43 Savory & Sweet Compound Butter Recipes

These compound butter recipes can take your cooking to the next level. These delicious homemade condiments are simply butter combined with some other ingredients to create a whole new taste.

But you’d never guess how simple it is from the amazing flavor it gives your dishes. Butter in combination with herbs, spices, fruit, honey, lemon zest and seasonings is delicious on so many dishes.

Herbed compound butter on cutting board

All about compound butter

It’s not just like buttering an item and then adding a sprinkle of the flavor. These butters develop a unique flavor of their own. And you can put them on so many foods:

  • Spread them on flatbreads and then add vegetables, meat or cheese as you like.
  • Put one into a baked potato for added flavor.
  • Melt them over pasta.
  • Serve one for buttering corn on the cob.
  • Put a pat or spoonful on steak, chicken, fish – any meat.
  • Melt a pat into a serving of vegetables to add some flavor.
  • Butter your bread with them. Or pastries, rolls or cornbread.

One of the simplest examples will be familiar to many of you: honey butter, a simple blend of honey with butter, whipped together and served immediately.

Cranberry compound butter in bowl and on toast

Some people like to roll their butters up in parchment paper or plastic wrap and refrigerate them so they become solid logs you can put on the table. This takes a little more prep time, but it makes an impressive addition to any meal.

On the other hand, with any of these recipes, you can just whip the ingredients together in a bowl and serve as a soft spread. And this also makes a beautiful presentation.

Steaks with herb compound butter pats

Compound Butter Recipes

These butters add so much to any meal. They can turn something as simple as a roll or piece of toast into a special treat. Try the savory ones on homemade pizza crust, or melted over a side dish like green beans. Get creative and enjoy!


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Last Updated:

October 27, 2023