11 Uses for Witch Hazel Extract

Hand holding cotton round soaked in witch hazel

Witch hazel is a primary ingredient in many skin care products and cosmetics because it has cleansing, hypoallergenic and soothing effects. Is it right for you?

Our Favorite Health & Beauty Buys

Our Favorite Health & Beauty Buys

These are some health and beauty products that we either use and rely on or have put on our wishlists. Now you can take a look and see what you like.

3 signs of anemia for self-checks

Healthy pinkish fingernails

If you’ve been diagnosed with mild anemia and told to just monitor yourself and take iron pills, here are some ways to tell when your iron is probably low.

Should You Avoid These Foods if You Have Anemia?

Bottle of iron pills, bottle of wine, and a cup of coffee

Most of the advice you see online for anemia is about eating foods that are rich in iron. But are there also foods you should avoid eating if you have anemia – foods that can deplete your body of iron?