22 DIY Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

These homemade body scrub recipes are the DIY you need for a spa day at home! Pamper and exfoliate your skin with these DIY body scrubs.

A body scrub can be important to your skin care. It helps to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells.

The basic formula is an exfoliating agent in a carrier oil. Most recipes are a combination of salt or sugar for exfoliation, a carrier oil for binding it together and moisturizing your skin, sometimes food items like fruit or coffee grounds, and possibly essential oils for fragrance.

Six different body scrubs in bowls

You use a body scrub by gently massaging it into the skin. It can help unclog pores, cleanse the skin, and even improve circulation to the skin. The best homemade body scrubs will leave your skin looking more vibrant and glowing. This makes dry skin better prepared for moisturizing.

Exfoliation is important for all types of skin, although some sensitive skin types may not be able to handle a scrub. But if you love a body scrub, this collection is for you.

Some of the ingredients you might need for these DIY sugar scrubs and salt scrubs include:

Body Scrub Recipes for Glowing Skin