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Lesser known bargain websites

Shopping online is awesome. You can save money and get products that aren’t available offline in your area. And you can also can read reviews from other customers that help you make smarter purchases. You can leave reviews of your own and get feedback and solutions from other customers. Oddly, this digital shopping age is …

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How to minimize medical bills

It’s not enough that you’re unwell and need treatment that will take up time and cause you more discomfort: it’s also gonna cost you! That’s the reality many of us live with when it comes to medicine. Finding ways to pay medical bills can be almost stressful enough to cause a whole other health issue. …

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Easy ways to save electricity

You may have heard that unplugging electronics could save electricity and save you money on “standby electricity” – the electricity that runs to your devices even when they’re turned off. This is true, but some people don’t feel the savings is worth the hassle, when plugs are hard to reach, or turning off computer peripherals …

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