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Not every home repair is a DIY job, but many are. And sometimes knowing how to maintain your home appliances is all it takes to keep them in good shape. Which can delay repairs and replacements for years.

Some of our best home repair tips include (more to come soon!):

  • Got a smelly dishwasher? There are lots of ways to fix that stink and prevent it from happening again anytime soon.
  • You can patch small holes in drywall with toothpaste, and it works surprisingly well. This is great for repairing nail holes if you’ve got a landlord who will count them against you when they decide how much deposit you’re getting back.
  • Know how to check out contractors before you hire them and avoid getting ripped off. There are easy online tools for making sure someone’s license is legitimate and in good standing before you give them the job.

Burning plastic smell coming from your refrigerator?

Tonight, I discovered my refrigerator was emitting a burning plastic or rubber sort of smell, and the kitchen was hazy with something smoke-like, but more white (it may have been smoke, I don’t know). I pulled it out and unplugged it, and eventually aired the toxic fumes out of the apartment. Apparently, this happens all …

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