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These DIY projects can help you save money by doing things yourself. Most of them are very easy and only require the most basic tools.

Some of our best DIY tips include:

  • You can easily make a room divider curtain wall and double the function of a big room in your home. Carve out some office space or a dining area or a play area for kids that won’t be visible when guests stop by.
  • Add door blinds to a glass patio or balcony door for more privacy or light control. You can order them online, install them in a few minutes, and have mini blinds inside a casing so they’ll never blow around when you open the door.
  • Make your own version of a double towel and curtain rod at the shower. Instantly give even a small bathroom way more towel hanging capacity.
  • Improve the curb appeal of your house before selling it with just a few easy, cheap tips. These tips can make your house look thousands of dollars better
  • You can often fix rusty drain pipes yourself instead of hiring a contractor.