25 Easy DIY Bath Bomb Recipes

Learn how to make these DIY bath bomb recipes, and you’ll never buy them from stores again. These homemade bath bombs have just a few ingredients plus essential oils. They’re easy and inexpensive to make.

Bath bombs don’t just make your bathwater fizz. They have skin care ingredients and muscle soothing soak ingredients like epsom salt.

Another thing that’s very appealing about making bath bombs at home is that you can control the ingredients. Without adding the chemicals stores add to theirs, you can make a more natural bath bomb.

While they do have to set overnight, putting them together is actually easy. Anyone can learn to make these quickly and easily.

Bath bombs sitting in basket

All you’ll need is a bath bomb mold, a few dry ingredients like epsom salt and corn starch, maybe some coconut oil, and some essential oils and some colorants and fragrance oils. You can even buy a whole bath bomb kit that comes with a lot of what you need.

Homemade Bath Bomb Recipes