Bok choy recipes & cooking tips

Bok choy on black plate

Bok choy is a delicious type of cabbage best known for its use in Chinese cooking. These bok choy recipes will help you incorporate this delicious, healthy vegetable into your cooking.

Very easy way to peel a potato

Potato with peeling tool on cutting board

Peeling cooked potatoes is time consuming and annoying – one of those tasks most of us would prefer to avoid if possible. A friend recently forwarded me a link to a video in which Dawn Wells (yes, the actress who played Marianne on “Gilligan’s Island”) shows you a really simple way to peel a cooked …

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Make your own hummus at home

Homemade hummus with crackers in bowl

Hummus is a delicious and healthy Middle Eastern treat when it’s prepared properly. Store-bought hummus can have about twice as many calories and far less nutritional value compared to hummus you make yourself. All hummus has a fair amount of fat, but it’s also got protein, complex carbohydrates, and a decent score on the “Glycemic …

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How to make homemade liqueurs

Green homemade liqueur in shot glass

You can make liqueurs at home, and it may be easier than you’d imagine. AllRecipes has a great page explaining all the basics of liqueur making. These tips apply to most any liqueur recipe you try, or your own experiments. One that particularly caught my eye: When sweetening your liqueurs, don’t add sugar directly to …

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Cooking for Vegetarian Guests

Although I’m a vegetarian, most of my friends are not, and my large extended family (mainly living in very small rural areas) are not used to cooking for vegetarians at all, which means I have to explain a lot when I’m invited over for a meal. As people get more aware of vegetarianism, and the …

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