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Because cleaning is something that needs to be done so often, it should be as easy as possible. Make cleaning less of a misery, and you’ll feel like doing it more often, and maybe get more help from the rest of the household.

Some of our very best tips on making cleaning easier are:

  • Cleaning a hair dryer regularly will keep it working well for years to come. It may also help you avoid having it shoot flames out the back end (true story!). You can also clean a flat-iron hair straightener to keep it in the best possible shape.
  • You can clean most leather at home, especially if we’re talking routine cleaning or small spots. Great tip for everything from furniture to shoes, and yes, these tips will work on most fake leather too.
  • Clean your carpets and rugs like a pro, even if you don’t have an expensive steamer or fancy chemicals. Hint: this tip involves baking soda. So easy!

Favorite Cleaning Products and Ingredients

We have a lot of recommendations for household cleaning products and ingredients for making your own. Olive Oil for Cleaning You can mix olive oil – or walnut oil – with lemon juice for a homemade furniture polish. But you don’t want to use extra virgin olive oil. Assuming you cook with EVOO, you’ll need …

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