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Are you looking for ideas and tips for throwing your best parties, or planning a special occasion? It's easier than you think to create a memorable event.

Here are some of our best tips on event planning and entertaining:

  • You can throw great outdoor parties in your backyard even when the weather is a challenge. With just a little preparation, you can create a fun and memorable event, whether it's a formal gathering for dozens or just a get-together with a few friends.
  • These Super Bowl Snack are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday. But honestly it's a great list of really satisfying finger foods for any party.
  • These Chicken Wing Recipes will take you way beyond the usual buffalo wings. Great for parties, snacks and light meals!
  • Try some DIY Wedding Favors if you're trying to plan an affordable wedding. These make-them-yourself wedding favors will save you money without skimping on the memories.
  • DIY party favors are another great way to save money. Great for kids' parties, but also for adult parties marking a special occasion like an anniversary.

26 Fourth of July Recipes

Need some Fourth of July recipes for your holiday celebration? This list covers everything from main course to desert! Whether you’re having a big barbecue or just a nice meal at home, there’s something in this list for everyone. Burgers, dips, upgraded hot dog ideas – and don’t forget magical looking red, white and blue desserts and drinks.

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