23 Easy Ways to Save Water

Faucet dripping into sink

Water can be one of the most expensive household bills, but there are so many easy ways to save water. Some of them are so simple, you’ll barely even notice the change.

12 ways to save money at restaurants

Interior of empty restaurant

There are many ways to make restaurant eating more cost-effective than cooking at home. If you love to eat out, or have to because of your work or travel, here are some ways to save money at restaurants.

Can you trust online reviews?

Computer screen showing online reviews

How can you tell if an online review is genuine or if it was written by someone trying to sell you something? Maybe it was bought and paid for by the company being reviews. How do you know?

How to Save Money for Christmas

Christmas hat on table with money

Christmas and the other winter gift-giving holidays aren’t that far away. You can either go into debt and start your new year off in worse financial shape than you’re in now, or you could save money for Christmas now so you can pay for gifts without debt.

How to Negotiate Rent on a New Apartment

Apartment keys on ring isolated on white

You may think the rent on an apartment as a fixed price. But you can actually negotiate your rent, though maybe not in the way you’d expect. Here are some tips on how to negotiate rent for an apartment and save money.