18 Chicken Burger Recipes for Dinner Tonight

These chicken burger recipes are perfect for weeknight dinners. They’re lighter than beef, but packed with all kinds of flavor.

And yet, kids love them. These recipes prove chicken burgers don’t have to be boring or any less delicious than beef burgers.

Chicken burgers can give you all that burger indulgence, but with much lower fat and calories. You’ll get plenty of protein without the grease. Especially with the grilled recipes!

Chicken burger on white plate

These recipes are also great for batch cooking. You can make a bunch of patties all at once, freeze them and then pull them out whenever you want a good, quick and relatively healthy dinner.

Be sure to check out these best side dishes for burgers. They work just as well with chicken as they do beef!

Chicken Burger Recipes

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Last Updated:

April 26, 2024