Coconut Cranberry Water Recipe

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After working out, sometimes drinking water just isn’t enough to scrape your weary bones up off the floor and get you going again. But this is not the time to stand around chopping up fruits for a fruit smoothie. Enter the Cranberry Coconut Water recipe.

You need a lightly sweet drink that’ll restore that lost energy quickly, but that doesn’t involve any more labor than lifting and pouring a couple of items into a glass. While it’s not designed to be an energy drink, it actually does to the job.

That’s where the Coconut Cranberry Water comes in. This can be a low sugar beverage – or not, depending on the brand of cranberry juice you choose.

Cranberry Coconut Water in tall glass on table with straw

However you make it, it’s sweet, it tastes heavenly, and there’s a restorative property to it. I feel like it’s replenishing me as I drink it.

You’ll need some coconut water or coconut juice. You can use any brand you like, and yes, you can use coconut water or “juice” with pulp.

Overhead view of Cranberry Coconut Water on table

Coconut water and coconut juice are really the same thing, but marketers have started calling it all “coconut water” and claiming it’s got some massive health benefits because that’s how they roll.

Most of those health claims are really overblown, but it is actually a low-sugar, low-calorie juice that’s got some good vitamins and stuff in it. It’s not exactly an electrolyte replacer, but it does replace some of what you lose after a hard workout. And because it’s so much lower in sugar than most electrolyte replacers, you can actually use it in their place.

And the newer “pressed” coconut water is even closer to the juice form, which can be kind of thick and rich and delicious. That’s what I link to in the recipe and recommend.

Cranberry juice usually has sugar, artificial sweeteners, or other natural fruit juices added to it. That’s because cranberry juice alone is extremely tart. Almost undrinkable.

If you want a low sugar alternative that doesn’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners, there are plenty of low sugar and “diet” cranberry juices available. You can definitely use those in this drink, as well as the Cranberry Coke.

Some people might complain that this is a very simple recipe. Hey, I’m not claiming it was rocket science discovering this delicious combination. I’m just claiming to have good taste.

The Cranberry Coconut Water recipe is perfect for those times when drinking water just isn't enough to scrape your weary bones up off the floor and get you going again. It’s a sweet, hydrating, refreshing drink. #coconutwater #snappyliving #cranberryjuice #coconutwater #fruitdrinks
Yield: 1 drink

Coconut Cranberry juice

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes

This is the best combination of fruit juices I've ever found. So delicious and so satisfying.


  1. Pour in the coconut water first.
  2. Pour in the cranberry.
  3. Stir them together as much or as little as you want.
  4. Drink.


Of course, you can mix coconut water with pretty much any fruit juice. I just love cranberry (as evidenced by my Cranberry Coke a couple of summers ago), and cranberry has lots of vitamin C and antioxidants.

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