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6 crafts you can make from recycled plastic bottles

I stopped buying bottled water a couple of years ago, but I still buy soda in plastic bottles. Even though these bottles are recyclable, I try to reuse them when I can. They’re perfect for plastic bottle crafts.

Old soda bottles outside

Recycled plastic bottle crafts

  1. Water bottle wind spirals. This is a great craft for kids, and the result is beautiful wind spirals to play with or even hang in the backyard.
  2. Fish Mobile. This is not the simplest tutorial in the world, but it results in a gorgeous mobile with beautifully colored fish suspended from an old CD. It has a terrific hand-crafted look – you could even make these and sell them at a crafts booth. This would be great for a kids’ room, but it could also be nice on a porch or patio, with the breeze stirring it.
  3. Scenes in a Bottle. This is a brilliant idea, suitable for kids old enough to handle a slightly tricky scissors job. You end up with a scene inside a sealed plastic bottle. It’s like ships in a bottle, except the plastic is much easier to work with than glass, and it doesn’t have to be a ship. You can even make your own glue for this one.
  4. Lamp Base. This craft is especially suited to bottles that aren’t clear, such as old antacid bottles. You’re going to use a molding plastic (or plaster) to make it look more attractive, but what you want is really a plastic bottle with an interesting shape.
  5. Plastic Vase. You’re probably thinking “right, lop off top of bottle, stick water and flowers in.” Nope, this tutorial guides you to make a stunning looking plastic vase that passes for glass. I do wonder a little about the stability of it, but you could definitely paint the base with clear gesso to give it a little added strength and weight.
  6. Make a bell. This one is Christmas-themed, but you could easily adapt it. Just change the decorations on it to whatever theme you want.
  7. Solar hot water kettle. This one’s not just a craft – it’s really useful. A plastic bottle is transformed into a kettle. Even in 30 degree weather outside, you can use this device to heat some water up to 95 degrees. It’s perfect for hand-washing or making sun tea while camping.