35 Cheap Chicken Recipes for Dinner Tonight

Budget-friendly cheap chicken recipes give you an easy way to make affordable home cooked meals. These easy chicken dinners won’t break the bank.

In most of them, the chicken is the most expensive ingredient. Sometimes, though, you can use canned chicken, which can be pretty affordable. Especially if you buy store generic brand* or stock up when you have coupons or great store sales.

Chicken is one of the more affordable meats. It’s a great protein for meals. The problem is that on its own, it doesn’t have much flavor.

You need easy chicken recipes that pack a lot of flavor and don’t use expensive ingredients to do it. Some of these call for bottled sauces and seasonings that aren’t cheap when you buy them. But they will last for ages – years, in most cases.

Chicken dish in skillet

A couple of these call for an air fryer or a cast iron skillet, but any of them can be cooked in a conventional oven or on a stove top with whatever type of cookware you like.

(*Hint about store brands: they are usually name brands repackaged for the store. You are typically getting the same thing as the name brand for less. Sometimes they even taste better.)

Cheap Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

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Last Updated:

April 25, 2024