48 Best Cheesecake Recipes To Make

The best cheesecake recipes are creamy, decadent and easy to make. These homemade cheesecakes range from fruity cheesecakes to chocolate and liquor infused. There are also a few cheesecake bars.

If you’ve ever dreamed of making Cheesecake Factory level cheesecakes at home, these recipes will help. None of them are copycats of those recipes, but you’ll easily find a cheesecake that’s loaded with the flavors you love.

Cheesecake is not the most easy dessert recipe you’ll ever make. But it’s worth the time and patience because there’s nothing else quite like it. And anyone can learn to make it.

Some of these recipes will show you how to make your own crust from graham cracker crumbs or crushed cookies.

By the way, we have a whole other list of no-bake cheesecake recipes for you, so head on over there if that’s what you like.

Cheesecake slice on plate

Cheesecake Recipes for Every Occasion

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Last Updated:

April 22, 2024