38 Best Fruit Smoothie Recipes

Fruit smoothie recipes are a delicious treat. Unlike a lot of sweets, they involve actual food in the form of fruit. In fact, the very best recipes are the ones are the ones that don’t add a ton of sugar, ice cream or other unhealthy filler ingredients.

It’s easy to make a fruit smoothie in a blender with just a few ingredients. The base can be yogurt, milk, banana, frozen fruits, a non-dairy milk replacement like almond milk or soy milk, or even a protein powder.

The flavor comes from ingredients like honey, coconut milk, some fresh or frozen fruit, or maybe fruit juice. And if you want some veggie in your smoothies, try these spinach smoothie recipes – you won’t know you’re drinking a serving of veg!

Get your ingredients and your blender together, pick one of these smoothie recipes to try, and you’re ready to make your smoothie.

Three fruit smoothies in glasses on table

Best Fruit Smoothie Recipes


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Last Updated:

October 27, 2023