28 Ways to Clean with Vinegar

Bottle of vinegar with cleaning cloth

There are a lot of ways to clean with vinegar. While it doesn’t disinfect, it’s a great cleaner for removing buildup and making things shine.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Apple cider bowl fly trap

Fruit flies are great at invading your home, setting up camp, and making life miserable. You can try to chase them all down with bug spray, but there are a lot of other options.

Favorite Cleaning Products and Ingredients

Cleaning products on countertop

We have a lot of recommendations for household cleaning products and ingredients for making your own. Olive Oil for Cleaning You can mix olive oil – or walnut oil – with lemon juice for a homemade furniture polish. But you don’t want to use extra virgin olive oil. Assuming you cook with EVOO, you’ll need …

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How to Clean a Grill: 12 Tips

Dirty grill being cleaned

It seems a lot of people think the “clean” feature found on a lot of outdoor barbecue grills is a total self-cleaning option. Guess what? It’s not.