32 Surprising Uses for Binder Clips

Binder clips aren’t just for keeping your paperwork in order. They can be repurposed in countless ways to make your life easier and more organized.

From managing cables to creating makeshift stands, we’ll take a look at 25 surprising uses for binder clips that you probably haven’t thought of before.

We all have binder clips lying around the house, used mainly for their intended purpose – to clip papers together. But these handy little tools can serve so many other helpful functions around your home.

Binder clips strewn across a desk top from a metal container

Binder clips are inexpensive, readily available, and incredibly versatile. With a little creativity, you can find numerous surprising ways to use them in your daily life to solve common problems and stay organized. So, the next time you’re tempted to toss out a binder clip, think again – it might just come in handy for one of these clever uses!

Surprising Uses for Binder Clips

1. Cable Organizer

Binder clips make excellent cable organizers. Clip them to the edge of your desk and thread your cables through the metal arms to prevent them from tangling or slipping out of reach.

2. Phone Stand

Transform a binder clip into a makeshift phone stand by folding back the arms to create a stable base. Perfect for watching videos or video calls on the go.

3. Chip Bag Clip

Keep your snacks fresh by using a binder clip to seal the top of chip bags or other snack packages.

4. Key Holder

Attach a binder clip to the inside of your bag or purse to keep your keys easily accessible and prevent them from getting lost in the depths of your belongings.

5. Bookmark

Clip a binder clip onto the edge of your book to mark your page and prevent it from closing.

6. Photo Display

Clip photos or postcards to a piece of twine or string using binder clips to create a unique and customizable photo display.

7. Recipe Holder

Clip your recipe cards to the edge of a cabinet or shelf at eye level for easy reading while cooking.

8. Bag Sealer

Fold the top of a bag and secure it with a binder clip to keep contents fresh and prevent spills.

9. Drawer Organizer

Use binder clips to create compartments within drawers to keep small items like pens, rubber bands, or makeup brushes organized.

10. Curtain Holder

Clip binder clips to the tops of curtains to add weight and help them hang more evenly.

11. Craft Supply Holder

Keep spools of ribbon, yarn, or string organized by clipping them together with binder clips.

12. Temporary Hem

Clip up the hem of your pants or skirts with binder clips for a temporary fix until you can sew them properly.

13. Guitar Pick Holder

Attach a binder clip to the edge of your guitar stand to keep your picks within easy reach.

14. Desk Organizer

Create a tiered desk organizer by stacking binder clips on top of each other and using them to hold pens, pencils, or other office supplies.

15. Tea Bag Holder

Clip a tea bag string to the side of your mug to prevent it from falling into your drink while steeping.

16. Plant Label

Label your plants by clipping a small piece of paper with the plant’s name to a binder clip and attaching it to the pot.

17. Clothes Hanger Spacer

Prevent clothes from sliding together on a clothing rod by clipping a binder clip between them to create space.

18. Glove Holder

Clip gloves together by the cuffs to keep them paired and prevent them from getting lost.

19. Hair Accessories Organizer

Keep hair ties, clips, and headbands organized by clipping them to a binder clip attached to the edge of your bathroom mirror or vanity.

20. Pencil Grip

Wrap a rubber band around a binder clip and slide it onto a pencil to create a makeshift grip for better control and comfort.

21. Toothpaste Squeezer

Nearly empty folded toothpaste tube with binder clip on fold

Clip the end of a toothpaste tube with a binder clip to help squeeze out every last bit of toothpaste. As you fold up the tube, put the binder clip on the folds and it will hold it closed.

22. Nail Polish Holder

Clip several binder clips together to create a makeshift rack for holding nail polish bottles upright.

23. Cookbook Holder

Keep your cookbook open to the right page by clipping it to a stand made of stacked binder clips.

24. Ribbon Dispenser

Thread spools of ribbon onto a large binder clip and attach it to the edge of a shelf for easy dispensing.

25. Emergency Zipper Pull

Attach a small binder clip to a broken zipper tab to create a makeshift pull for quick repairs.


Mark multiple pages in books or magazines by clipping a binder clip onto pages you want to easily return to later.

27. Makeshift money clip

Clip paper bills neatly together with a binder clip when you don’t have a wallet handy.

28. Hang art

Clip lighter art, papers, or photos to curtains, walls, clothing racks, or cubicle panels to display them.

29. Fix eyeglasses

Clip together eyeglass arms with missing or broken screws to temporarily stabilize them.

30. Simple splints

Immobilize injured fingers or small items like pens, pencils or chopsticks with a makeshift splint made from stiff cardboard clipped on with a binder clip.

31. Makeshift hooks

Hang hats, kitchen towels, dog leashes or lightweight bags from hooks, rails, and shelves using a dangling binder clip.

32. DIY clothespins

Clip sheets of fabric or other materials taut for hands-free sewing, gluing or crafting.

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Last Updated:

February 28, 2024