hung up… # they called from was 304 445 5940..

  356. Tristan says

    I get these calls just about every day and from a couple of different numbers. The one I just received 10 minutes ago was from: 626-273-8212.

    I talked to “Stephanie” and she said she was with “Account Services” and that they were located in Cleveland, Ohio. Do they have a mobile call center? *LOL*

  357. Mott says

    If you press the 3 to no receive any more calls, nothing happens. The phone number that displays on caller ID’s here is meaningless. They actually commandeered other local people’s phone numbers to do mass phone solicitations. I live in a small town and was getting these calls from numbers of people and businesses I knew and they had no idea this going on. I don’t know how they do it but it’s a scam for sure. Report all to your State, time, number, etc.

  358. Louie says

    I kept track of the calls: date, time and the 800 # that showed on my caller ID(they no longer use blocked ID but an 800 # you can’t call). When you try to ask to be removed from their call list they hang up. It is against FTC law to call someone who has requested not to be called. After several attempts I got my request in without a hang-up. I reported them to the FTC. The calls stopped for about 6 months. I’ve gotten 2 calls in the last few days and will report them again

  359. Bill says

    Persistent callers, even though I’m on the “do not call” list. I press 1 to speak to an Operator and today tried to find their web page, which the lady could not identify. Every company has a web page, but apparently not this outfit!
    Don’t know what I can do, although I’ve been told by a friend that if I hit the # key repeatedly during the recorded message that their computer will eventually not call my number. Any comments on this idea?

  360. Zarina says

    Second day in a row, like others I was unsuccessful in speaking with someone who could remove my number. When I mentioned I was filing a complaint with the FTC, Cathy hung up. The FTC makes filing a complaint on-line extremely easy; so, be sure to file one. Also, I think we should all ask to speak with an operator and eat up as much of their time as possible. I live in Hawaii. Cathy said they are “Account Services for Visa/Mastercard and we’re located in Winterpark, Florida.”

  361. Al says

    I’ve been getting phone calls from “Account Services” for years. Today for the first time the number wasn’t blocked. It was 513-593-5249, in Oxford, Ohio, a Cingular Cellular number, probably a pre-paid cell phone. The person tried to talk me into giving her my credit card number. I played dumb and dragged the phone call out for a long time, hoping to get some information from her, but when it became evident I was not going to give her my credit card number she hung up. The opening recording said the call was from my credit card company, and yet she didn’t know which banks my cards were with or anything.

    I know that the local, state and Federal authorities are 20 years behind the times in technology, and there isn’t much they can do about these criminals. But at some point our law enforcement needs to catch up with the times. This scam from these people has been going on for a very long time, years, and it doesn’t appear anyone is doing anything about it. There is a special place in hell for people like this.

  362. Ellen says

    I just got a call at work from 216-767-6514. The recording said the call was regarding my credit card and lowering my interest rate. It also said several letters had been sent to my home had gone unanswered. My interest rate is already low and I have received nothing in the mail so I pressed 1 to play along. The guy who answered the call asked if I had more than $4,000 in credit card debit. I said yes but what letters have you sent to my home. He had no idea what I was talking about. I asked four times what the name of his company was to which he finally said Account Services. I asked several more questions and he got mader and mader before he finally said, Do you want to lower your interest rate or not”? I said I want to know why you have called me at a hospital to ask me these questions. He hung up.

  363. butros maccanandho says

    I beleive some of these types are legit. In the fact that they are not trying to get your account info. to use or steal it, but to legitamately sign you up or renogotiate another type of card or loan to pay-off high interest credit cards. I too played a long said they could lower to as low as 6.9% then asked what types, experations, balances etc. They then wanted to no about inyerest rates starting with the highest rate first ( but not neccissarily would be the highest balance first-thinking they wouldnt care about the $1,000 bal. and want the 10K one first). Then when I said 10.9 , 8.9 on the rest. They said sorry you don’t qualify , you need to have 12.9% or higher. I said so I want the 6.9% or even 7.9 %. so if I miss a payment or two or late and get my interest rate jacked up , you can get me 6.9%. No sir we don’ recommend that, sorry for your trouble. Then why didn’t you just tell people in recording if you must have current rates of 12.9% or higher we can maybe lower to as low as 6.9%. They are assuming you have a rate of over 12.9%. They probably make money by a percentage of outstanding balance vs. interest reduced or just signing bonus to a lower credit card, such as if you had 3 cards totaling 10,000 with a 16.9 % they move you to a 13.9%. They get x amount of dollars or so much .0015 over a 3-years,etc. Or yes they could be completely scaming for card & holder info to use or sell. Either way it smacks of dishonesty aqnd scammish. If you play along give complete bogus info. And remember to take time to check out all your monthly statements. I even find legit offers from my credit card company ( usually a authorized 3rd party ) protection, credit report service, life or credit card ins. etc billed and have to somewhat fight to get taken off especially if goes past 3 billings.

  364. darline says

    i’mtting calls from these people also and they keep calling but with differet phone numbers all the time. i have been filing complaints against each # seperatly as they call. how does one stop these people? my number is unlisted # and registered under the do not call list.

    • Gayle Johnson says

      I am with you – I too have been getting calls from these people. I have signed up for the do not call list and they still call. I cannot figure out how to get them to quit calling. If you come up with something, please post it here.

  365. darline says

    Ok, I called one # back and belonged to someone else as their customer service line. I shared info with them so they can try do something about this. The key is SHARE INFO!!! With EVERYONE you know. Email and tell everyone about this site and about “Accounts Services” Let the scammers know people are on to them!! AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!!

  366. Gail says

    They just called me, and were pushing really hard to get expiration dates and credit card numbers, they said not everyone qualified, only my great credit standing, it don’t stand that well to be honest so I figured it was a farce.I do remember it has ALWAYS been said give no information to a stranger, you can’t verify NO MATTER WHAT!

  367. Susan says

    I’ve received this call several times. The person is trying to get my credit card information and will not provide their company name. The caller ID is “Private” so you can’t identify them. The person I spoke to was a woman.

  368. Jolie says

    I get calls from these people MULTIPLE times a day. I have reported them to the MN state attorney general and the FTC. I have tried speaking to those who answer when you press 1, and even got a supervisor once. I refused to provide my card information and they refused to provide contact information or even a company name unless I gave them my credit card numbers. I asked which credit card do they service, and they said ALL OF THEM. What a bunch of BS, but I know my mom or grandma would fall for their scare tactics which include telling people “we have sent you multiple notices” so they think they are behind or going to get in trouble. They need to be stopped.

  369. S M Blake says

    I just received a call from Angela at Credit Card Services for visa and master card.
    I asked how she received information about me – she sd every 6 mos. they receive notification that I am either eligible for a lower rate or increase.
    I asked what do you get out of this – she sd the credit card company pays them a fee and I will have to pay nothing. She asked for my card number and I said shouldn’t you be giving that to me – send me something in writing – I am not comfortable giving out my card number and I heard “click” – checke the caller ID – unavailable. The credit card company would contact me directly in either of the instances – I new this was a scam

  370. Kelle says

    Just got a call from these people and googled “Account Services Scam” while I was on the phone. So glad this site came up! My number is also on the Do Not Call list and when I asked if they were a consolidation service the guy said “No, your accounts stay with the original bank. I’m not sure how they do it actually.”. It’s all about asking the right questions and seeing through the BS.
    Number showed on caller ID as Unknown Name 203-584-5201.

  371. STAN says


  372. Cathy says

    I just got a call from Heather (automated) to lower my interest rates on my Visa or Mastercard. I pushed 1 and was told that my interest would be lowered because I have made payments on time for the last 6 months. I was asked if I had over $3500 in debt. I asked her which credit card company she was from. she wouldn’t tell me. She just said VISA. She asked for my account numbers. I told her there was no way I was going to give her my account numbers!
    I’m in Camarillo, CA and this is the 2 or 3rd call I have received. Don’t fall for this one!

  373. Bea says

    I got call today and I’ve gotten a few other calls from these “Account Services” crooks from #513-593-7418 though I’m sure they have muliple numbers from which they make calls. I always press “1” to speak to a rep and demand to know the name of their company but they always hang up. I filed a complaint with the I don’t know if it helps but it a least puts that number on file.

  374. Stacey says

    I just received a call from Teresa from Account Services….AT MY WORK PHONE. I work for the Sheriff’s Office and when I asked what credit card provider she was with, she stated “Account Services”. She kept asking me if I had more than $3000 debt? I told her I have quite a bit, and she kept trying saying how much? I finally said I wasn’t comfortable giving this information out over the phone, and Teresa say “well, thank you anyway” and hung up. These guy’s are scammers. I saw a number of 513-593-7418 on my caller ID also. These people are the bottom, under the pond scum……….

  375. Lizzy says

    I have received these calls numerous times over the last month! Driving me crazy, I do the press 1 and ask that they stop calling and the last time asked for the name of their company and where they are calling from and was told “your anus” and then they hung up! Chicken is what that is! If anyone finds out how to block please post!

  376. Lynn says

    They call me every week. I also am unlisted and on a do-no-call list. Today I pressed ONE to tell them to remove me from their call list. A woman answered. I asked her the name of the company. She reluctantly said, “Account Services.” I asked where the company was based out of. She hesitated and then hung up.

    You would think that callin people on the do-not-call list is breaking the law, but no one seems to care.

  377. Patti says

    I am on their weekly call back list and after several attempts to get them to stop call me, I am now trying another avenue….consume their time…waste as much of their time as they do mine. Make it appear you are interested…ask lots of questions and try to get some identity to the firm. I was able to get a manager (Tom Jenkins… yeah right) on the phone and told them I was really intereted in the service, but reluctant to share my credit information with a stranger. I asked if they were registered with the BBB in Orlando where this office was located. Of course they said yes! Asked if they were registered with S & P and they were unfamiliar with the firm.

    I was able to find out they are a private firm with numderous office in florida and georgia (orlando, atlanta, tampa etc.) Account Services is the name they are doing business under and they negotiate the reduction in rate and take several percentage points as payment. I wanted to share this with anyone who is also trying to make these people stop calling…Hopefully we can find out who they are…

    • Patricia says

      At the last part you said, why would you believe all that though? They could be giving you fake information, just like all the other “fake” information.

  378. Elizabeth says

    I have received more that one phone call from this outfit. When I press one and tell them to put my name on their do not call list they quickly hang up immediately. How does one get rid of them ??? I have never given any info to them, and will never do so.

  379. Fed Up says

    I get several of these calls each and every day. They are cell phone numbers from all over the USA. Adding them to call blocking does not work because they just change the number they are calling from. Most of the time the answering machine get them and they leave a number to call back. I did this one time and the female on the other end hung up on me when I ask to be removed from their call list. Today I answered it and pressed 1, about the time a very crabby sounding female answered the phone one of my little dachshunds was running toward the street and I yelled at her come come back. Well, the crabby woman asked “did you just yell in my ear?” and then hung up. It was unintentional but PRICELESS. I have decided that I am going to get me a very shrill whistle and every time they call I am going to press 1 and blow that whistle in the phone. I have heard that they works–sometimes. It may not stop the calls but I will feel better.

  380. Alice says

    I, like all of you am fed up with this scam company, so I went to and filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney Generals office, I’m hoping that if the AGs office gets alot of complaints they can stop these scammers in their tracks.

    • truckNtim says

      I also reported them to the Florida AG office i get at least2 to 3 calls a week from theses people but from different number. I also suggest everyone to write the number they call from on a calendar and a name of the person if you can get it and the company name \. They seem to either use Account member services or just account services. This will assist any State Attorney Generals office enough info to submit it as harassment and is not only a state but federal offense.

  381. Ben says

    When Account Services called again yesterday, I kept the representative (with an Indian accent) on the line long enough for him to give me their street address and number:

    123 Business Park Avenue
    Orlando, FL 26915

    I was surprised, because whenever I’ve asked before, the rep has hung up immediately. Anyone have ideas as to how to utilize this information?

    • 1FastBeemer says

      This is a Fake address, that is why they gave it. Wrong zip code for Orlando, FL also. Come on people; use a search engine or your favorite online map software. This address does not exist on mapquest or bing maps. Less than 30 seconds to check.

  382. terry says

    I’ve been getting these calls for the last year in Texas. I usually just hang up. I finally decided to ask them to take my number off they’re call list and they hung up. Last night they called and I played along like I was interested for a few minutes. When I finally told them I had just made the info up to find out why they keep calling when I’ve told them not too he replied “and we’re going to keep calling” and hung up. This is nuts. Why would they bother to call you back after they’re so rude to you. Are they that stupid to think that after they’ve hung up on you and made rude comments that you’re going to somehow forget and give them you’re credit card information? I think I’m going to invest in a whistle too, or maybe an airhorn.

  383. Jim Richoux says

    I keep getting calls from Account Services at all hours of the day and late into the night. Spoke to Moses and as soon as I asked about the company he hung up on me. I called the number posted avoe 1-800 327-0853 and it busy. If anyone has another number please post it.

  384. anthony says

    Just got one myself the number that showed up was 407-488-8882. The number is located in the Orlando, FL area.
    I called the number back, it goes to a condo resort. Spoke to the guy down there and apparantly the already spoke to Smart City Solutions because their phone# has been spoofed by these scamming bastards.

  385. Sid says

    I have received many calls from account services. Even if they were
    legit, they couldn’t help me,as I only use debit cards. When I try to explain, they hang up. Yesterday, I spoke to Roger, a very nice fellow with a Brit
    accent. He didn’t hang up, and said he would have my number removed
    from the autmatic dialer, but it will take a while. We’ll see. I will keep you
    posted. It will be easy to tell if it worked. (If one day goes by without a call)

  386. Eddude says

    I am from California and I too get these calls on a regular basis. They are breaking the law for sure. I am on the Fed Do Not Call List. By the way…it is now illegal to use recorded messages for sales calls. I suggest that we swamp the Federal Trade Commission (The regulating agency) with complaints about the company. If anyone has a proven solution, please post it.

  387. beth says

    scam – said card services from Orlando FLA- starts with prerecorded number- everhting with your current cc is fine- want to reduce your interest rate press 9 – did this woman asked for total cc debt- then asked for specifc issuer names and account numbers to “automatcially” check balances. Said no- began question business name – trying to find website supv- comes on explaining ” merchant” protocal as they are “affilated” with over 500 merchants- told them wanted to switch phones they hung up- tried to call back re: caller ID number ” no name with number” and phone number is spoofed with a 304 (west Virgina number) 304 445 6838- Repored to National Registry

  388. Vu Radovi says

    I also got a call from these idiots today, but when I started asking questions, they hung up on me. However, the number was not blocked, it was 513 720 3419. This definitely sounds like a scam. Is there a place where I can report this?

  389. Beth says

    Just got a call and thought I would look it up online because like what has happened to all of you I couldn’t get much information. Stupid me I verified my phone number… I’m getting a whistle. The number was from Memphis, TN (901)626-9238

  390. Kay says

    Comment from G – March 1 @ 1:03 pm: Account Services is FIA Card Services in HUnt Valley MD 1-888-998-2771

    I called the number and asked several questions – – your post seems to be a promising lead in my battle against these criminals. My final comment to the representative was that the phone number I called would be the number listed in my complaint to the Texas Attorney General.

  391. David says

    •Many fraudulent credit card interest reduction rate scams use automated calling systems that deliver a recorded message. This technique, known as “robocalling,” is illegal for telemarketers in most circumstances, according to the FTC. You are directed to press a certain number to speak to a live agent and another number to be removed from the calling list. The agent will hang up on you if you ask to be removed or ask specific questions about the company. The option to remove yourself from the list usually does not work, and the return number on your caller ID is generally spoofed, which means it is a phony number, or does not take incoming calls, the FTC warns.
    •Many telemarketers for interest-rate reduction scams will claim to be affiliated with your bank. They will avoid your question if ask which bank specifically, or they will name a major Visa or MasterCard issuer like Chase or Citibank. They may also say, “I’m calling about your Visa account that starts with …,” and they will say the first four numbers on your card but the fact is that Visa cards start with the same four numbers, and MasterCard accounts start with the same five, but many people don’t know that. So the caller is fraudulently sounding as though he already has your information.
    Unauthorized Charges
    •A fraudulent credit card interest-rate scam agent will ask for your credit card numbers to contact the issuers and negotiate a lower rate. He usually fails to mention he is also going to charge your cards. The FTC states the fee can run hundreds of dollars, and the company may not even perform any negotiations on your behalf. The company will claim you authorized the charge by giving it your account number if you dispute the transaction with your bank.
    False Promises
    •Fraudulent credit card interest-rate reduction companies are notorious for making promises they have no intention of keeping and making guarantees that are never honored. The FTC cites one company that charged consumers $695 and claimed they would save at least $2,500 in interest or they would give the consumer a full refund. They were unsuccessful at negotiating interest-rate reductions but refused to give the promised refunds.
    Lack of Identification
    •Many companies will not provide their real names, telephone numbers and other identifying information when they are perpetrating a credit card interest-rate reduction scam. Kathy Kristof of CBS Money Watch explains they will use a generic name like “Account Services.” This prevents you from looking them up on the Better Business Bureau website or checking them out with other consumer advocate groups. It also makes it difficult to find them and demand a refund when you realize you have been scammed

    Read more: Credit Card Interest-Rate Reduction Scams |

  392. Robin says

    For those of you who want to know who these people are behind this “company” and the calls. The private investigator who researched and found the “owners” was accurate. They registered in Florida with a domain name of “My United Financial.Org” and organized under Capital Relations Inc. The owners are J. Blake Curtis and Cynthia Curtis. Their personal e-mail address is and if you’re looking for a phone number to speak with them directly about the great “Account Services” they can offer they can be reached at their personal cell phones numbers: 407-334-5140 for Blake and 407-430-3461 for Cindy. They’re now also selling life insurance for Prudential in case you’re interested in scheduling an appointment.

  393. R G Bakier says

    I’m in Colorado, and have been getting these calls for several months and they hang up when I asked which card are they calling on. They hang up on me when I say to stop calling me I’m on the national do not call list. I just got called again and they called me a stupid son of a bitch for pressing #1 when I said to stop calling me again! I can’t believe that there are americans that will go to work for this obviously illeagal company. The next time they call I’m going to say, “this is the last time your going to call me, I’ve traced your call and I’m going to blow up your office and laugh at your burning, bloody corpse. Then spit in your crying kids face.” Of coarse I have no intentions of doing this but maybe just maybe they will stop harrassing me. Or better yet I’ll get contacted by the police so we all can find out who is making these calls.

  394. R G Bakier says

    I forgot to add in my post that the ph # was 406-219-2389, and I registered this number under the do not call complaint registry online. Please all do the same. When you call back the # you will never get a hold of someone.

  395. Edward Richardon says

    Got a call that came in on caller ID as “anonymous” and “out of area” They claimed to be with “Premium Benefits Plus” and I had been selected because of my good credit rating with experian. They wanted to lower my interest rates on my current credit cards and all they need from me was the name of the card and the account numbers. While I had them on the phone I searched BBB and found no listing. I also searched the internet and found “Premium Benefits Plus Benefits Club” that said nothing about lowering credit card interest rates amoung its “100 Benefits”. When I asked if I had the found the right company on the internet I got “Oh ya, that’s us” I asked him to verify the address of his company’s home office he told me to hold on a minute and he would get it…he never came back from putting me on hold.

    Needless to say, he got nothing from me…spread the word!!!

  396. Angie says

    I just received such a call on my cell phone. The phone number is 513-633-6377. When I inquired as to what company this was, I was told only “Card Services.” When I pressed the rep. for more information, she hung up on me.

  397. MIlton B says

    I got a call from these people today. I asked a few questions about their identity, and they hung up. Glad to see you are out there spreading the word on this scam!

  398. Daniel W says

    315.447.4279 is the number that registered on my phone–assuming it is a bad #… I refused to give them info, hung up on them, and then called my credit card company to see what that was all about–verified scam… Verizon can’t/won’t track the call.

  399. mrs. mama says

    well, been receiving numerous calls over the last few days with them…(a total of four within 2 hours today) from the same number… which sounds like a cell phone number when i called back….. from numerous numbers and also from blocked numbers. i have called the FTC, BBB here in cali, and will call the Atty Gen. tomorrow… also recived calls from numbers that are 2 digits off them mine, i called the numbers back and advised the person who answered the phone what was going on… they had no idea, and well, Ghettro (AKA Metro) cant and wont look into it. i advised the BBB and FTC every time i get a call, i will call them, and if there is a number attached to my phone they will get it….

    i will be checking up as much as i can… OHHHH, and i also found a number from a previous post and spoke to a supervisor of a company, and explaned to him, i am the last person you want to keep calling… he said he would forward my number to his auto dialing and his “fraud: dept…. yeah right…. if there is any other info in the cali area, please help me, and i will call and call till i get an answer

  400. ctravers says

    Got a call and pressed 1 just to talk to someone to be removed and the lady tried to run her garbage lines on me to try to get me to use her service. The whole time she was hacking away with a horrible smokers cough. It was so unprofessional and I knew right away it was a scam. I started to ask her questions about her company and said I wasn’t comfortable giving away any of my information over the phoen to her. She ended up saying, “good news you don’t qualify, have a good day, bye!”. Such scummy people that try to take advantage of hard working individuals. The number that I received the call from yesterday was 401-651-7118 and then today the automated call came through via Private number.

  401. mrs. mama says

    ctravers…. same number i got the calls from the last two days.. and another one about 45 mins ago…. called the FCC and made a complaint…. they are going to send something via email to me.. and i am just waiting for my ATTY GEN office people to come back from lunch…. every time they call i will call who i can to complain, and i will take up their time….

    they hung up on me today, but when i dialed the number back 401-651-7118… the msg i got was… “The voice mailbox for ‘Hashish’ (or whatever the name was) is full”… go figure… call the FCC 1-888-225-5322, your local BBB (Better Business Buearu), and ATTY GEN office.. everytime time they call i will call the FCC FTC BBB…

    any other information, do tell… as well, what city you are from as i will check back here, and when i complain, i will let FTC FCC BBB what other cities and or states.. also post the number that pops up if there is any…

  402. Brenda west says

    I too received this call. However, a TELEPHONE NO. WAS DISPLAYED on my caller ID with the caller name “RESET”. I knew the call was a scam so I said I would call them back. They hung up. I called the no. On my caller ID. Did not even ring! So now they have figured out how to display a fake # on your caller ID. # was 406-219-2378. From the above comments, I see that they are always changing their #. Keep calling the FCC, BBB and attorney general. Their must be Some way to stop this. No good to block the no, they just change it.

  403. Lola says

    Just got a call from them. Googled as I was talking to him. Wanted my account number. Thanks for the blog. Close call.

  404. mrs. mama says

    the link above is something that i thought might help, as i have been on numerous blogs and sites, and just came across this.. and recall seeing the names of companies listed in this article on the blog of others…. check it out… and i am interested in any other info about the name of the company calling and if anyone can get a call back number , address… etc…

    • Kaly says

      I just got my first call from “Account Services” saying nothing was wrong with my card and to press 9 if I was interested in lowering my interest rate to 6.9% as this was my final notification. After pressing 9, a man came on the line and tried to confirm if I was over $5000 in debt and the phone number they had reached me at. As soon as I started to ask a question he hung up and when I tried to return the call the line was always busy. Figured it was a scam because the number looked like a local area code (720). I am in Colorado and the number actually came up (702)232-5103 with no name of course. Glad at first glance I read it wrong because that was what first made me think it was a scam.

  405. Aaron says

    I recived several calls from them as well. i got tired of it and started logging the calls the past two i took notes on the ifrst one was a black woman named tonya and had a unblocked number, i called it back on a blocked number and it went right to a recorded message saying the mailbox was full. The second time i called it was a guy and it was blocked this time. I contacted the local police and they sent me to the attorney general. I had a few phone conversations with them and got passed on to the federal trade commision. They took a report and are looking into nwhat they can with it. I hope that something can be done because i feel bad for the person struggling with debt that falls for it or the elderly couple that gives the credit card number to them.

  406. Jon says

    My wife and I have been getting these calls for about a month now from the following numbers:

    405-005-65392 (not a typo, my phone really said this)

    They have a computer recording from “Account Services” asking if I want to reduce my Credit Card Interest. My wife asked to be removed from their list and they hung up on her. She then got the call again and she asked who they were with, they replied “Card Services in Florida”.

    I recived the call again today. This is the third time in a month. I pressed the “1” key to speak with a representative. When they answered they asked if I had pressed 1 to lower my interest rate. I told them “This is your last warning, dont call this number again” to which they replied “You wont do anything if we do”.

    I do not know who this is, but they called again 5 hours later with the odd number listed above and left a message with the computer recording.

    This is getting ridiculous and they need to be stopped.

    I got the call again today

  407. Kay says

    I have received these repeatedly on my land line and they usually come with display of 800 service on the caller id. I am now receiving them on my cell phone with caller id of Unknown. I answered then pressed one to talk to the ‘representative’. His name was ‘Ken’ and when I informed him the number he called was on the ‘no call list’ and to make sure he did not call again. He got extremely rude and said he could call anyone he wanted for whatever he wanted and he was not doing anything illegal. He would not give me the company he was supposedly calling for. I got a little heated and demanded to speak to his supervisor which he said he would transfer me then he hung up.

  408. Anna says

    @ Robin – I tried calling the numbers you provided a week ago and they said they aren’t working numbers. They must’ve gotten a lot of calls!

  409. Paul Rafferty says

    Today I recieved an auto call on my work cell phone from Account Services, I pressed 1 to talk to a live operator and got “Stephenie” When I asked her to remove me from thier calling list she became very belligerent with me and I had to hang up on her! The number that came up on my caller ID was: 601-398-7565.

  410. j says

    I got a call from Account services today. It started as the automated message and press 1 like others have said. A man told me if I had over $3000 in debt in good financial standing they could do some bartering and get interest rate down to 6%. I asked who they were, he even told me his name I could look up on facebook Scott Deutmer from Orlando. I asked what they got out of helping trying to lower my interest rates, and he said he gets a $100. I asked what the company gets and started changing the subject and said something about a “cut” but there was no upfront cost. He was very patient and nice.

    Typically I very quickly dodge anybody who tries to sell me anything even if they are totally legit I even have a monthly credit monitoring through equifax. He seriously caught me at a weak innocent moment on a day I was trying to handle my budget. They wanted my account numbers to verify the balance but nothing that could be utilized in a bad way they said. I gave it to him- no kidding duh-unbelievable!!!! He told me how much my balance was but he needed an account that would better verify I had good credit -that meant he said a credit card with a larger credit line with a bigger debt to limit ratio. He had told me throughout the phone call that I would be directed after this preliminary screening call to the account managers that would set everything up and give me more information. He had asked for my phone number in case our call got dropped-which I gave. A few minutes later the call dropped and he called back but the number was different. I was not about to give any more information and he just told me that I would be receiving a call back soon. I immediately contacted by credit report monitoring services and locked my credit report and canceled my credit card.

    Although I had been leery I still proceeded to give out too much info, I am not as financially desperate as many people are in todays economy and am seriously concerned they could be getting quite a “cut” out of people who are already suffering.

    The phone numbers used were:

    Mississippi 315-447-4279
    New York 601-398-7565

    Of course when called back was a standard non programed cell phone voice mail message saying the voice mailbox had not been set up yet.

  411. Tom says

    The calls are now coming from TEN digit “numbers” to our cell phones….

    The latest “numbers” to call with this scam are:

    Best option….Press 1 (or 9 – whatever you are prompted), then start talking, a bit softly. Play along for a moment, and while you are softly talking (mid-sentence), BLAST them with a Sports Air Horn. Well worth the $10 investment to try and blow the headset off of these scum-sucking. no-good, brainless, criminals. With any luck, you might pop an eardrum.

  412. Amber says

    I just received a call myself. I we very skeptical so i looked up the company name online while I was talking with him. I told him I’m not giving him any information until he gives me the website and he gave it to me and hung up. The number he called from is 208-761-8806 and my caller ID says it is from Boise, ID. I tried calling back and it goes directly to a voice mail message that is not set up. One thing I know, If your credit card interest is able to be lowered, your credit card company would call you not someone else.

  413. John says

    I got the same call on my cell phone. The number did come up as (975)165-5640. I really began grilling Heather and she had many of the right answers if I had been extremely desperate and seeking relief. I asked if they had a website she advised no. I told her any reputable company would. That is when she said she would mail me something out and ended the call very quickly.

  414. Gary says

    I get them all the time on both my cell phone and land line. Lets start a campaign. The next time you get the call press to talk to someone then just scream into the phone when they answer. If all of America did that, sooner or later they would stop calling your number as no one would want to work there to make these calls. I am starting on the next call.

  415. Sue Ellen says

    I received a call this morning on my cell phone from (209) 416-3994 requesting I press 1 as this was my last chance to reduce my credit card interest. Out of curiosity, I pressed 1 and was connected to Stephanie Butler from Account Services – her number had a (654) exchange but my cell phone didn’t record (and I wasn’t quick enough to note) since I had been transferred from the automated number. She proceeded to ask several questions which I gave limited responses. I asked about the notifications she said they had sent me in the mail – she said I probably thought it was junk mail and trashed. At that point, I asked for a call back number so I could validate -she had her supervisor, Jason, get on the phone to explain it was a call center and there was no call back number. He was very rude when I said unless you provide a call back number and the bank that supposedly referred me then I would not be sharing information – he said “well it is your loss and your credit debit!!” I abruptly hung up!

  416. Ezra` says

    I received a call from them as well. Said they were known as ‘Card Member Services’. Strange thing is my caller ID said it was someone named ‘Mark Cochran’ 717-635-8238′,a local number for my area. When I called back I connected with an answering machine that stated only that no one was available andleave a message. I am reporting this to the Pa.Commonwealth Attorny and the FCC. If we overwhelm them they may finally do something about this.

  417. Joe Small says

    I get calls from them on home phone and also cell phone. Their computer dial system usually comes through my home phone with a local number (last time my next door neighbor). Today it was “Eric” that I talked with and the call came with a 313 Area Code (Detroit). Every time I talk with them they always hang up if I start asking them questions (Where are you located? What number can I call you back? What States are you licensed to work with?) They ARE trying to get a credit card number from you…DON’T GIVE THEM ONE!!!!!!

  418. Gary Hern says

    I just received a call from Rachel saying please hold to lower your credit card rate to 6.9%
    I’m sure this is a scam because My credit car is 7.9% and no one calls me from my Credit
    Union. The caller switched me to an Asian sounding man who sounded familiar as the one who called several weeks ago saying I had won a lotter drawing from my DMV and
    because I was a local subscriber to the DMV that is where they got my current phone number. Both are scams, however I started to think the caller or callers are from Las
    Vegas’s cell phone with stolen phones from the Caribian area. The last phone I traced was to East LA off of the I-5 and Vernon Ave. I feel confident they are the same bunch of people, because I just now received a letter saying I am in the new Cox directory and it will be published and I have never given DMV my phone number. I believe a Cox employee has given my and you reading this note our phone numbers. I like Cox, but this is a broad ban phone and they always call at 2:45 PM on Wed., and Fridays. I tell them I have reported them to the Police and they always are polite and say their sorry and hang up. I’m guessing their Filipino and speak English because of their spelling
    capabilities. They now have an American speaking woman calling so you won’t hang up on them.. Sound close to anyone else? They gain one piece of important info from
    you each time to take over your credit and start to build up someones new to the US.
    They are either printing new credit cards, driver lic. Social Security numbers and may
    even be connected to the Islamic center at the other end of the Filipino Islands.
    They ask if your phone number is correct, then your address if it is correct, then your age, then they try to get you to mail them a Western Union for confirmation they know you to create Rapport. Now they just need to get your ID number on Your Credit Card
    they are not worried about you tracing them they receive stolen cards weekly, they set
    up call centers across the country, LA, Las Vegas, Florida always large Asian areas.
    Next the will want your relative’s name or your children’s names and age. each time they will build a profile on you for what ever purpose. Social Security scams, well fare
    Fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, Insurance fraud, because they asked me who my
    benificicaries were? Life ins., etc maybe? It’s almost like we have to do all of the home
    work, draw a picture for the police before they will help or wait to be a victim in order to
    get help, like being shot before you can press charges? weird stuff!

    • SDK says

      I just got one of these calls, did not answer since I did not know the number (5072269420). I looked it up first to see who is calling me. Is unpublished number but I did a web search (just in case) and found this site. Glad I Did! Thanks for the info.

      • Dave says

        I just got a call from these &%#holes. They said that they were from Account Services and ended up hanging up on me. Kinda figured it was a scam as I don’t have a credit card. I also tried to call the number listed above, and I got a message saying that all International circuits to the country I was trying to call were busy. Either these guys are pretty good hackers, or they are in another country.

    • MPatterson says

      Just got a call like the one described in this article from the number 805-288-3247, and it’s pretty disturbing. I guess the best rule of thumb is never to give out financial account information to someone who has contacted you out of the blue.

  419. John Scott says

    I just got a call on my cell phone from Account Services. 347-263-2551 I spoke with a live operator but she quickly ended the call once she knew I had no interest in participating. If it had not been my cell phone I might have played along.

  420. gina says

    I just received one and i told them i was on a do not call list and she said “i got you anyway”. I did a *69 and it’s from 702-232-5103. When i redialed, it was a verizon wireless no longer in service or number has been changed!

    • Matt says

      I just received a call from the same number 702-232-5103. I got an automated voice message and then was told to press 9 to lower my interest rate. I thought it was a real offer, since the message started with this is your final notice. I talked to two different people. They can never say which company they are with. The first woman was very rushed, and then she told me she would search for a supervisor if I was hesitant. While I waited I googled what she told me was the name of their “company” Account Services. When another man got on the line he told me he was the account supervisor, talked down to me and was pressuring me to give him my information. DO NOT DO THIS! MAJOR SCAM!!!

      • Ken says

        I just got a call on my cell phone that was the same as Matts. Difference is that it was automated and press 1 for lower interest rates, again final notice. When answered I asked if this was Account Services and he said yes. I informed him that this company was on notice not to call me again. The number was 912-447-3244.

  421. Mya says

    I just received a call from 702-232-5103 stating the same thing as everyone else. I asked what the name of the company was and the caller said Account Services. When I asked where the company was located out of the caller hung up on me. When I Googled Account Services, I found this information. Glad I didn’t tell them anything!!

  422. Gina says

    I received a call from 347-263-2551 and my caller ID displayed “New York Call.” The caller identified herself as Stephanie Butler from Account Services. She advised that she could help consolidate my debt as long as I had at least $5,000 in credit card debt. Having had these calls before, I played along. She wanted to know how much debt I had and I responded with a figure of $11,000. She asked how many credit cards I had. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: I responded that I only had one credit card. (She wanted to get more credit card numbers from me to increase her theft.)

    I asked her the name of her company. The line went dead!

    Folks, realize that the phone number she gave me is bogus. These thieves have the technology to have any number appear in your caller ID. However, when you call the number it will either be disconnected or you will hear varying tones followed by a “fast busy” signal.

    Be warned! DO NOT EVER give personal information over the phone to anyone who SEEKS TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR DEBT. If you need financial assistance YOU make the call and therefore you are choosing with whom you speak about debt consolidation. Please warn your friends, family and most especially the elderly who may not understand this fraudulent practice of telephone contact offering help. Young people may fall prey to this effort as well, in an effort to get help. None will get help, I assure you.

    These “companies” have been doing this for years. Any number they choose will appear in the window. Don’t be fooled, protect yourself and others by passing on the word. Don’t give out your financial information to anyone who contacts YOU!

    God bless!

  423. Another Victim says

    I got a call from 702-232-5103 “account services” today. I have already told them three times to quit calling. A man came on the line & argued with me a moment & said please hold for my supervisor. The supervisor “bubba smith” (that’s really the name he stated) came on the line & then preceded to harass me…he said he would delete my number but try to remember it so that he can call me to take me out to dinner. I am like wtf???? He said that he was a single man & that I sounded like a pretty nice lady. I said, you have to be kidding me?? This is harassment! He said, you should take it as a compliment. I said, no I will not & I will report this call. he said I doubt you have blond hair..I will be you have dark hair & blue eyes… then I hung up. I made a complaint report to the Federal Trade Commission, they said it was probably someone phishing for account info. But, it went beyond that. I have an open case. If some one calls you from Account Services, hang up and block the number and call the Federal Trade Commission!!!!

  424. Beth says

    I have received the call for the last 6 months – comes from 702-232-5103 also. They also say “Account Services”. But when I tell them I haven’t had a credit card in 4 years, they hang up on my every time. But they continue to call back!

  425. Tom says

    It’s definitely NOT a local scam.
    It definitely -is- a scam. I’ve got through to actual people several times. They refuse to give contact information and become very rude and even obscene if you push them.

  426. womenagainstcorporategreed says

    I just received a call from 5072269420 indicating they would lower my apr. I pressed “1” and a man came on the line. When I told them to take my number off of their list, he hung up on me. When I tried to dial the number, it connects but it doesn’t ring.

    The Federal Trade Commission should have a method of tracing these calls and protecting us consumers from this type of activity!

  427. Alan says

    I’ve filed numerous complaint to the National Do Not Call web site with absolutely no results. When I speak to their “operator” they refuse to provide any identification other than “Account Services.” I can also believe they are using an auto-dialer since they cannot remove anyone from their call list which therefore does not exist. The police and phone company can trace calls in the event of a crime even if the caller attempts to conceal their number. In many states, the use of an auto-dialer is prohibited by law and therefore it can be construed that a crime has been committed.

  428. Carol says

    I have received these calls for the past several years. I have also often waited to get the number for a “real” person as it always starts with a recording (which I believe is illegal in some places), usually from “Rachel”. The number to press is usually “1:” and when you tell them to quit calling it does absolutely NO good as indicated by others. We have been on the Do Not Call list for years. We never carry a balance which is another tip off that this isn’t from a credit card company that we do business with. The number seems to change and I don’t keep a record, although I have turned them in several times at the Federal Do Not Call site which also does no good. I don’t get any response from them and the calls keep coming. The number is often a “400” number and today it was 406-219-8634 which doesn’t seem to match any of the other numbers reported. They must be able to manufacture numbers too. One time it was even a local number – I haven’t figured that out yet!!! If anyone figures out how to get them to stop calling – I would love to know the secret!!! They usually call when I am away from a phone with caller ID or I wouldn’t answer – I have several older phones around the house without the needed “window”.

  429. Beth says

    I have been receiving them daily from 507-226-9420 and unavailable as well. I registered my number with the “National do not call registry” that is run by the “Federal Trade Commission (FTC)” I also called my cell phone provider and had them block the # from all phones on my plan. I also found out that my cell phone provider does not sell my phone numbers. I have been careful not to give my number out but Im sure that when I did the survey on my Walmart receipt for a gift card is where it all started from (they are the only ones that asked for my phone #). I wont be doing that again. Hopefully I don’t have to change my #

  430. Carl says

    I’ve been receiving these calls almost daily for the last week. Until this recent spate I’d not gotten a call from them in some time.
    This is, as mentioned by many others, a completely illegal scam. Being firmly on the Do-Not-Call-List and having made complaints about this in their complaint department many times I have learned some things.
    Oh, I have made 3 separate complaints to the Washington State Attorney General’s office as well.
    I was told that these calls are illegal on several levels. Robo-dialers are not legal in this state and there is a $500.00 fine for each breach of the Do-Not-Call-Registry.
    These things are true only if the business is in the United States.
    THESE calls are propagated by scammers operating from different countries, Romania, Ukraine, Brazil etc.
    I was told that there is literally nothing that our government can do to stop this.
    I do not buy this line, I believe that it is the responsibility of our government to protect its citizens.
    Therefore I will continue to gather what information about these scumbags and make complaints to whatever agency I can. Perhaps someday our ‘protectors’ will find a way to do their jobs with regard to this.
    Pissed off in Washington.

  431. mary hosking says


  432. Daniel says

    Received two calls from them today. The first time I pressed 9 to be taken off the list. The second time I pressed 9 and got some guy. I told him to take me off the list and he told me he’d call me tomorrow. I was very firm with him and told him I would report him to the federal authorities. He asked me what their number was and told me he’d call me tomorrow. I made a report to the FTC though there wasn’t much they could do about it. Tomorrow if he calls, I think I will just mess with him or blow a whistle in his ear.

  433. V says

    What everyone describes is the same as my experience except the call looks like its coming from my employers cell number. I told them I was going to call the police. She responded with “and tell them what, that your boss called you?”. Someone must be investigating this, does anyone know who?

  434. Kristin says

    I got the call from Account Services, press 9 to speak to a rep, so I did, to remove myself from the list. When I asked to be removed, he called me a moron. I am MAD!

  435. Janelle says

    I just received a call from them. They sure are pushy. She wanted all my info and I told her no way.

  436. Kevin says

    I recieved a Call from Account Services on my Cell phone on the 3rd of May 2011 , and this Call came in as Restricted so no number or Name of Company was not Displayed . Told them I was busy at work and they said they would call me back later . But the Call did start out as a taped person talking then they had me press 1 to talk to a Rep . Glad I looked up this on the Computer before I went any further . Thanks

  437. marcus says

    I’ve gotten a couple of calls from these SOBs too, the latest one just now at work on my cell phone. When I ask what company, it’s ‘Account Services’: “We service all 500+ credit card companies.” I asked, “Do you work with them or just contact their card-holders?” — meanwhile running a Google search for “account services”, and this page came up among many. While he asked me how much c.c. debt I have and on how many cards, I scanned down this page. Then I told him, “I think you’re running a scam. Don’t call me back.” (Not that I expect that last bit to work.) Bastards.

  438. Whistleblower says

    They call my cell at least 2-3 times a week. I always press 1 and then the first words out of my mouth are “Remove this number from your database” and then they hang up. Today, she put me on hold when I asked “Who are you looking for since you already should have my account information in order to help me ‘lower my credit card interest rate’?” (BTW, I don’t have any credit cards.) I put the phone on mute and just held the line. She came back on a few minutes later and I told her to remove my number. Of course she hung up. This time the call came from a blocked number and I could hear a bunch of other people in the background.
    I am going to the dollar store today to buy a whistle. The next time they call, I am going to press 1 – and when they answer, I am going to blow the sh*t outta that whistle!!!

    • Christine says

      Perfect! I am getting very annoyed with this group that keeps calling me. I chose option 1 and the rep would not give me any info on who account services were. When I asked for their phone number they hung up on me. I will keep my whistle handy for the next time. I wish there was someplace I could legally report this group. Account Services.. yeah for who?