23 Ingredients to Improve Your Burger Recipe

Burgers in a row on a napkin

Hamburgers are usually about the ingredients you add to your meat patty and bun. But if you usually just make your burger patties out of ground beef and maybe some seasoning, you’re missing out on a lot of fun.

How to Cook Eggplant {plus recipes}

Cooked eggplant with cheese and herbs

People tend to either love or hate eggplant, and often the hate comes from never having tasted it correctly prepared. It’s a very healthy, filling veggie you can even use as a substitute for meats.

14 Barbecue Tips & Tricks

Meat and vegetables grilling outdoors

Backyard barbecues are tremendous fun, but everyone always remembers the food later. Here’s a collection of barbecue tips to help you make your cookouts memorable.

How to Make Homemade Freezer Meals

Make ahead freezer meal in compartmented container

Even though some frozen dinners are less unhealthy than others, they’re still pricey. You pay for that convenience. There’s a better option: make your own make ahead freezer meals. 

How to use a French press coffee maker

French press full of coffee sitting on a kitchen table

French press coffee makers give you an affordable, easy way to make a few cups of coffee anywhere you can boil water. They’re great for travel, camping and taking to the office.

Shiitake mushroom recipes & tips

Sliced shiitake mushrooms on a cutting board and in a pan with vegetables

Shiitake mushrooms have a wonderful bold, smoky flavor. Read on to find tips on picking them and cooking them along with some shiitake mushroom recipes.