Great Home Decor Products

Blue paneled room with table and chairs

These home decor products are great for improving or updating the look of your home. Get ideas and inspiration, and then come up with ideas of your own.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh Longer

Vase of fresh cut flowers on table

There are a number of ways to keep a gorgeous bouquet of flowers alive and looking beautiful longer. These tips for how to keep flowers fresh longer use things you probably already have on hand.

Dress up old furniture with Contact paper

Contact paper roll with scissors

If you’ve got an old coffee table or desk that needs the surface to be refinished, you could go to all the trouble of refinishing it. Or you could always dress up old furniture with Contact Paper.

Japanese incense for scenting your home

Japanese incense stick burning in holder

Find out why Japanese incense is my favorite way to eliminate odors and make my home smell nice and fresh. This low-smoke incense has worked wonders for me for years.