8 Awesome Beverage Dispensers for Parties

Beverage dispenser filled with lemonade

When you’re planning a party, a beverage dispenser can make everything so much easier. These dispensers let guests serve themselves, which is so much easier than the host or hostess trying to keep up with everyone’s drinks.

Throw Great Outdoor Parties in Your Backyard

Close up of hands setting outdoor party table in garden

The weather’s getting warm, there’s a long weekend ahead, and you’re thinking now’s the right time to host outdoor parties or barbecues, or throw together a neighborhood block party.

26 Fourth of July Recipes

Fourth of July cupcake

Need some Fourth of July recipes for your holiday celebration? This list covers everything from main course to desert! Whether you’re having a big barbecue or just a nice meal at home, there’s something in this list for everyone. Burgers, dips, upgraded hot dog ideas – and don’t forget magical looking red, white and blue desserts and drinks.

How to Dye Eggs with Onion Skins

How to Dye Eggs with Onion Skins

You’ll find out how easy and fun it is when you learn to dye eggs with onion skins. Since the dyeing takes place at the same time and in the same pot as the boiling, it’s a great alternative to messy and time-consuming food color dyes. 

28 Easter crafts for kids

Felted Easter eggs on grass

Easter’s right around the corner. For those of you who celebrate it, I put together a link roundup of Easter crafts for kids. Most of the projects are easy enough for kids to do with little or no supervision. Happy Easter!