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Grilled Steak & Onions on white plate

Grilled Steak and Onions

I designed this flavorful grilled steak recipe for my Cuisinart Griddler – an electric grill/griddle – but I’m sure that it would work just fine on any other electric grill, and could probably be adapted to a traditional grill or cooking in an oven without too much trouble.This recipe serves four, and is an easy, …

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Porkchop with sauerkraut on green plate

Pork chops with sauerkraut

One of the difficulties people run into when cooking pork chops is how quickly they dry out and become tough and unappetizing. Cooking them in sauerkraut eliminates this problem, and imparts a savory, tart flavor to the pork. This recipe will delight the cost-conscious cook; with careful shopping, you can purchase enough ingredients to feed …

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