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6 Beautiful Butcher Block Kitchen Carts

If your kitchen has room for a kitchen cart and you like the look of butcher block, then you need one of these. A kitchen island of any type gives you more storage space and more food prep space. It can give you much-needed additional cabinets and drawers.

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Reasons to Choose a Butcher Block Island

It’s beautiful

Butcher block offers a unique design that’s appealing. The style and creativity in the design makes the kitchen look awesome and modern, yet warm and inviting. This is a perfect way to add a rustic touch to your kitchen while still keeping it contemporary.

Just as importantly, this style of kitchen countertop can fit into the decor of most any kitchen. It looks great on a cart next to countertops made of granite, engineered stone, tile and more.

Butcher block kitchen cart with potted chives

The only concern is if your countertops are also butcher block. In that case, make sure the cart you choose either matches or coordinates with your existing countertops to avoid a clash of styles.

You can use them as an island table or countertop, or even create a unique design with them as the centerpiece of your kitchen. Regardless of how you use them, they’re sure to make your kitchen look great and stylish.,.

It’s functional

You can actually use butcher block countertops as a cutting board. You can chop vegetables and cut meat right on top of the surface. And it won’t dull your knives.

Chopping on a wooden countertop can leave scratches in its surface over time. For a kitchen cart, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can look distressed rather than just used. And it can also absorb stains. But this is all fixable.

Easy to maintain

Unlike other counter materials, butcher block is very easy to refinish. Just sand and re-oil.

Best Butcher Block Kitchen Carts