Easy Delicious Omelet Recipes

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These omelet recipes are perfect for those times when you don’t feel like doing any serious cooking or cleanup. And you also don’t want the low nutritional value of fast food or frozen entrees.

You want something reasonably healthy, but easy as anything. What’s the solution? Pick any of these omelet recipes and make them tonight!

Plus, you can freeze omelets, turning them into make-ahead freezer meals. That’s about as simple as a healthy, home-cooked meal can get.

All you need is a collection of great omelet ideas to make. On evenings when you’re too tired to keep an omelet together, don’t worry: just chop it all up and call it a “scramble.”

Herb and spice omelet in a pan

And you can get so creative with omelets! This list has recipes for waffle omelets and making a pizza with an omelet. You have so many options.

Don’t like eggs? Then this is one of the very best way to eat them, because it’s so easy to overwhelm the flavor and texture of eggs with other ingredients, giving yourself all that nutrition without the parts you don’t like.

If you need some tips on how to cook omelets, check out these top 10 different ways to prepare an omelets.

Omelet ingredients in pan

I think of all these ideas for omelets as one-dish meals, but if you want more, add bread or toast for carbs. Put some strips of bacon on the side. Fried potatoes make a great side dish, too.

Though it’s not a traditional combination to my knowledge, homemade Cream of Tomato Soup can be a wonderful starter for any egg-based meal.

Omelet Recipes

These omelet recipes help you create a nutritious, easy meal for any day, any time.