45 Cheap Meatless Meals & Vegetarian Recipes

Meatless chili in bowl

Hearty meatless meals will help you save money, since meat is more expensive than most vegetarian ingredients. These easy meatless recipes are great meals to make on a budget. And going meatless, even just now and again or for Meatless Mondays, can also be good for your health.

11 Make at Home Seafood Salad Recipes

Seafood salad on table

These seafood salad recipes feature crab, shrimp and more. Most are the type of salad you chop and stir up with ingredients like mayonnaise, but some are green salads. Don’t assume they’re not budget friendly. Fresh seafood can be pricey, but most of these use ingredients like imitation crab meat to keep costs down.

39 Easy & Best Salad Recipes

Simple green salad with tomatoes and croutons in bowl on table

Whether salad is your entree or a side dish, these simple salad recipes are a great way to lighten up dinner. And yet, they’re still hearty and satisfying! All of these are fairly easy to prepare – some are extremely easy. Some ask you to make your own homemade dressing recipe while others suggest a bottled dressing from the store. You can choose your level of difficulty.

9 Classic Cobb Salad Recipes to Make for Lunch

Cobb salad in bowl with table setting

The classic Cobb Salad recipe was invented by restaurateur and Hollywood Brown Derby owner Robert Howard Cobb in 1937. It’s a simple but amazing salad featuring chopped salad. The recipe has changed a little over the years. It typically includes greens, tomato, crisp bacon, boiled, grilled or roasted chicken breast, hard-boiled eggs, avocado, crumbled blue cheese and scallions. and a red-wine vinaigrette dressing.

8 Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

8 Boozy Fudge Recipes with Alcohol

Sometimes you just need a decadent boozy fudge recipes. These easy fudge recipes are infused with alcohol for your enjoyment. In this list, you’ve got fudge recipes that use delicious alcohols like Irish cream, Kahlua, whiskey and even champagne! They’re great for you or to give as a food gift!

7 Easy Steak Salad Recipes

Closeup of steak salad

Salad is a surprisingly good way to enjoy a good pan-seared or grilled steak. These delicious steak salad recipes are great for lunch or dinner. These salads require a little bit of cooking, but that’s fine because they can be your whole meal. You can grill the steaks or cook them in a skillet. The trick in some of them is a great marinade for the steak.

15 Super Easy Pasta Salad Recipes

Pasta salad in bowl on table

Sometimes a good pasta salad recipe is just what you need. They’re great as side dishes and salad courses, and the heartier ones even make excellent one-dish meals. They’re also great for cookouts and barbecues.