13 Delicious Campbell’s Tomato Soup Recipes

What can you make with a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup, other than, you know, soup? You might think it’s best use is for serving alongside a grilled cheese sandwich, maybe with some basil thrown on top.

But then you might find yourself surprised. You can make crab bisque, goulash, a casserole and even a cake from a can of tomato soup. Yes, a cake.

Canned tomato soup makes a surprisingly good base for a lot of dishes. For those of you outside the regions where the Campbell’s brand is sold, any condensed canned tomato soup will work in these recipes. Read on to learn some of the things you can make with a simple canned soup.

And when you’re done here, you can try some other Campbell’s soup recipes besides the tomato.

Tomato soup in bowls on table

Recipes Using Tomato Soup from Campbell's