6 Cool Uses for Dryer Lint

Collage showing dryer lint and recycled craft paper

Who knew there were so many clever uses for dryer lint? You can make paper mache crafts, recycle used paper into beautiful handmade paper, make clay for the kids’ art projects, and even make it into fire starters.

5 Cool Things to Do with Wax Paper

Wax paper on a cutting board by a red dish towel

Wax paper is wonderful stuff. Even though plastic wrap is more popular these days, there are many things wax paper just does better. Read on for 5 things to do with wax paper.

How to Dispose of Old Medications

Presctiption bottle laying down with pills spilling out

How are you supposed to handle medication disposal? Throw it in the trash? Flush it down the toilet? Mix it with kitty litter and throw it away in a plastic bag? What’s the real scoop?

12 ways to repurpose gift wrapping paper

Three rolls of all-occasion gift-wrapping paper

Before you rip into opening presents, remember that you can repurpose used gift wrap (and boxes) before recycling them. Check out these 12 ways to repurpose gift wrapping paper.

Clever Ways to Reuse Old Medicine Bottles

Old medicine bottle with coins and dollars inside

Prescription medicine bottles typically can’t be recycled in the US (I’m not sure about other countries). So what if you could find some ways to reuse old medicine bottles before tossing them?

Things to do with old pantyhose

Old black and grey pantyhose

Before you throw out those old pantyhose, there are actually quite a few ways you can re-use them – from planters to crafts to toy repair.