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The Home Security category contains tips for home security. Learn how to secure your home and family against burglaries, fire, and other disasters – with or without spending money on new equipment or services.

  • There are cheap ways to prevent home burglaries without buying an alarm system or a lot of expensive equipment. Great for homes that are mostly safe but have one or two points of entry that could be more secure.
  • These 12 home security tips make it easy to hone in on a strategy that works for your home and budget. From better lighting to motion activated cameras, there are so many options.
  • Learn how to make a survival safety kit and never have to worry what to grab in an evacuation. Even if you’re in an area where evacuations aren’t common, disasters can still happen. These are also great to grab in case of fire.
  • A home emergency binder is also great for evacuations and other emergencies. You can make a paper binder, a flash drive, or both. We have a great list of everything you need to make this useful.