National Action Financial Services scam

Graphic of multi-colored dollar signs

Oh, here we go again. Just as I’ve stopped getting calls from the fake company “Account Services“, I started getting robot calls from a collection agency called National Action Financial Services. They’re a real company, but they don’t ask for anyone by name on the messages they leave. It turned out they were after the …

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How many labor hours will that gadget cost you?

Handwritten calculation of new purchase in labor hours

So you’re thinking about buying something, or you’re comparing two purchases. You have the ability to pay for the purchases you’re considering. But you find yourself wondering how to determine whether you can really afford it. Being able to pay for something isn’t exactly the same as being able to afford it. Whether or not …

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DirecTV cancellation fees

DirecTV remote on arm of chair

UPDATE: check out How to get your cancellation fees back from DirecTV to see how I got my money back in the end. Good luck! So you order DirecTV and are told you have to stick with them two years if you lease a DVR – otherwise you’ll be charged cancellation fees. You agree. Within …

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Tips for what to do if you get laid off

Empty office cubicle

Even though the economy is supposedly starting to look up, layoffs are still happening. Some of the layoffs are due to the economy, but even companies that are making money are laying people off, and it doesn’t seem to matter how talented or loyal you are, or whether you’d voluntarily take a pay cut. For some …

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Eating cheap: recipe roundup

Closeup of red lentils

I’ve been looking for ways to cut down on my food expenses without compromising quality and nutrition. Looks like I’m not the only one concerned about this, because there have been some great recipes posted recently for inexpensive dinners: Mama May has a recipe for Vegetables Au Gratin, which is ideal for using up vegetables …

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