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Organizing small spaces can be a real challenge. When you don't have enough room for all your stuff, you have to get creative.

We have some great posts on keeping small spaces neat and organized. These are especially helpful when you're downsizing your living space.

  • Organizing a small bathroom is the trick to making it usable. If you're struggling without a lot of counter space or cabinets, it can be hard to keep all your items where you need them. Learn all kinds of storage tricks and ways to rethink your small bathroom space.
  • A system to organize your clothes in the closet can make mornings easier. No matter how big your closet is, keeping your clothes organized will shave minutes off your getting ready time. You can quickly see what to wear and find all the coordinating pieces you need.
  • Organizing shoes in a closet is especially important if that closet is small. These tips will help you arrange shoes so you can always find them quickly. Both of them!

How to organize your clothes in the closet

I never thought of putting my clothes into my closet in any particular way – other than hanging them carefully so they wouldn’t wrinkle – until a few years ago, when someone suggested arranging them by type of garment, then color. It sounded like a lot of work, and the first time it did take …

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