Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

Sideyard landscaped with plants

The narrow side yard may seem like wasted space. But surprisingly, there are plenty of side yard landscaping ideas to consider.

How to Compost in an Apartment

Food scraps to be composted

Apartment composting is a little more complicated than composting in a house. But it can be done without any stink or a lot of trouble. And you can buy a composter or build your own.

DIY Drip Irrigation Bottle for Gardens {How To}

Plastic bottles in ground being used for DIY drip irrigation

If you have a drill and some old 2-liter soda bottles, you can also make your own DIY drip irrigation system. It’s cheaper and easier than buying a system and getting it installed. And it works very well.

How to Garden in an Apartment

Herbs in containers on balcony

Okay, you can’t literally garden IN an apartment But you might be surprised to learn what you can grow on even a balcony or patio.

How to Use Eggshells in Gardening

Crushed brown eggshells in white bowl

If you’ve got eggshells and you’ve got a garden, you’ve got a brilliant recycling program waiting to happen. You can use eggshells in gardening to enrich soil, and it’s so easy.