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Pile of coins on white surface

Lesser known bargain websites

Shopping online is awesome. You can save money and get products that aren’t available offline in your area. You can read reviews from other customers that help you make smarter purchases. You can leave reviews of your own and get feedback and solutions from other customers. Oddly, this digital shopping age is a bit of …

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Closeup of fluorescent bulb in metal light fixture

Easy ways to save electricity

You may have heard that unplugging electronics could save electricity and save you money on “standby electricity” – the electricity that runs to your devices even when they’re turned off. This is true, but some people don’t feel the savings is worth the hassle, when plugs are hard to reach, or turning off computer peripherals …

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Closeup of razor blade refills in case

Make razor blades last longer

LifeHacker recently reported that you can extend the life of a disposable razor blade up to twenty months by swiping it backwards against your arm 10 times whenever it starts to feel dull. The idea is to mimic the action of those leather strops barbers once used to sharpen straight razors, except the hair on …

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Closeup of red lentils

Eating cheap: recipe roundup

I’ve been looking for ways to cut down on my food expenses without compromising quality and nutrition. Looks like I’m not the only one concerned about this, because there have been some great recipes posted recently for inexpensive dinners: Mama May has a recipe for Vegetables Au Gratin, which is ideal for using up vegetables …

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