SCAM NOTICE: Call from account services

Update: Years ago, I started getting phone calls from “Heather” at “account services” about my credit card. The message never identified what credit card company it meant, nor who the cardholder was supposed to be. It just wanted me to press 1 to speak to a live operator so they could lower my interest rate. I no longer get these calls, but this scam is still alive and well, five years later.

Scam Notice: Calls from "Account Services"

I’m sure the point of this is to get you to give up your card number. I knew it was a scam because (in addition to the lack of identification) the phone number on Caller ID came up “unknown”, which is not true of any card company I deal with.

I’ve never before had a scam like this over the phone. It’s like phishing, except it’s phone rather than email. Please be very careful, especially during the big shopping season.

  • Never, ever give your credit card number to someone who called you. Even if you believe it really is the fraud department from your credit card, for example, you should hang up and call the number on the back of your card (NOT the number the caller leaves), and from there be connected to the fraud department.
  • I also never, ever click on a link in an email, even when I’m pretty sure it’s actually my credit card company letting me know my statement is available or whatever. I just go to their website like I normally do from my bookmark in my browser, and navigate to whatever they’ve notified me about.

Be sure to warn friends and family!


  1. James Warburton says

    Just received our 5th call from Heather. I pressed “1” and talked with Albert. He said their company name is Financial Services Incorporated. I asked for a website address. He had to check with his manager, and said he would provide a website when I “qualified” for an account. I told him I wanted the “Heather” calls to stop or I would be contacting an attorney. He said it would take a week to take me off the list. I left it with that, and will see if this worked.

    • B. Smith says

      I have been getting up to 4 calls a day by this scam! Whenever I ask a question, they hang up on me. Then the computer turns around and calls me again! This is really upsetting to me as I am disabled and it is an effort to drop anything I may be doing and get to the telephone. I try to get going once again on what I was doing only to be interrupted again! I signed up and renewed again on they “Do Not Call” Registry List and this has not stopped it. There must be some way that we could get these calls to stop, but I haven’t heard how that can be done yet!

      • JK says

        I’ve been getting these calls, too. The number on my caller ID was (425) 390-8127. This number always rings busy so it must be phony. Today I pressed “1” and a man answered. I asked him the name of his company and he said “Account Services”. I asked again the actual name of the company and he wouldn’t say anything other than they represent VISA, MasterCard, etc. I asked how to get my number removed from their list and he suggested I simply hang up next time. I said I tried that, but they still continue to call. He faulted me for pressing option “1” (which is the ONLY option they offer). When I asked politely how I could have my number removed from the list he hung up on me. Clearly a scam. But since I had the number on caller ID I thought I would post it here.

      • mike says

        if u can save $$$$$$$$$$$ dollers in % fin charges………………………………… why not………..
        there r laws that keep you from loseing you money like consumer pro act and your cards are FDIC ins.
        just dont sign befor the services is done just like any other job ther ard bad people and good people so why should i be scard to try somthing new just be careful right
        i have called chass bank and thay dont help me and thay charged me last year alone 1,386.57 for % and fin………….I think the next time thay call i willl go for it and see what it is all about

    • Redfish says

      12-1-11 I have gotten at least 20 from various #s the last from 208-610-0771 Dearborn MI. Whenever you quiz them they just hang up. This is a scam outfit that moves its call centers frequently and run by a guy named Mark Burton a Scum-Bag Slime ball ! If you want to write him, 21955 Cypress Drive #48-f, Boca Raton FL 33433 is his address, but cc the attorney general from your states consumer protection division when you do because this outfit is under investigation nation wide.

    • Brendan says

      The calls won’t stop. I have spoken to Visa and Mastercard and they both say they are working with authorities to end the harrassment. I am to the point now where I write down their number and try calling it back sometimes I get to speak to someone and then I call them everyday 4 times a day just to waste their time. The newest number is
      212-987-6543 I leave a message all the time.

      • Robbie says

        You’re right, the calls don’t stop…I’ve received two back-to-back calls this morning alone. The first from CNAM, 253-246-8588, Johnathan With nes that I could get my intrest rate reduced to 6.99% if I press 9 to speak with a representative, or 1 if I wanted not to be contacted again. A little while later I got a call from Heather with a similar message from Card Services, 813-444-5665. The only difference between the calls were the options. Option 3 to speak to a rep, and 9 to stop receiving calls. I have dozens of missed calls from numbers like these that come in during the day while I’m at work. OMG! I could just SCREAM!!!

    • Tim Wood says

      I have gotten the same type of calls from them for over two years but always from either different numbers or caller ID blocked numbers – and yet the intro is very similar, ‘they offer to lower my interest rates on existing accounts I have’ basically (as if I know them!). Today however I played along past my normal “please take me off your call list.” Today I got (not that I believe the caller), their city and state (Tucson Az), but honestly I did not write down the street or zip information because simply, I just wanted to waste the callers time a bit out of personal amusement I suppose:-). I do remember the company name, city and state! The phone number of the caller this day was 785-207-6317. Once I asked too many questions, the caller hung up. I called the number back a few times – just curious. A voice mail box, belonging to ‘John’ is full with a message ‘ to try him again later.’ Hey, how about we all call John to death! Lol!


      • rieriemt says

        Hello Tim and Everyone Else:

        I keep getting these calls too. Today I was on my cell and did not answer # Cell Phone IA 515-421-5843. When you call back you get MIKE JONESS!!!. STEPS TO REALLY GET THEM PRESS 5, ENTER 785-207-6317 (JOHN’S #) THEN PRESS 1.


  2. Claire Morgan says

    I continue to get these calls usually once a month. When I speak with a live person and tell them to put me on the DO NOT CALL List, they hang up. I used to get a number on caller id and when I tried to call it back, it was a disconnected number each time. Now, it just comes up as Out of Area and no number is listed.

  3. Dennydaniel says

    I got this call also. my caller ID read 062 218-9891 *69 said it could not be reached.
    they told me their company name was account services lower interest rate. when I asked for their number she hung up on me. It was a girl this time. I get them a lot. I am trying to get more info on them each time. I will pass it to you since maybe you can get the cops in on it finally.

  4. ANGRY LADY says

    i get this call at least once a week from HEATHER with ACCOUNT SERVICES…ive pressed one, ive gotton people on the phone, ive told them im going to eat their brains, burn down their houses, once i pretended i was 13 and was really excited about a credit card (drove em crazy) ive told them please dont not call im on the do not call list and they just hang up…honestly, i dont know what it will take to shut these people down, i have personally contacted the FCC, called the local police and my phone company and they both told me the same thing, without a working number they cannot help and now when i star 69 them it is “private/non working number?” im really at my wits end…

  5. SANDY says


    • Amanda says

      We all want to know what our common thread is. I think that someone we do business with, like our banks or cell phone providers for example, are selling our phone numbers. Got 4 calls today within 30 mins and pressed 1 every time. The last one asked me if I was located in my hometown. I could tell that she had pieces of info about me and was trying to put them together. I’m very creeped out by this. My phone number can’t tell you what town I got that number in. I also haven’t lived there in 13 years. The numbers I get are the same: 8022306357, 4805550123, 5154215843, and 6173904562

  6. John says

    I got this, too. Spoke with “Gerald Brown,” who said he was in Atlanta. I asked for a call-back number and he gave me 1-800-788-5047. That’s the number for Coca-Cola. Someone has a sense of humor, anyway.

  7. Len says

    I’ve been getting these calls for months now, too, each time I press for more and more info. The first few times, I simply asked to be placed on their DNC list (I’m already on the national DNC list since February 08). Since then I’ve talked with 4 or 5 different people, asking them to hvae the calls stopped. Last one prior to today I spoke with “Mark”, asked for a manager, none was available, asked for the company name, got “Account Services”, asked where they are located, got “Atlanta”, asked for a street address and phone number, and he hung up on me. Today, I spoke with Renee. Told her of all my past experiences, she promised not to hang up on me. I asked the same questions, got the same results, the managers were all busy on other calls. I suggested that I could wait, she said that she really had to move on to another call or she might lose her job. I said then please just give me the contact info (oh, she said they were in San Fran, not Atlanta). She said that she didn’t have any contact info. I again asked for a manager, they were still busy. I said that she simply must have some contact info, and then she said “Well, we do, but we usually don’t provide it until you are an actual client.” So I said “OK, then, let’s make me a client and then you can give me the info.” Of course, I was never going to give her correct info, and she knew that. She asked a few questions, how much CC debt do I have, what is the average interest rate, how many different cards. I made up answers. Then she balked and said that she wasn’t comfortable proceeding, but that she had promised to not hang up on me, and she was afraid she would lose her job, so she didn’t know what to do because she wasn’t authorized to provide the info I was asking for. I said that I understood, and that was ahy I really wanted to speak with a manager, to keep her out of trouble. I said that if I didn’t get the address and phone number, the next call I’d make after ending her call would be to the state Attorney General’s office. She started whispering then, saying that she has only worked there for a week and she really needed the job and didn’t want to get fired. I said fine, then I’ll have to call the authorities. And I did, called the FCC and FTC and filed complaints.

  8. Bobby in ftwrth says

    Got a call from this today “do not be alarmed but this is your last chance to get a lower interest rate.” When I pressed one I asked what company they were and the guys told me that I “just need to calm the hell down” (I wasn’t angry yet). He hung up. Caller ID info: unknown. number (fake)=062=291-3536

  9. Bo says

    Hey guys, i worked for one of these companies for about 3 hours before i realized it’s a scam. i’m sure you all would like a few of there addresses.

    775 Warner lane orlando florida

    3592 Aloma Avenue orlando florida suite 4

    Unfortunatly i’m looking for work and i keep running into these damn people. I’ll try to post the name of them if i can remember. i know the one is dcps, all i can remember about the other is there called leverage connections or something like that. FROM WHAT I CAN TELL THEY ARE ALL BASED OUT OF ORLANDO FLORIDA

  10. Andy says

    Bo…I googled the warner lane address and it’s the leverage connections one and they have an ad on craigslist with an email address to reply to the ad. Sent them a ‘very nice’ email letting them know I wasn’t happy with their calls. Not that it will do any good, but it made me feel better! Thanks for the info!

  11. Carolyn says

    I received an automated call on my cell phone from “Account Services” saying it was the last chance to lower the interest rate on my credit card. I pressed “1” to speak to a person and he said he worked for Visa and MasterCard. I wanted to know which account he was calling about but he just said he could lower the rate on all my cards. He asked me if I had balances or pay off each month. I told him I was on payment plans with some companies. Since he didn’t represent any particular credit card company, I told him I didn’t need to be talking with him because I think I would have been notified by any change by the individual credit card company. He thanked me and hung up.

    The number on my caller ID had an extra digit. 50622725314. I tried looking up the first 10 numbers with Google, then the last 10 numbers but could find nothing.

  12. Spencer says

    Just got the “Account Services” call myself. I spoke with a lady who identified herself as Kristina. I knew it was a scam when she wouldn’t give me her last name. There are many ways to pinpoint phone scams. Good job on catching this one everybody!

  13. Jim says

    I’ve been plagued by these calls for the past 2 years. I played along several times and found that they are really slick. First they tell you that, due to their number of customers and negotiating strength, they are able to get you lower interest rates. They ask what your total balances are, how many cards you have, what the highest interest rates are… And they listen with empathy to suck you in. Finally, they ask you for the toll-free number on the back of the card with the highest interest rate, they make sure they get it correct, and then ask you to turn the card over and read off the number. Whenever I ask for their address, website, name of the corporation, or the state that they are incorporated under, they either hang up or make some excuse. Usually, the caller id is restricted, but the last one on my caller id was 506-226-10034–one extra digit.

  14. Jim says

    So, I just got another call. This time from 506-228-09894. Its time to spring into action! I found a website that has info on this scam, it’s if you want more info. But I also did some research online. I went to the Florida Corporations Division to find out who was behind American Debt Negotiators, Inc. and PHL International, Inc. This is all public record, so you can find it, too. So can the officials, but they can’t do much about it, so says my state Attorney General’s Office. So here’s the scoop:

    I found out that there are two guys behind this scam and they have a slew of corporations, many of them defunct. I searched using the name “American Debt Negotiators” and found the name of the Registered Representative was a guy named RAN BARNEA, aca RAN DAVID BARNEA, aca DAVID R BARNEA. He is also listed as the president of a whole slew of other active corporations. The other guy is DANIEL T. POST. This stuff is all public record. Here is a list of the active Florida corporations and the corporate officers that I simply copied and pasted here.

    Corporate Officers:
    23123 STATE RD 7 #215
    BOCA RATON FL 33428 BR

    23123 STATE RD 7 #215
    BOCA RATON FL 33428 BR

    Corporate Officers:
    23123 STATE RD 7
    BOCA RATON FL 33428

    23123 STATE RD 7
    BOCA RATON FL 33428

    Corporate Officers:
    11555 HERON BAY BLVD # 200

    11555 HERON BAY BLVD # 200

    Corporate Officers:



    Corporate Officers:
    23123 STATE RD 7
    BOCA RATON FL 33428

    23123 STATE RD 7
    BOCA RATON FL 33428

    Corporate Officers:
    23123 US 441 SUITE 225
    BOCA RATON FL 33428

    Corporate Officers:
    23123 STATE RD 7 #250
    BOCA RATON FL 33428 US

    23123 STATE RD 7 #250
    BOCA RATON FL 33428 US

    23123 STATE RD 7 #250
    BOCA RATON FL 33428 US

    Then I found a website for American Debt Negotiators with contact information that has the same address as METUKON CORP. listed above. So, I decided I should copy and paste the information. Here it is:

    American Debt Negotiators
    11555 Heron Bay Blvd. Suite 200
    Coral Springs, FL 33076
    Phone:(866) WOW-4 ADN
    or 866-969-4236
    Fax: 561-483-2733

    Then, I thought I’d look these guys up on MSN’s White Pages to get other addresses. You can do it, too. Here’s the other addresses I found for RAN BARNEA. Only one had his phone number.

    22561 Vistawood Way, Apt 19E
    Boca Raton, FL 33428-5564

    21955 Cypress Dr. Apt 48F
    Boca Raton, FL 33433-3280

    11555 Heron Bay Blvd, Suite 200
    Coral Springs, FL 33076-3362

    23123 State Rd. 7, Suite 225
    Boca Raton, FL 33428

    Getting a real kick out of public records searches. I also went to the Broward County, Florida website and found a Release of Mortgage filed by Bank of America/BA Morgage, LLC for RAN BARNEA, recorded 02/10/2003, on the property at 21955 Cypress Dr., Apt 48F, Boca Raton, FL 33433. I bet it’s his condo.

    • Gomer says

      “23123 STATE RD 7 #215
      BOCA RATON FL 33428 BR”

      That’s the public library. Don’t look for their other addresses to be legitimate, either. They are crooks and need to be shut down.

    • says

      I get a call from them every single day. Might as well start mass mailing his home address so he can see how it feels. Will probably add up with the amount of stamp purchases, but may be worth it in the end.

  15. says

    if you check the orlando craigslist > customer service jobs you will find posts for these jobs:
    We need energetic young professionals to work in our inbound call room. No selling, just qualifying customers for lower interest rates on their existing credit cards. Make $75-$100 per deal. Our new reps are making at least $700 and up weekly. If you got the right stuff, call Kanita for phone interview, (407)860-4287.

    the key search words are “inbound call” “qualifying” “lower interest rates” “credit cards” you will find a few different companies making these calls from the Orlando Florida area.

    check other craigslist cities for jobs with those same search words and nothing shows up like it does in Florida.

    • SONY says



  16. mtnmedic says

    I get these calls too. Usually 2 or 3 times a month. Normally the number calling in is 062-237-6688. Same deal…computer message saying “this is the last chance to lower your credit interest…” (etc.) and to “press 1 to speak with a representative” (etc.). Usually it’s a different person each time. One time I asked who it was and got a vague answer. Then I said I have several credit cards and asked which one was the caller referring to. The guy calling reiterated that he was with Financial Services and I had to interject my question again at which point he just hung up on me. Why don’t these fools at least cross your name off their list when they realise you’re onto their game? Because they hope someone ELSE in the household will fall for it. I’m trying to devise a way to play along and string them into giving up some kind of information. Or perhaps saying some really rude and nasty things to sour the milk for them. Maybe a LOUD blast from a canned air horn oughta shake up a caller. These scam artists need to be executed.

  17. Denise says

    I just got the same damned call only now they are insinuating that this is all part of an economic stimulus program that is connected to the bank bailouts. It’s interesting how you can be eligible for something and amazingly they don’t have your name. They are obviously using auto-dialers and not phone lists.

  18. Joe Christner says

    Thanx for all the investigations. I have recieved several calls fom these jerks. I have requested the last name of the indidvidual and just got “Attitude” and hung up on. These guys (and Gals) are really Brazen and Stink’n RUDE!!Other times I have played along and got close to getting ” signed up” but when they asked for my SS# I hung up. The worst part is I have had my land line disconnected so now I have to pay for these stinking calls on my cell phone!!!!
    If any of you have some good ideas to catch these Scam Artists please E-mail me or post ideas on this site and I will invest as much time as I can to be of assistance.

    • Loren says

      go to craigs list and apply to be one of the phone callers. get into the company ( infultrate ?) and then from the inside…bust them!!

  19. ihatephoneidiots says

    i just tried calling that 866 number listed under Jim’s entry for American Debt Negotiators. i totally played stupid and acted like i was looking for someone to talk to about lowering my interest rates, that i had been disconnected previously. the guy who picked up my call at the ADN 866 number said he was in the “consumer law group” — how hilarious is that — and that he’d get someone to call me back.

    you’re all right, though. this guy was nice but the initial person i talked to was unbelievably rude, yelling and crazed when all i asked was “i’m sorry. i’m confused how you got my info but you say you’re not from my credit card issuer.”

    oh, and my initial call came in from 212 — NYC.

  20. jan hugel says

    I have come to a significant conclusion about the rash of spoofed, almost untraceable calls that are being received by the thousands. If you run a google search , using one of the numbers, you will get hundreds of entries about the calls. Nearly everyone suspects that the spoofed call is for getting your personal data so it can be used for fraud, but that might not be the real reason behind the calls since such fraud would be a very serious crime that might cost them more than they could gain if caught. Here is my conclusion for a more likely purpose for the spoofed calls . How many times have you done a reverse phone search and told that the callers detailed info is available for a fee ranging from a few cents up to a fee of nearly $40.00? I highly suspect that the calls might be made by the reverse search companies just to trigger you to pay their fees for the caller information. It is feasible that they could get thousands and thousands of dollars this way and would likely not be subject to prosecution as likely as if they were using your data for fraud. If caught giving out false info about a caller, then they could just say it was a simple mistake. Is it not also possible that the reverse phone lookup company could also get info about you that they can recite to fool you about their call. Could not a reverase phone lookup company know numbers that are not working numbers that they can use for spoofing the caller ID of these calls. What do you think of this?

    • Curious George says

      And I bet you believe space aliens assassinated JFK?
      Maybe switch to decaf.

      The phantom ring-hangup calls are not mysterious at all. Telemarketing and Polling organizations use automated predictive dialers to make dozens of calls at a time. When you answer the phone the dialer attempts to transfer you to a live operator. If no live operated is available, the dialer drops the call, but remembers that you answered. If an operator becomes available quickly, the predictive dialer might try calling you back right away. Or it might try calling again the next day at the same time.

      Outfits like Account Services, Cardmember Services, Credit Card Services et. al., don’t bother with predictive dialers. It costs them practically nothing to make a phone call. Their robodialer screens out 70% of uninterested respondents, and their live screeners filter out another 29%. About 1% of the answered calls get through to a salesperson, which translates into something like 0.01% of the dialed calls.

  21. SnappyLiving says

    Jan, several people have reported experiencing credit card fraud after giving information to these goons. I think it’s just a credit card scam, like it sounds like, and they’re just confident they won’t get caught because the authorities lack the technology to hunt them down. So far, they’re right.

  22. Marie says

    I get the same calls. I also get another similar call about vehicle warranty. I think they are the same scam. I tried to trick them into giving me more information (I don’t have caller ID). All I got is that “they” are located in Atlanta, GA, but when I asked for a little more info, they hung up immediately. I want to report them to, but didn’t get the info I needed.

  23. says

    I have been getting the sames calls, usually we aren’t home or just pick up the phone. My number is blocked and on the do not call list. The number being called is my “land line” and I use it mostly for Faxing as I am in the Real Estate Business and we use our cell phones most of the time. I got a call on March 15, 2009 and just got one today. I stayed on the line and pressed :”1″ as directed and got a very rude gentleman(shouldn’t call him that) who refused to give me any information other than “account services” when he answered. He would tell me nothing about who he worked for and hung up shortly after I asked him. I have also gotten the “warrenty” callstoo. Sounds like it is same thing.

  24. Jane says

    You should register your phone number(s) with Once you’re registered, you can file an online complain every time they call. (They call me several times a day about credit interest or auto insurance.)

    When the government gets lots of reports about them (company name: “Account Services”), they will investigate. You do not have to have their phone number to file a report online.

  25. Kathy says

    Getting repeated phone calls from “Account Services” at (386)677-3110 in Florida. When I call back that number from the caller ID, it is a non-working number. I have filed a report with the FCC. I am going to pursue this to the very end.

    • Stephanie says

      I got one of these calls and spent about 28 minutes speaking to two different people. When they couldn’t qualify me because I wouldn’t give them the last four digits of my social, they said they’d connect me with my credit card company and I could actually give my social to the card company myself. That’s when I was disconnected. The number that showed up in my caller ID is 720-539-6698. When I called it, I got a message indicating that it is a non-working number. These people are not only attempting regular old fraud, they are committing crimes in violation of federal communications laws. How do they continue to get away with it? I’ve been getting these calls every month for at least two years on both my land line and cell phone. It’s time to contact the FCC! These people must be succeeding because this “business” has been active for quite some time. Spread the word!!! Where are those vigilanti hackers when we need them!!! Someone has got to uncover the people behind this!!!

  26. SmacG3 says

    A great way to hassle telemarketing companies is to find a fax number,
    example: american debt negotiators 1 561 483 2733
    and fax them a statement of your opinion of scam telemarketers.
    Use a long piece of paper so that you can tape the beginning of your fax sheet to the end of your fax sheet making a continuous loop.
    The fax message should now repeat over and over again!
    Try using black paper and white letters.
    Ha ha ha, enjoy!

  27. PBB says

    I am on the Do Not Call list and I have already filed several complaints with the Feds and in both instances they eventually responded in writing that there is nothing they can do because of yada, yada, yada……..

    These slimeball scamsters are slick, real slick. Here’s hoping they piss off some wacko who reads this site and puts to use all of the gathered info on their whereabouts and drops by and……………….

  28. Tom C says

    If You Don’t Hang Up They Can’t Disconnect You it Drives Them Nuts. They will try everything to make you hang up.
    Good for Hours of Fun. Turn the Tables on them. Press 1 Or 6 WhatEver and Don’T Hang Up Just Listen and Laugh While they try to make you hang Up. And Best of All it Keeps Calling Them Back.


  29. Don't Call Me, Account Services says

    I just received a phone call from “Account Services” to lower my credit card interest rate. This is a scam!

  30. Carol says

    These idiots called twice yesterday. I reported the call to the Do Not Call registry. Today, I got two more calls form “unknown caller.” I’ll bet my last buck it’s the same group calling with a PC and not a phone (Unknown caller, no number).

    Question: if the “powers that be” can read our e-mail, why can’t they catch creeps like this?

  31. John says

    They called me yesterday and when I pressed them to identify their company they hung up on me. I called the number back on the caller ID and it was a disconnected phone number in Mississippi. Hackers should really target these scammers and bury them…. Wish there was more I could do….

  32. Ron says

    Automated message about lowering credit card debts. Called my cell phone. Option 9 to speak to a representative, but no opt-out. Pushed 9 and tried to tell rep about me being on Do-not-call-registry, rep hung up before I could even finish my sentence. Calling the number back got me the message: “The number you have dialed has not been recognized”.
    We received numerous calls from other 954 numbers, “last chance to lower your credit card interest rate”, etc. – all the same scam.

  33. Frank Ferenchick says

    I just got a call from “Account Services” and reported them to the Attorney General in my home state of Pennsylvania. Even if you’re on a “Do Not Call” list, these scam artists will still call you.

  34. Sam says

    Their real phone number is: 954-426-2642, which is registered to PHL International at 836 S Military Trail, Deerfield Beach FL – head honcho is Mark Burton. Their parent company is American Debt Negotiators, owned by Ran David Barnea, supposed home address is 21955 Cypress Dr, Apt 48f. They also use the spoof name “Cardholder Services.” I’ve received scam calls about car warranties too. Don’t rely on the caller id because they use fake numbers. Use the above information to report them to – “file a complaint.” You could also crank call them if it makes you feel better. 😀

  35. Don says

    I just googled American Debt Negotiators and tried calling them (1-866-WOW-4ADN (1-866-969-4236))to see if they will verify that they are the “Heathers”. Automated voicemail system sent me to the general voicemail inbox (which was full) and then I spent a few moments browsing their voicemail directory (it was simple). I am going to call them tomorrow and see if I can get to a human being, and if they convince me that they are the same company, I will then have a new hobby:filling up their voicemail inboxes.

    I need a new hobby.

  36. Ex-Employee says

    Hello everyone, I am an ex-employee of The Consumer Law Group, PA out of Boca Raton, FL which you will soon find to be the company ultimately behind all of your woes. What you all are experiencing is very much a massive scam.

    The particular company I see most of these complaints about used to go by the name of “Account Services”, however, almost a year ago they changed their name to “Debt Free Life”. They are amongst several companies that attempt to enroll people into either a credit counseling or a debt settlement program, almost all of these companies are telemarketing companies, however, some of them such as Mark Burton’s company, Leads2U (Formerly People’s Help Line, or PHL) take only inbound calls that generated from misleading TV & radio advertisements. Some (not all) of these companies will tell the customers that in order to get out of debt they will be charged money to their credit card (some of these fees have been outrageous in the $1,000+ range) and once permission is obtained they draft it immediately. About half of the companies that charge the credit cards will attempt to justify their fees, however, no results are ever really achieved but “work” is performed therefore justifying the charge and then they tell the customers that they were not able to assist them so they are going to transfer them to the “law office” as they are lawyers and are able to help. The other half of the companies don’t even try to justify their fees and explained that it was a fee that they collect in order to “refer them to the “law office”.

    Before the customer is transferred to the “law office”, though, they are forced to do a recording agreeing to the program and agreeing that the “law office “may charge a further fee which is somewhere between $199 – $720 to be drafted from a checking or savings account on an agreed upon date that is no more than 2 weeks from that date.

    Now the customer will be transferred to the “law office” where a representative will go over the details of the program, disclosing the monthly cost and up-front fees and sending out paperwork by mail, fax, or e-mail. This representative will call you back every other day until your paperwork is signed and returned. What is not openly told to you, however, if you fail to sign the agreement and you do not call to inform a representative at The Consumer Law Group that you are want to cancel the money will draft from your account on the specified date.

    Now to be completely honest you would think that most people would never fall for this insanity, however, 100+ people every day did nationwide which astounded me. What made things worse is that if the company drafts the initial fee they have an insane refund policy. You get a full refund if you cancel within 7 days of the recorded conversation with the salesperson which most people’s draft date is set for 2 weeks from that date. After that point the person will get back all but $199 of their fee and if the fee was $199 it is considered an “earned fee”.

    What is usually never disclosed to the customer and only discovered by reading the actual contract is that the debt settlement program comes with a fee of $1000 – $4500 for the entire program and the credit counseling program to be $29 – $49 a month.

    If a person even continues on passed this point and sends back the paperwork and continues with the program they will find that the company attempts to do the job they claim to do, however, if they do debt settlement they will more than likely be sued for their debts and the “law office” will advise you that there isn’t anything they can really do (the reasoning is that they truly are NOT lawyers, they are simple people like you and I and are not legally allowed to give legal advice). With credit counseling I found that the company did it’s job about half of the time with many customers complaining of payments not being made or being made late which a lot of times will mess up the person’s credit even worse, and if the contract was not fully read they will be advised that the company or any of it’s employees cannot be held responsible for “negligent acts”.

    Now, the only reason this scam is allowed to run (for 10 years so far) is that these people (Ran David Barnea & Daniel D. Post, the owners of the company) have 1 attorney to give their “law office” (which is actually just a couple of rented out rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Bank of America building across the street from Sandalfoot Plaza in Boca) a sense of legitimacy. Nobody at TCLG is a lawyer, any type of trained “legal assistant” as they are so aptly named and the entire reason for the law office name on this whole outfit is so that the “law office” can charge the fees for the credit counseling programs since it is illegal to charge the obscene fees that they charge a month for the service. They even make the contract out to show you that the law office charges the fee and the credit counseling agency takes the payment to the credit card companies.

    What they do not tell you is that all of the following companies are owned by David Barnea & Danny Post
    Leads2U (Formerly PHL) (Sales)
    The Consumer Law Group, P.A. (Debt Settlement & fee collector for credit counseling)
    American Debt Negotiators (Debt Settlement, Sued by the state of GA resulting in name change to TCLG)
    The American Credit Counselors, Inc. (Credit Counseling)
    The Consumer Advocates Credit Counselors, Inc. (Credit Counseling)
    all of these are contained in different suites at 23123 State Road 7 (US 441) Boca Raton, FL except for Leads2U which is located at 836 S. Military Trail, Deerfield Beach, FL.

    They have been through different attorneys and different name changes in the past, I know of the following:
    Law Offices of Richard A. Brennan
    Capital Law Group

    There were more, however, I cannot recall the rest of them.

    Account Services which was Debt Free Life at the time of my departure from the company are so nasty and continue to operate for all these years because they are located in Pakistan. I also know for a fact that the “law office” knows VERY WELL that this call center uses automatic telemarketing dialers, does not remove people’s names from their call lists, and furthermore lies to almost every single customer they enroll. They have even gone as far as making fictitious recordings of program acceptance.

    In response to the massive number of complaints that come in from that company The Consumer Law Group does nothing more than make conference calls to the owners of this call center and are assured that action will be taken against the offending representatives, however, it seemed that they did nothing more than change the fake names of offending reps in the computer system and allow them to continue their dirty practices.

    The reason the “law office” continues to accept clients from the company would be the fact that Debt Free Life, along with Leads2U, bring in most of the new customers each day, and they certainly do not want to lose out on their money

    I would like at this time, however, to let you all know that the Attorney General of the state of North Carolina has filed suit against the company. You may read the details here:,0,4294464.story

    It serves them more than right if you ask me and I hope the lawsuit is massively successful. I do, however, feel sorry for all of the people I used to work with whom will be out of the job if this company is dismantled. I believe that between this lawsuit and the new laws made because of companies like this one ( that they won’t be around for long and surely Debt Free Life will go down with it.

    I know this was a bit of a rant, but, I felt that everyone deserved to know exactly what they are dealing with.

    • Eric says

      Thanks for providing a fairly complete story of this organization. I also received a phone call from them recently, operating under the name “Cardholder Services” of Fort Lauderdale, phone 800-847-2911, but I cancelled the call after the rep asked for my credit card number.
      Your effort in providing your experience working with this group is appreciated.

  37. Janie says

    Over the past couple months I have received numerous phone calls with the same messag. At first they were saying member services. Pressing the 3 to discontinue those calls is useless. They still keep coming. Three times I have pressed the number to talk to a live operator and I immediately ask for a supervisor. That is when the line goes dead. If anyone knows of a way to stop them please publish it.

  38. Flynn says

    I keep getting these calls too. I’ve done the same as many people mentioned here, dialed 1, talked to people about taking me off their “list”, etc. etc. These calls come in on our land line for our house…. Maybe if we all told our land-line providers that they can disconnect our phone lines unless they can come up with a plan to block these calls – well, maybe they will do something. My wife and I have cell phones, so this may just push us to drop the home phone line. Verizon – are you listening?

    • Peggy says

      Flynn, they will start calling on your cell phone, too. You’ll put your cell down as contact info somewhere, and they’ll get that, too. I get calls on both, now. Verizon has no control. My advice to all is, any out of town number that you don’t recognize – do not pick up. If it’s a real person that you know, they’ll leave you a message. I read on one of these posts on the internet, that once you pick up, and the call is not completed for one reason or another, the automated phone system will try back again at the same time on another day. (Thanks Ex-Employee for all your info above. I read it all, and I hope they all go down!!!)

  39. Jen S says

    Just got a call on my cell from Bill at 407-421-6567 I asked repeatedly for the name of the company and the website so I could look up the legitimacy of this organization. He kept advising me that another person would be calling me once I qualified. He asked for my amount of debt (which I didn’t provide) and the current interest rates I was paying on my cards (which again I didn’t provide). Apparently in order to qualify you need to have more than $3000 in debt and interest rates higher than 10%. I can’t wait to see if someone acutually calls me back. This not a legitimate business or they would have provided their web address immediately. Beware.

  40. Commander Cucumber says

    I just got called by these morons too. Sprint was unable to provide me with any information on them, but said I should probably inform the police. If your provider tells you that they can’t give you any information on who is calling you, they’re full of crap…but you’ll have to involve the authorities to get the information. If you’re willing to spend the money and put in some time, there’s no doubt in my mind that you could at least force this BS company to stop bothering you.

    They hung up on me once I asked to be removed from their list. Rude…I think I’ll invest in an air horn to blow their ears up on the off chance that they call back. If we all do it, maybe they’ll run out of operators willing to put up with it 😛

    Has anyone else noticed that the ringing sound sounds like the one they use in Europe/Australia (two short tones versus one long one here in the states)? Is this really an overseas operation? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  41. Casey anonymous says

    I live in Texas and I just got the 3rd call this week (on 3 different numbers because I have two home phone lines and a cell phone) from “ACCOUNT SERVICES”. They hung up on me the previous two times I asked to be removed from their call list. He did tell me initially that they were in Florida, but he refused to give me any other information. This time I played along for a good 3-4 minutes, and after I realized I wasn’t going to be able to get anymore info from him, I tore into his ass. Needless to say the ahole at “ACCOUNT SERVICES” got very upset and we had quite a heated exchange that involved a few f-boms from my side before he hung up on me :-)

  42. Robert says

    Heather-baby called me again today. I pressed ‘1’ to speak with a live ‘person’ then went about the business of “qualifying” with all bogus information. (All the while, I’m using my very best camel-jockey dialect so they can barely understand ME for a change). The person asked me for an account number on one of my credit cards. I got indignant and told them this was a rip-off and hung up. Less than 10 seconds later, I get a call from John Osley at Account Services (410-864-0329) and make him work his ass off trying to sign me up. I’ll keep trying this ruse until, hopefully, I can get some legit info on this schlock outfit. Oh, the number was a Maryland number and was unreachable. S’prise!

  43. anonymous says

    I got a call from 702-232-5103 “account services” today. I have already told them three times to quit calling. A man came on the line & argued with me a moment & said please hold for my supervisor. The supervisor “bubba smith” (that’s really the name he stated) came on the line & then preceded to harass me…he said he would delete my number but try to remember it so that he can call me to take me out to dinner. I am like wtf???? He said that he was a single man & that I sounded like a pretty nice lady. I said, you have to be kidding me?? This is harassment! He said, you should take it as a compliment. I said, no I will not & I will report this call. he said I doubt you have blond hair..I will be you have dark hair & blue eyes… then I hung up. I made a complaint report to the Federal Trade Commission, they said it was probably someone phishing for account info. But, it went beyond that. I have an open case. If some one calls you from Account Services, hang up and block the number and call the Federal Trade Commission!!!!

  44. Miranda says

    I get calls from these morons at least once a week. Today I decided to play along for a few minutes and then I asked to speak to the manager. I was put on hold for about 6 minutes hearing “sorry about the wait time, because of the care and detail we put into each customer there will be a brief wait.” then the line disconnected. In the past when I have told them that I am on the national do not call list I have gotten cussed out and called names. This has got to stop.

  45. jade in washington says

    6/15/11- received another call from ACCOUNT SERVICES offering to lower my rates on credit cards. Jessica stated they were approved by the FDIC and in their website.NOT.
    WHY can t we get these to stop?

  46. puter says

    Have had two calls from them. I give them pretty much false information, talk like the redneck I am (except slur a WHOLE lot more) and just kinda laugh. Last time I asked them to hold because Heather was almost done givin’ me a bj, and would they sing the national anthem to help me along?

  47. Spiff says

    These callers could be a terrorist group attempting to steal funds for attacks in the US…Too bad Homeland Security is too busy…Until it’s too late…

  48. Martin Cunneely says

    Just got the phone call from “Heather”. Caller ID shows the number as 208-705-3788, I expect that they will be calling again. I did not give any information tot the young man I spoke with after pressing”1″, but he seemed to be quite nervous. Next call I will be recording, with their knowledge. hopefully i can turn this into the FCC or the banking Commission and help put an end to this scam.

  49. Jon says

    If they’re anything like the guys I keep getting calls from, they will hang up immediately if you try that. Mine hang up if I even hint that I’ve heard from them before. My best bet next time is to lead them on for as long as possible before dropping a few F bombs and saying thank you for your time.

  50. marth says

    Hey so I just got a call from these guys too and called the number back and there was recording saying press 1 to be taken off our call list. Don’t know if this will actually work but the number was (253)-246-8510 if anyone else wants to give it a shot. These calls are annoying as all hell.

  51. Ann says

    I have been getting these phone calls sometimes 3 or 4 in a day. They stop for a short time and then stop again. I am disabled and also have a terminally ill family member and do not appreciate getting these calls over and over again. I did get someone to talk to me for a long time since I acted like I was really interested in what they were “selling” He told me that they are not connected with my credit card but that they are the company that issues all credit cards and therefore they are the ones in which monitors and approves interest on all credit cards. And that the credit card companies have to go through them to reduce the interest rate. I knew it was a scam because no matter what objection I had to what he was telling me, he had an answer to resolve my issues. I did actually one time have a female on the line and she didn’t hang up on me. She told me she would remove my number she also informed me that they were not the only companies that were making such phone calls, but the phone calls never stopped. Just got another one.

  52. cocoa says

    I have started advising the caller to quite his/her job and to do a little research about the company s/he is working for. And telling them that despite what they have been led to believe about their job, what is actually happening in the information they collect is used to steal from people like their mothers.

    • Dr. BRETTONGARCIA says

      March 8, 2012

      Good idea!

      I’m doing the same thing! Actually talk to the people, and tell them they are with a bad, evil company. And tell them to quit

      • SnappyLiving says

        Try it if you like, but all the ones I attempted to talk to cursed and mocked me. They may play innocent as long as you seem to be falling for it, but they are in on the scam. There are no victims on the other end of that phone.

  53. woodbridge says

    Posted 12/14/2011

    THE SCAM CONTINUES. Related to Account Services and “Heather”? If you complain about them enough to the FTC Do Not Call list, you just get another, same kind of company, with a different name: “Cardmember services,” and “Rachael.” Or any one of A DOZEN OTHER SIMILAR SCAMS.

    Complaining to the FTC does very little good; you might must have to change your phone # to get rid of these guys. They’ve harrassed me for YEARS; nothing stops them.

    By the way though? Make sure that you’ve checked off all the “Privacy” options with all your bank accounts; indicating you DON’T want to get calls from your banks, and “Affiliated” or “Non-Affiliated” financial agencies.

  54. darryl says

    Now they are using the name World Financial. The first person told me the name of the company was Account Services and the manager got on and told me the name was World Financial, This was the first call I got so far hope that was the last!!!!

  55. lisa says

    Live in Upstate NY…..Just got same call type from “Account Services” Washington # 360-529-6136, sounding all official saying they represent the 551 credit lenders across the US and are trying to lower interest card rates for me, they kept “phishing” for my credit number hung up on me when pressed for information-when I mentioned fraud warning on the web they hung up on me. They try to sound very formal and quote legislation etc. Won’t explain why they don’t already have my account information. I reported this to my local police in case anyone else in the area gets the call.

  56. Phil says

    I just received my 6th or 7th call from “Heather” at “Account Services” wanting to lower my interest rates. As all have commented, before you can finish asking them to remove your number from their call list, they hang up. The Texas Attorney General’s said all that can be done is to register the complaint on the National Do Not Call Registry. That really isn’t going to do anything. Like someone suggested, wouldn’t it be nice if some computer genius could hack their system and shut them down.

  57. Dr. BRETTONGARCIA says

    “Heather,” “Rachael,” and a hundred other financial services have called me; NOTHING STOPS THEM. Not even my 30 complaints to the FTC.

    Articles suggest they are overseas. Some suggest they are random “robo”calls. But? They seem coordinated. When I complain about one, it stops calling … and a “different” one calls.

    Personally? I think some of them actually ARE with the banks; after all, they are in effect consolodating your credit card debt into a (for a while) lower interest bank loan.

    Some say the banks got a special exemption from FTC DNC laws. (Read their annual “Privacy” statement closely).

    So? They should be possible to trace through the banks.

    But the FBI is not doing that. Why?


  58. Dr. BRETTONGARCIA says

    Feb. 22, 2012

    The lack of dates on these complains, might give people the impression these calls from “Heather” and “Racheal” have long since ceased. But they are continuing, even now, in 2012. There is a recent story in the LA Times on “Rachael.”

    Can they be stopped? So far? Nothing seems to work. Not even my 20+ complaints to the FTC/DNC.

    Probably? Nothing will work … short of changing your phone #. And not giving anyone but family your new #.

    These calls may not be entirely random robo calls; when you complain about one “financial service” to the FTC, another different one takes its place.

    The odd thing? The FTC could easily bust them; sooner or later they use your Credit Card to transfer funds to a bank. All eminently traceable.

    So that? I believe we are dealing with collusion between FTC and banks. Some payoff may be involved.

  59. India says

    I have been getting these calls several times a day for a couple of months now, except from a “Rachel” instead of “Heather”. Each time, I ask that they remove the number they are calling from any list they have, and that it is on the Do Not Call list. They usually hang up on me, or simply say “Ok” then hang up. I have reported all 3 separate numbers to the FCC, we’ll see if they stop…

  60. Joanne Sonntag says

    Thank you for all of the information listed here. I have been taken on one of these scams several years ago and was out 900.00. Thank you to the ex- employee for your thorough description. This sounds exactly what I experienced. I just had another recently who called themselves Americas Number One Choice. I went along for a while to see what it was about. and it turns out it is the same process. If anyone ever finds a way to get these crooks, let me know and I will support the action against them.

  61. Pinco says

    This damn “Account Services” keeps calling one of my phone numbers 3 or 4 times a day and they never stop regardeless if I press 3 to take me off the list or I speak to some of those bastards at the other side of the line.
    I don’t have caller ID on the line they keep calling, so I don’t know the numbers, they probably would block caller ID anyway.
    How do we get these criminals to stop calling ?
    Clearly they ignore the no call list..

  62. Hadassah says

    I have had these same people calling me over and over and I almost fell for it. I was sick of the phone call so I accepted and started to give them my credit card number over and realized and said Something like why are you asking me for my number and he hung up

  63. tigergirl1975 says

    March 21, 2012

    Wow, I can’t believe so many people are having this problem, and yet nothing can be done about these people!!! I have received several calls from that B!@tch “Heather” at Account Services. She was called from an Ohio number about a year ago offering to lower my interest rates on my credit card. To qualify I needed to have at least $3,000 credit card debt with an available credit of $500. I asked what credit card company or bank she worked with, and she told me she was calling from my bank. So I asked her who I banked with. Well, of course she avoided the question and quickly changed the subject. She said if you have the $3,000 debt with the $500 available credit we can get you qualified today. By this point I was furious and started yelling at her. I told her I don’t have the debt, but I have the $500 available credit. So I don’t F’ing qualify B!@tch. She immediately hung up! I called my bank, and they assured me I had nothing to worry about since I didn’t’ give any account info. A week later my card was used in Alabama for $2.98, and right after they tried running it in Spain for $490. They were unsuccessful because as soon as the overseas charges came in my bank contacted me. When they lady from the bank called, I got ignorant with her and started cursing her, thinking she was the crooks calling again. I told her I wasn’t giving her any info and was going to my bank ASAP, and I did just that. Only to find that she really was calling from my bank. LOL Not sure if the call from “Heather” had anything to do with the credit card fraud, but it was kind of strange to me those two transactions was so close to that $500!!!!! I do A LOT of online shopping, so I thought that maybe they got my card number from my online shopping. Not really sure……. But since then, I have received at least 10 calls. Just within the past week, I have received three. I knew exactly what it was when I got the first call because it showed an Ohio number again. I was able to speak to someone and was very, very polite. I asked if he could please provide me with the name of his company because I was a little skeptical about the call. He immediately hung up! I tried calling back, but of course it said the number couldn’t be reached or some bs like that. The last two came from a Minnesota number (612) 222-7091. During the call last night, I ripped the guy a new A$$hole, every word out of my mouth was the “F” word or a curse word!!!! I’m waiting for them to call back. I’m gonna have me some fun with ’em!!!!

  64. ScottC says

    I have been getting these calls for months now, after a few attempts to get off the list I gave up and now just mess with the people on the other end. I will start out by answering some basic questions about how much debt I have and then I will start giving out personal information and break off mid sentence with something funny. Usually a funny name, Suq Madiq is a personal favorite. If you can not stop them at least have a good laugh over it.

  65. calciatore10 says

    I get these calls at least 5 times a day from numbers all around the country of which the calls cannot be returned even though I’m on do not call list…

    • Gomer says

      Make sure you file a complaint with the FCC for each call.

      I have had some fun with these creeps. Sometimes I put comuter porn on in the background and turn up the volume, making them listen to it. I try to keep them on the phone for as long as possible – my record is 12 minutes 30 seconds. I hope to waste their time.

      I think that their employees don’t realize they are working for a scam company.

  66. Dr. Bretton Garcia PhD says

    The problem continues, April 2012. But now there are some articles on this. Here’s one recent article in the NY Times, from April 8, 2012. On belated efforts by the FTC, to stop “spam” or unsolicited advertising, on cellphones.

    Almost none of these efforts to date to be sure, seem effective; I’m still getting lots of calls. But people and getting increasingly concerned. Finally the Do Not Call list and the FTC are making some – as yet, ineffectual – efforts.

    In fact to date Do Not Call, is gotten around easily. The latest of these guys to harrass me weekly? The same guy appears in messages from one “different” company after another; sometimes presenting himself as the Do Not Call agency itself!

    The Do Not Call List stops some of these guys; but not this one.

  67. Patrick says

    Constantly getting these calls all hours of the day and night latest one by Rachel in account services. I pressed one to ask to be removed from the list and the guy hung up on me before I could even get that much out. I have been called honestly probably 200 times by these A holes so far. They call 2-3 times per day everyday and this has been going on since before Christmas. I WISH they would make the mistake of calling someone with some power like an FBI phone or something and get them after them. These pricks deserve to be locked up.

  68. Pete says

    Have gotten at least 3 calls per day everyday from these scam artists since last Thanksgiving. Before I can even tell them to stop calling me they hang up on me. One was even a big enough smart as$ to tell me after I asked her to stop calling me, “Ok, well I’ll talk to you tomorrow” Another told me, “you’ll be getting twice as many calls now” Really??? Don’t you have anything better to do, than to aggravate people? I mean, you aren’t going to get me to give out my account numbers so go scam someone else!

  69. John says

    I was forced to sign up for “Smart Limits” with AT&T (paying an extra $5 / month) just to block these calls from Account Services / Card Services. And every time I get a call from a new number, I block them. The problem is I still get tons of calls from new numbers .. and AT&T allows only a max of 30 numbers to block .. what happens when I run out of numbers to block … so far this is the list of numbers that they have called me from:

    Blocked Numbers
    1 (216) 744-4009
    2 (303) 249-9700
    3 (347) 218-0531
    4 (513) 417-0498
    5 (515) 421-5843
    6 (617) 390-4562
    7 (785) 207-6317
    8 (801) 647-0293
    9 (802) 230-6357
    10 (920) 602-0879
    11 (971) 295-9768

    I received 5 calls today … from 3 different numbers … At this rate, my max of 30 blocked calls will run out in a couple of weeks. Then what??!!

  70. Allan Cano says

    Is there a way to file a class action against the phone companies for continuing to issue these number? I mean our time has value and clearly these numbers are being used illegally to by pass DnC lists and costing us time, and minutes on our cells. This means it’s costing us money. I say if the phone companies can’t vet the company using these numbers they should be held as accomplises. Maybe if this workes the free market will police itself.

    Cause I am sick to deatch of these F’ing calls!

    Thanks y’all for letting me vent.

    Then number for today is:


  71. andrear says

    I’ve decided after politely asking to have my number removed, adding myself to do not call registries and overall doing what I’m supposed to.. Now when they call I’m gonna push one to get a person and get out my trusty whistle (and yes I’m gonna use it). maybe they’ll figure out that when they call my cellphone they will have sore ears and remove me from the auto dialer. thanks for letting me vent.

  72. Patrick says

    These buggers keep calling me, too: 617-390-4562.

    Not sure what to do to make them stop, so any advice is helpful. I have listed complaint after complaint on the do-not-call reg, but they really can’t do anything about these calls.

  73. T.canady says

    These people call 2-3 times a day as well as a group that claimes loan consolidation services# comes up 000-000-0000. They call 7 days a week nothingakes them stop they have too many numbers to block but I’m working on lust to give all the citizens of town. It seems a waste of time but collect the numbers have them blocked with phone co them fill out form for your local attorney general. Also looking for a group to take them on at all locations so please if you have worked there post info as this is a full on terror to US citizens and they must be stopped. To many older people are unaware this is a scams so print and post info a senior ceters give to churches and post anyplace older people who may not have computers will see it! Signed ” in the hunt “in OK.

  74. Toni says

    I actually spoke to a “Heather” and went through the process but had the sense to realize – but they did give me a number to call back and I had the local number on my cell phone- so once I realized that, stupid me, I fell for it, even after speaking to a Manager, Consultant and head Manager, I just cancelled the fee that they were supposed to get and cancelled my credit card.

    PLEASE do not do what I did and FALL FOR THIS – eventhough they are affiliated with Western GPS LLC, they are not that company – they do have a local office here in Orlando

  75. SAT says

    Problem-they change their phone numbers. now they are calling from Indianapolis, IN. I have called and written to No call registry and they have not replied to one single complaint of the several I have sent, no wonder this company keeps calling, they know they have nothing to fear.My caller is Anne.

  76. SONY says




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