Best Decluttering Tip: Don’t Bring Home Clutter

Cluttered room

If you constantly bring home clutter, you constantly have to declutter or find yourself in a mess in no time. Who has time to declutter 15 minutes a day, or an hour a week? If you do, you’re lucky. Ways clutter can sneak into your home It sounds simple, but clutter is sneaky. It masquerades …

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Why You Need a Front Door Inbox

Magazine holders on table

This system will help you keep your mail and packages all in one place until you have time to deal with them. It’s great for organizing and decluttering.

3 Ways to Organize Recipes

Notebook of handwritten recipes

You can store recipes online, on paper, or in a combination of the two. It’s easy once you pick a system that works for you.

How to Make Your Own DIY Planner Pages

Planner with sticky notes and pens on desk

Those clever littler personal organizers with the neat-o pages of all sorts are expensive. Fortunately, you can make your own planner refills using free templates at a fraction of the cost.

8 Tips for Organizing a Small Bathroom

8 Tips for Organizing a Small Bathroom

The trick to coping with a small bathroom is to organize it well. This article starts with hardcore tips for tiny bathrooms, then moves up to tips that make a less painfully small bathroom seem more livable.

Throw Great Outdoor Parties in Your Backyard

Close up of hands setting outdoor party table in garden

The weather’s getting warm, there’s a long weekend ahead, and you’re thinking now’s the right time to host outdoor parties or barbecues, or throw together a neighborhood block party.