Clever Ways to Reuse Old Medicine Bottles

Old medicine bottle with coins and dollars inside

Prescription medicine bottles typically can’t be recycled in the US (I’m not sure about other countries). So what if you could find some ways to reuse old medicine bottles before tossing them?

Things to do with old pantyhose

Old black and grey pantyhose

Before you throw out those old pantyhose, there are actually quite a few ways you can re-use them – from planters to crafts to toy repair.

20+ Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

Used dryer sheet on table

What can you do with a used dryer sheet? Well, first of all: use it again. You can reuse dryer sheets quite a few times before they lose their effectiveness or scent. But after that, there are still quite a few useful things to do with used dryer sheets.

15 Clever Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters on table

There are a lot of uses for coffee filters around the house. Some of these uses are for new filters (buy them as cheap as you can) and others are for used coffee filters.

Ways to recycle used makeup containers

Powder container next to lipstick tube

Used lipsticks, foundation bottles and powder compacts can seem totally unsuited to any other purpose, and yet I hate to throw them out because they’re often pretty and handy and it’s always nice to reuse or repurpose old things instead of chucking them in the landfill. This is a collection of suggestions for things you …

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