Best Decluttering Tip: Don’t Bring Home Clutter

Cluttered room

If you constantly bring home clutter, you constantly have to declutter or find yourself in a mess in no time. Who has time to declutter 15 minutes a day, or an hour a week? If you do, you’re lucky. Ways clutter can sneak into your home It sounds simple, but clutter is sneaky. It masquerades …

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Why You Need a Front Door Inbox

Magazine holders on table

This system will help you keep your mail and packages all in one place until you have time to deal with them. It’s great for organizing and decluttering.

3 Ways to Organize Recipes

Notebook of handwritten recipes

You can store recipes online, on paper, or in a combination of the two. It’s easy once you pick a system that works for you.

How to contain stealth clutter

Messy room with lots of clutter

Stealth clutter is that random junk that accumulates over time until it takes over your home. Here’s how to keep it contained before it gets to that point.

The Six-Month Clutter Rule

Calendar with thumbtacks and a pen

One of the biggest reasons people collect clutter in their homes is that they keep things “just in case.” It’s not just hoarders, either. That’s why I developed the Six-Month Clutter Rule.

How to Organize Old Photos

Old briefcase full of photos with vintage camera

How many old photos do you have, back from the days before you could just snap them digitally on your phone? Learn how to organize old photos – before the film degrades.

How to Stop Junk Mail in 8 Steps (and never let it start again)

Mailbox filled with junk mail

Junk mail is an overwhelming nuisance. You have enough paperwork in your life without having to sort through piles you don’t even want. And some of it contains so much personal information that you really need to shred it. Here’s a complete 8-step plan for how to stop junk mail and keep it stopped.