How to Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

Home with For Sale sign in yard

Even small cosmetic changes to your house can give it more curb appeal to buyers. That means more interested buyers, a quicker sale, and a chance to get more than your asking price.

DIY Fix for Rusty Pipes {How To}

Repaired rusty drain pipe with water flowing out

You can fix rusty pipes yourself if they haven’t already started leaking. It’s important to take care of quickly. Rust will eat away at the pipes until they become leaky, which costs you money for repairs and can waste a lot of water. Learn how to handle this repair yourself.

Get a good deal when buying a car

Piggy bank on car

With a little preparation, you can raise your chances of getting a good deal on a new or used car. There are a few things you need to know – some specific to the car you want – in order to succeed.

DIY way to level a shelf

Measuring cup of water on shelf with water in it

If you’re hanging a shelf and don’t have a level handy, there’s a really simple DIY trick to get it right. Brace the shelf against the wall a couple of inches below where you want it. Take a measuring cup, fill it to the halfway point with water and set it on the middle of …

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