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These gardening tips and tricks have helped me get the most out of my backyard garden. Whether you’re growing food or flowers, or have an acre of a corner of a balcony, these tips can help.

Some of our best gardening tips include:

  • Make your own plant food with these DIY recipes. This is a great way to know exactly what’s been sprayed on food plants your family will be eating.
  • Apartment gardening really is a thing. Even with almost no space and no sunlight, there are a few things apartment and condo dwellers can grow on a balcony, patio or window box.
    • You can also compost in an apartment to get your own soil made from veggie waste, food leftovers and some of your garbage.
  • Container gardening is a great way to turn a patio or balcony into a place to grow some herbs and veggies. It can also be easier to tend than a traditional garden.
  • You can use eggshells in gardening. They can help deter some pests and also add calcium to the soil, reducing acidity. But even acid-loving plants have benefited from eggshells in my garden.
  • Some beneficial insects are great for your garden because they eat the bugs that would eat your plants. Learn how to plant to attract the good insects.
  • Keep cats out of your garden with these humane tips. Lots to choose from, since what works on one cat may not work on another.
  • Side yard landscaping can seem hopeless, but there’s a lot you can do even with a very narrow strip of land.
  • Reduce your lawn maintenance by planting slow growing grass or ground cover that’s right for your region.
  • Create your own DIY drip irrigation system for your garden. This is great to cut down on watering time and water waste.
  • Anyone can plant bare root trees for a quick, affordable alternative to buying half-grown trees from a nursery. They don’t take anymore work than nursery trees, and they catch up in growth within a couple of years.
  • You can grow a lemon tree indoors if your climate doesn’t support growing them outside. It most likely won’t fruit, but these are beautiful plants for the home.