How to organize your clothes in the closet

Color-coded clothes hanging in closet

I never thought of putting my clothes into my closet in any particular way – other than hanging them carefully so they wouldn’t wrinkle – until a few years ago, when someone suggested arranging them by type of garment, then color. It sounded like a lot of work, and the first time it did take …

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Have yourself a frugal little Christmas

Plush Santa toy on white surface

Need to save some money this holiday season? Here are some inexpensive crafty gift and decor suggestions. Instructables tells you how to make grocery bag jewelry – that’s jewelry you make by melting old pasting grocery bags with an iron and then manipulating them like a craft medium. This is a great, clever, eco-friendly gift …

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What to keep handy while you’re moving

Tennis shoes with socks stuffed in the heels

One of the most frustrating things about moving from one home to another is that after all the furniture gets moved, you’re still living in boxes for a while. The stuff you need to get dressed and go to work can get misplaced in the shuffle. My classic favorite is being unable to find any …

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