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6 Best Slow Cookers with Browning Feature

Slow cookers are wonderful, especially for bulk cooking, but a browning or saute feature makes them even better. While most slow cooker inner pots can go in the oven, they can’t be used on the stovetop. So, if you want to brown meat or vegetables, you have to do that first in a separate pan.

When your slow cooker has a browning function, you can brown meat or vegetables right there in the unit on the stovetop. It saves you the trouble to having to use and clean a second pan.

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Stew in a slow cooker

What to Look for in Slow Cookers

Does the nonstick coating last? With many otherwise terrific slow cookers, reviewers note that the nonstick coating began to bubble or pit and even break off into the food after a while, even using the gentlest tools and TLC. I have not included any that had consistent mentions of this in the reviews at the time of writing.

Capacity. You’ll have to decide what size you want based on the dishes you like to cook. If you cook whole chickens, you might need an 8 quart slow cooker. If everything you do is smaller, than a 3.5 quart might be fine. Take a look at your recipes to get an idea.

Easy to clean. Because the manufacturers know that’s important, most slow cookers are easy to clean nowadays.

Best Slow Cookers with Browning Feature