20 Fantastic Chicken Tenders Recipes

These chicken tender recipes will give you all sorts of ideas for quick, easy dinners that taste fantastic. It includes some copycat restaurant recipes that taste even better than take out!

Chicken tenders are universally loved by both kids and adults alike. Their appeal lies in how much you can do with them. This makes them a go-to option for quick dinners, party snacks, or even just a comforting meal at home.

Plate of chicken tenders against gray background

Known for their mild flavor and tender texture, they’re great with lots of dips and all kinds of side dishes. And you can change up the flavor, from classic Southern fried to exotic, spice-infused variations. Whether you’re in the mood for something crispy and deep-fried or something light and grilled, there’s a recipe out there for you.

And they’re incredibly easy to prepare, requiring minimal prep time. That makes them ideal for those busy weeknights.

These creative chicken tender recipes range from the comfort of traditional buttermilk fried chicken tenders to innovative dishes like spicy Thai-style tenders. So, if you’re looking to shake up your meal routine, keep reading!

Chicken Tenders Recipes



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Last Updated:

April 25, 2024