11 Uses for Witch Hazel Extract

Hand holding cotton round soaked in witch hazel

Witch hazel is a primary ingredient in many skin care products and cosmetics because it has cleansing, hypoallergenic and soothing effects. Is it right for you?

How to Save Gas: 16 Tips

Hand on fuel pump nozzle in car

You want to save money and make environmentally sound choices about your gas consumption. This article will show you how to save gas and still get the most out of your vehicle.

Free Identity Theft Protection Tips

Couple looking depressed at paperwork

Learn what you can do to protect yourself from identity theft and minimize the chances of anyone getting hold of your information in the first place.

3 Best Books on Narcissism

3 Best Books on Narcissism

If you’re wondering about narcissism, or dealing with someone you already know is a narcissist, these books may help you. I’ve read most of them, and they all come highly recommended.

Our Favorite Health & Beauty Buys

Our Favorite Health & Beauty Buys

These are some health and beauty products that we either use and rely on or have put on our wishlists. Now you can take a look and see what you like.