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28 Easy Christmas Crafts for a DIY Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, for those of you who celebrate it, and we have lots of DIY Christmas crafts and holiday tips for getting the most out of your holiday season before it gets the better of you.

We’ve also got a lot of exciting Christmas dinner recipes for you to try if you’re looking for something new this year. And just a few great tips before we get to the crafts.

Holiday Tips

This is a stressful time of year. Make it as easy as you can for yourself.

  1. It’s okay to have a more frugal Christmas by making ornaments out of grocery bags, balsa wood, old Christmas cards, meringue snowmen and more.
  2. See our tips for saving up for Christmas in advance so you don’t go into so much debt in January.
  3. Shop online as much as you can. It really saves you so much time and makes getting the best deal much easier. Be sure to get Rakuten cash back on every purchase.
  4. Save money by wrapping with homemade gift wrap or recycled paper (you can make recycled paper yourself) instead of gift wrap. Either way, you save money and your gifts look cute and unique.
  5. Try to avoid last minute Christmas shopping.
  6. Get organized before buying gifts. Make a list of exactly what you’re getting for whom, then look for the best price on it, buy it, and boom, you’re done.

Christmas craft mittens on a table with felt

Interested in making your own stockings this year? We’ve got Christmas stocking patterns you can use!

Festive Christmas Craft Ideas