8 Tips for Organizing a Small Bathroom

8 Tips for Organizing a Small Bathroom

The trick to coping with a small bathroom is to organize it well. This article starts with hardcore tips for tiny bathrooms, then moves up to tips that make a less painfully small bathroom seem more livable.

How to Organize Shoes in a Small Closet

Messy pile of shoes on floor

Here’s how I solved the problem of keeping more shoes than will fit on my closet floor. This is a great tip on how to organize shoes when you have a small closet.

How to organize your clothes in the closet

Color-coded clothes hanging in closet

I never thought of putting my clothes into my closet in any particular way – other than hanging them carefully so they wouldn’t wrinkle – until a few years ago, when someone suggested arranging them by type of garment, then color. It sounded like a lot of work, and the first time it did take …

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