Should You Avoid These Foods if You Have Anemia?

Bottle of iron pills, bottle of wine, and a cup of coffee

Most of the advice you see online for anemia is about eating foods that are rich in iron. But are there also foods you should avoid eating if you have anemia – foods that can deplete your body of iron?

My Favorite Hiccup Cure

Woman covering mouth after hiccup

Everybody’s got a theory about the best way to stop a case of the hiccups in its tracks. Here’s my favorite, which has worked for a lot of other people, too.

How to Make Homemade Cough Drops

Homemade cough drops in a bowl

If you make your own homemade cough drops, you can create your own flavors and avoid ingredients you don’t like. It can be fun and creative, and you’ll save money compared to some of the brands in stores.