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Our life hacks category is all about small ways you can make big improvements. From dealing with the post office to taming your anxiety, there are lots of little ways to make your life easier.

  • Learn how to calm down someone who’s upset. These easy de-escalation tactics can turn an unpleasant encounter into a chance for everyone to come out happy.
  • Get tips on how to deal with anxiety. Most of us have some anxiety from time to time. These tips may help you keep yours manageable.
    • And we also have some stress relief tips. When the source of your stress is unavoidable, like a job or family problems, at least you can try to reduce how much the stress takes out of you.
  • These tips for dealing with people who twist your words can help you avoid misunderstandings and put gaslighters on the defensive. Great for the workplace and home.
  • Use free genealogy sites online to research your family tree. This can be a fun and fascinating hobby that will give you much more specific results than sending off your DNA swab.
  • Get a font made from your handwriting. Also great as a gift for someone, using their handwriting sample.
  • Should you even bother with USPS mail forwarding? And what to do when it goes completely wrong.