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9 Free Online Knitting Patterns Sites

When you search for free online knitting patterns in search engines, you find a lot of sites that just lead to other sites. And many of those force you to register to get any of the patterns, etc.

Sometimes the sites are so badly organized that you end up clicking page after page and still not finding any patterns you like.

Finding truly free online knitting patterns

The following sites take you straight to the patterns, with no fuss, no logins, no special requirements. They’re well-organized, and we update this list several times a year or whenever we find one of the sites has changed or gone away.

Basket of yarn with knitting needles and knitted scarf

Get your knitting on

You can buy your yarn online from lots of sources with all kinds of yarn to choose. You can get normal everyday yarn or specialty handmade recycled yarn.

You can also take some wonderful online knitting classes to get started. These classes also make great gifts if you want to introduce someone in your life to knitting.

You’ll probably need something handy for storing all your gear. This great knitting bag from Amazon has a place for everything.

If you like to crochet, too, check out 42 Best Crochet Tips and Tricks.

Brightly colored yarn and partially knitted socks

Sites with free knitting patterns

1. Knitty

This online knitting magazine lets you search for specific patterns or browse archived back issues with not only knitting patterns but tips, articles, and links to other goodies (hat tip to reader Sarah!). Browse categories like hats, scarves, shawls and more.

2. AllFreeKnitting

This site has a lot to choose from, and it’s all arranged so you can easily browse and drill down to find what you want. For example, the category “Baby Knits” has subcategories for baby blankets, baby hats, baby sweaters, etc., so you can get really specific.

This site will ask you for an email signup, but you don’t have to give it in order to get to the free knitting patterns. 

Be sure to check out their free knitting course!

3. Drops Design

This site features patterns that have been archived from their Drops catalogs. Great browsing and search features make it easy for you to sort and find just what you want.

They also offer some tips and discussion about various products, which are worth reading.

Womans hands knitting purple scarf

4. Knitting Help

This website is another database style collection with a robust section of free knitting patterns. This one keeps it very simple. You just click the pattern you want.

5. KnitPicks

This site has a good selection of free patterns. It’s not particularly searchable, so you have to just browse. But it’s worth it because there’s a lot of good stuff.

6. Classic Elite Yarns

This is actually a newsletter archive that links to a lot of free knitting patterns. Sometimes the actual pattern is hosted on Ravelry or another third party site, but so far I haven’t had to create an account to download any of them.

It’s not searchable, but there’s some very nice stuff on there!

Yellow-orange ball of yarn and partially knitted scarf

7. Knitting-and

Okay, so the name is a little odd, but it’s easy to navigate and has a lot to choose from, including tips as well as plenty of patterns.

8. Free Vintage Knitting

This one has a list of categories at the top. Click the one you want, and browse what they have to offer down below.

You can see pictures of each finished product, which makes it easy to see if the pattern will be what you want before you click over.

9. Knitting Pattern Central

This is a well-organized, searchable database of free knitting patterns. Some of their links go to sites that require email logins, but most do not. 

The site is well-maintained, so you don’t run into error pages where a pattern has been removed but the links to it are still there.

In addition, the site offers tutorials, tips, encouragement pages and links to other craft sites that are worth checking out.

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