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Best Outdoor and Camping Gear

This is a collection of outdoor, camping and survival gear.

Backpacks and Cases

Camping Backpacks

For camping and hiking, you need a sturdy backpack that can stand up to the elements. You can find a wide variety of good camping backpacks at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Survival Backpack

It’s scary to think of needing to evacuate your home. But you can get a ready-made survival kit and not have to think anymore about it.

This is a great option if you’ve been unable to decide what to put in your pack, or if you keep putting off the task of putting a survival pack together.

Survival Backpack for Pets

Pets also need a survival kit in case of home evacuation. These survival kits for pets are rated in terms of how many days they should last, but you know your pet’s needs best.

Remember to add any medication your pets use to the kit. Veterinarians should be willing to give you extra medicine for this.

Also remember to use the medicine from the kit before it expires and replace it with fresh medication.


Hand-Crank Phone Charging Weather Radio

This device takes the idea of “all-in-one” to a whole new level. This hand-crank phone charging weather radio (check price at Amazon) is powered by solar energy and/or hand cranking so you’ll never run out of batteries.

It will charge smart phones and tablets, play the radio and give you weather alerts. It should serve most all of your electronic needs while you’re camping or away from home.

Other Gear

Waterproof paper

Waterproof paper is a great way to journal your camping experience or just keep important information handy. It will stand up to rain and dampness, though probably not complete submergence, at least not for long.

Because it won’t stand up to submergence, keep it in a waterproof bag that will. This waterproof bag will hold a phone too and let you click through it.